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Quantifying Dry Rubber Content in Latex Solution Using an Ultrasonic Pulse

., Hassan, J., Yahaya, N.Z., Ismail, M.A. (2012). A simple insulated monopole sensor technique for determination of moisture content in hevea rubber latex. Measurement Science Review, 12 (6), 249-254. [5] International Organization for Standardization. (2005). Natural rubber latex concentrate - Determination of dry rubber content. ISO126:2005. [6] Gils, G.E.V. (1940). The specific gravity of rubber and of serum in Hevea latex. Rubber Chemistry and Technology, 13 (2), 422-429. [7] Khalid, K.B., Wahab, Z.B.A., Kasmani, A

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Particle Accelerator Focus Automation

Accelerator Physics . Springer, 43-57. [7] Lopes, J.G., Rocha, J., Redondo, L.M., Alegria, F.C. (2011). High resolution ion beam profile Measurement System. In Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems , 10-14 October 2011, Grenoble, France, 164-167. [8] Sise, O., Ulu, M., Dogan, M. (2005). Multi-element cylindrical electrostatic lens systems for focusing and controlling charged particles. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and

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Simulation and Measurements of Small Arms Blast Wave Overpressure in the Process of Designing a Silencer

References [1] Meng, X., Wang, Z., Zhang, Z., Wang, F. (2013). A method for monitoring the underground mining position based on the blasting source location. Measurement Science Review , 13 (1), 45-49. [2] Smith, F. (1974). A theoretical model of the blast from stationary and moving guns. In First International Symposium on Ballistics , 13-15 November 1974, Orlando, Florida. [3] Fansler, K.S., Thompson, W.P., Carnahan, J.S., Patton, B.J. (1993). A parametric investigation of muzzle blast . AD-A270 535. Army Research Laboratory, ARL-TR-227. [4

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Single Pulse Calibration of Magnetic Field Sensors Using Mobile 43 kJ Facility

] Bernardes, J., Swindler, S. (2005). Modeling and analysis of thyristor and diode reverse recovery in railgun pulsed power circuits. In 2005 Pulsed Power Conference, 13-17 June 2005. IEEE, 79-82. [13] Balevičius, S., Žurauskienė, N., Stankevič, V., Keršulis, S., Plaušinaitienė, V., Abrutis, A., Zherlitsyn, S., Herrmannsdorfer, T., Wosnitza, J., Wolff-Fabris, F. (2012). Nanostructured thin manganite films in megagauss magnetic field. Applied Physics Letters, 101 (9), 92407. [14] Schneider, M., Liebfried, O., Stankevic, V., Balevicius, S

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Application of Coordinate Measuring Arm for Accurate Measurement of Child Growth

positioning of endoprosthesis of hip joint. Metrology and Measurement Systems, 20 (1), 17-26. [7] Sitnik, R., Witkowski, M. (2008). Locating and tracing of anatomical landmarks based on full-field fourdimensional measurement of human body surface. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 13 (4), 044039. [8] Witkowski, M., Glinkowski, W., Sitnik, R., Kocon, H., Bolewicki, P., Gorecki, A. (2010). A four-directional body shape measurement system and its application for pectus excavatum severity assessment. In Three- Dimensional Image Processing (3DIP) and

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A Computer Controlled Precision High Pressure Measuring System

up to 500 MPa. Measurement + Control , 35, 47-51. Sabuga, W., Olson, D. A., Torres, J. C., Yadav, S., Jin, Y., Otal, P., Kobata, T. (2011). CCM key comparison for 500 MPa range of hydraulic gauge pressure (CCM.P-K13). In 5 th CCM International Conference on Pressure Metrology (CCMP5) , 2-5 May 2011, Berlin, Germany. Yadav, S., Gupta, V. K., Prakash, O., Bandyopadhyay, A. K. (2005). Proficiency testing through interlaboratory comparison in the pressure range up to 70 MPa using pressure dial gauge as an artifact

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I-cored Coil Probe Located Above a Conductive Plate with a Surface Hole

-cored coil with a circular air gap. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics , 53 (4), 6201104. [12] Delves, L.M., Lyness, J.N. (1967). A numerical method for locating the zeros of an analytic function. Mathematics of Computation , 21 (100), 543–560. [13] Dellnitz, M., Schütze, O., Zheng, Q. (2002). Locating all the zeros of an analytic function in one complex variable. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics , 138 (2), 325-333.

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A Priori Approach Of Real-Time Ridesharing Problem With Intermediate Meeting Locations

system for the daily car pooling problem. Computers & Operations Research, 31, 2263-2278 (2004) [12] Herbawi, W., Weber, M.: The ridematching problem with time windows in dynamic ridesharing: a model and a genetic algorithm In: Proceedings ACM Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO), pp. 1-8 (2012) [13] Herbawi, W.,Weber, M.: Evolutionary multiobjective route planning in dynamic multi-hop ridesharing. In: EvoCOP’11, pp. 84-95 (2011) [14] Pyrga, E., Schulz, F., Wagner, D., Zaroliagis, C.: Efficient Models for Timetable Information in

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An Objective No-Reference Measure of Illumination Assessment

, Z., Bovik, A. C., Sheikh, H. R., Simoncelli, E. P. (2004). Image quality assessment: from error visibility to structural similarity. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 13(4), 600-612. [10] Huynh-Thu, Q., Ghanbari, M. (2008). Scope of validity of psnr in image/video quality assessment. Electronics Letters, 44(13), 800-801. [11] Sun, T., Zhu, X., Pan, J.-S., Wen, J., Meng, F. (2015). No-reference image quality assessment in spatial domain. In Genetic and Evolutionary Computing, Springer, 381-388. [12] Ouni, S

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Rotating Shaft Tilt Angle Measurement Using an Inclinometer

-1849. [9] Yang, W., Fang, B., Tang, Y.Y., Qian, J., Qin, X., Yao, W. (2013). A robust inclinometer system with accurate calibration of tilt and azimuth angles. IEEE Sensors Journal, 13 (6), 2313-2321. [10] Liu, Y., Fang, S., Otsubo, H., Sumida, T. (2013). Simulation and research on the automatic leveling of a precision stage. Computer-Aided Design, 45 (3), 717-722. [11] Kume, T., Satoh, M., Suwada, T., Furukawa, K., Okuyama, E. (2015). Straightness evaluation using inclinometers with a pair of offset bars. Precision Engineering, 39, 173

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