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What Can We Learn About Regulatory Agencies and Regulated Parties from the Empirical Study of Judicial Review of Regulatory Agencies’ Decisions? The Case of Croatia

References Barbic, J. (2006). Foreword. In J. Barbic (ed.), The reform of the administrative judiciary and administrative procedures (pp. 7-10). Scientific Council for Public Administration, Justice and the Rule of Law, Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, Book Forth, Zagreb. Bernstein, M. H. (1995). Regulating Business by Independent Commission. Princeton University Press, USA. Bovens, M. (2007). Analysing and Assessing Accountability: A Conceptual Framework. European Law Journal, 13(4), 447

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Towards greater collective impact: Developing the collaborative capability of the local community development committees (LCDCs)

experience as leadership development. Presented at the 18th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. Kozuch, B., & Sienkiewicz-Malyjurek, K. (2013). Inter-organizational collaboration as a source of innovation in public management. Retrieved from [21 January 2019]. Lloyd, A. (2016). Policy response. How government’s Putting People First policy will effectively put socially excluded people last. Retrieved from https

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Court-directed mediation in the Irish High Court: Compelling voluntary processes

References Barniville, D. (2013). Tools of attack and defence in commercial litigation. Retrieved from 9g6vy [11 January 2017]. Coulter, C. (2007). Family law reporting pilot project: Report to the board of the Courts Service. Retrieved from$FILE/Report%20to%20the%20Board%20of%20the%20Courts%20Service.pdf [11 January 2017]. Courts Service. (2016, September 22). Notices 22

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Political developments, 2018

References Conneely, A. (2018, December 13). Abortion legislation passes all stages of Oireachtas. Retrieved from [19 December 2018]. Economic and Social Research Institute. (2018, September 26). Economic growth revised upward in 2018 and 2019 . Retrieved from [19 December 2018]. Gallagher, C. (2018, October 3). Constitutional blasphemy clause ‘largely obsolete’, Bishops decide. The Irish

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Learning lessons from local social/poverty impact assessment

, 13 (50), 41–56. Lockie, S. (2001). SIA in review: Setting the agenda for impact assessment in the 21st century. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, 19 (4), 277–87. MacNaughton, G. (2015). Human rights impact assessment: A method for healthy policymaking. Health and Human Rights, 17 (1), 63–75. Morrison-Saunders, A., Pope, J., Gunn, J. A. E., Bond, A., & Retief, F. (2014). Strengthening impact assessment: A call for integration and focus. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, 32 (1), 2–8. Newcastle City Council. (2017). Budget

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A JobBridge to nowhere: The National Internship Scheme as fast policy leading to bad policy

change. Stanford: Stanford University Press. Martin, J. P. (2015). Activation and active labour market policies in OECD countries. IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 4 (4), 22–52. McConnnell, A. (2010). Policy success, policy failure and the grey areas in between. Journal of Public Policy, 30 (3), 345–62. Mullaly, U. (2013). Internship culture. Retrieved from [22 August 2014]. Murphy, M. (2015). JobBridge: Time to start again

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Mandatory Pension System and Redistribution: The Comparative Analysis of Institutions in Baltic States

in Latvia: some lessons. Studia Humanistyczne AGH , 13 (4), 185-197. Rajevska, O. (2015). Sustainability of pension systems in the Baltic States. Entrepreneurial Business and Economic Review , 3 (4), 139-153. Rajevska, O. (2016). Theoretical old-age pension benefits and replacement rates in the Baltic States: A retrospective simulation. Economics and Business , 28 , 13-19. Reynolds, M. & Smolensky, E. (1977). Public expenditures, taxes, and the distribution of income: The United States, 1950, 1961, 1970 . Academic Press. Skučienė, D

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Shortfall of Strategic Governance and Strategic Management in the Czech Republic

. 189–220. Boulder (Col.): Westview Press. Van Doeveren, N. (2011). Rethinking Good Governance. Public Integrity, 13 (4), 301–318. Advance online publication. doi:10.2753/PIN1099-9922130401 Veselý, A. (2013). Conducting large-N Surveys on Policy Work in Bureaucracies: Some Methodological Challenges and Implications from the Czech Republic. Central European Journal of Public Policy, 7 (2), 88-113. Veselý, A. (2014). The Profile and Work of Officials in Central and Regional Administration Compared: The Case of the Czech Republic. NISPAcee Journal, 7

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Visions and plans for regional development in Ireland

and place: A census atlas of the Republic of Ireland. Maynooth: NIRSA, Maynooth University. Walsh, J. A. (2009). Space and place in the National Spatial Strategy in the Republic of Ireland. In S. Davoudi & I. Strange (Eds), Conceptions of space and place in strategic spatial planning (pp. 95–124). London: Routledge. Walsh, J. A. (2013). The National Spatial Strategy: Rationale, process, performance and prospects. Administration, 60 (3), 13–40.

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Civil service, 2018

References CSMB. (2018). Annual report 2017. Retrieved from [18 December 2018]. Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. (2017). People strategy for the civil service 2017–2020 . Dublin: Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. (2018a). Publication of the 2017 annual report of the National Shared Services Office. Retrieved from

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