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Experimental Research on Textile and Non-Textile Materials with Applications to Ensure Electromagnetic and Bio-Electromagnetic Compatibility

Yarns Attached to Mobile Phones Emitting in 2G- and Communication Standards, Proc. of EPE 2016. [13] A. Idita, G. Rosu, A. Boitan, V. Butnariu, B. Trip, O. Baltag, Study of shielding effectiveness on spurious emissions of information systems by means of metallic and carbon powder screens , Proc. of the 2018 ICATE Conference, October 4-6, 2018, Craiova, Romania, pp. 331-336. [14] A. Idita, L. Tuta, G. Rosu, P. Ciotirnae, O. Baltag, Indoor Assessment of Screening Efficiency Through Absorption and Reflection , Proc. of ATEE Symposium, Bucharest, 2019.

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Risks and Actual Warnings Specific to the Security Environment

Europeană trebuie să aibă propria armată, pentru a se apăra de Rusia, China şi chiar de Statele Unite , , accessed at 02.02.2019. [5] The Romania Presidential Administration, National Defense Strategy 2015-2019 , Bucharest, 2015, p.13. [6] Constantin Corneanu, The strategic interests of Romania and Russia in the Black Sea Basin , https

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Communication – A Key Element In The Improvement Of Social Dysfunctions In Organizations

Management, Tata McGraw Hill, ND, India, 2009. P.457 [13] Treble J., Barmby T., Worker Absenteeism and Sick Pay , University Press, Cambridge, 2011 [14] Wagner M.M. et al., Handbook of Biosurveillance, Elsevier Academic Press, USA, 2011, p.361 [15] Plunkett W.R. et al., Management. Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations , 10 th edition, South-Western Cengage Learning, MA, USA, 2013, p.566 [16] Mercer A., Basic Supervisory Management and Labour Relations, CCH Canadian Ltd., 1999, p.39 [17] Stellman J.M., Encyclopedia of

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The Right to Family Life and Religious Freedom Versus the States‘ Interests

. [9] Custody of a minor, 375 Mass. 733 (1978). [10] [11] Ibidem. [12] Ibidem. [13] The case no. 1115/286/2017 of the Court of first instance of Răducăneni. [14] [15] Ibidem.

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Empathic And Assertive Communication. Efficient Communication Developments

References [1] L. Wispe, The distinction between Sympathy and Empathy, The Call For a Concept, A Word is Needed , Journal of Personality and Social Psychologfy, 1986, vol. 50, nr 2, pp. 314-321 [2] Norbert Sillamy, Dictionnaire de la Psychologie, Paris, Larousse, 1965 [3] R.F. Dymond, A Scale for the Measurement of Empathic Ability , Journal of Consulting Psychology, 13, 1949, pp.127-133 [4], [5] D. Goleman, Inteligența emoțională , Editura Curtea Veche, București, 2001, pp.125-140 [6], Stroe Marcus, Empatie și personalitate

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Methodology of Crime Prevention Training

, 37. [6] Bligh D. A., What's the Use of Lectures?, Jossey-Bass Publ., San Francisco, 2000, 83. [7] GaëlleFerré. Gesture, Intonation and the Pragmatic Structure of Narratives in British English Conversation. York Papers in Linguistics, York: Department of Language and Linguistic Science, University of York, 2005, 2, 55-90. [8] Rosenshine B., Principles of Instruction. Research-Based Strategies That All Teachers Should Know, American Educator, Spring, 2012, 12. [9] Osbourne A., How to "Think Up". New York

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Fake News as a Threat to National Security

References [1] THE COLLINS WORD OF THE YEAR 2017 IS... FAKE NEWS: (last retrieved on 13 January 2018). [2] Fake news: What exactly is it - and how can you spot it? - James Titcomb and James Carson: (last retrieved on 12 March 2018). [3] Фалшивите новини като бизнес модел и заплаха (Fake news as a business model and a threat):

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Mission Command & Manoeuvrist Approach – Basic Principles of Nato Urban Operations

), February 2017, pp. 2-10. [4] Paul Tudorache, Lucian Ispas. Educating Land Forces’ Leaders to Think from JIIM Perspective, Land Forces Academy Review , No. 4, 2018, p. 250. [5] AJP-3.2, Allied Joint Doctrine for Land Operations , edition A, version 1, NATO Standardization Office (NSO), March 2016, pp. 2-5. [6] ATP-3.2.1, Allied Land Tactics , NATO Standardization Agency (NSA), November 2009, pp. 1-13. [7] ADP 6-0, Mission Command, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington DC, May 2012, p. 1. [8] AJP-3.2, Allied Joint Doctrine for

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Theoretical Approaches on Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility in Ireland, available at [12] Diniță, Al., Responsabilitatea corporativă în România-de unde și încotro?, available at www.responsabilitateasocială.ro/editoriale. [13] CSRMedia, Primul studio despre Responsabilitatea Corporativă în România ca instrument strategic, available at [14] Hristea, A.M, Responsabilitaea socială corporativă-între deziderat și realitate, in “Economia teoretică și aplicată” Magazine, vol. XVIII (2011), No.10 (563), pp.73.

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Study on the Predictive Maintenance of Vehicles and its Management Using the Specific “Keep the Machine Running” Application

References [1] Burlacu Gabriel, ş.a. Fiabilitatea, mentenabilitatea şi disponibilitatea sistemelor tehnice. Editura MatrixRom, Bucureşti, 2011. [2] Rădulescu Constanţa, Studii teoretice privind conceptul Total Productive Maintenance . Analele Universităţii “Constantin Brâncuşi” din Târgu Jiu, Seria Inginerie, Nr. 1/2012, pp. 149-159. [3] Virca Ioan, Dascălu Viorel, Grigoraş Constantin, Research on Improving the Maintenance Activities for Military Vehicles. The 21 th international conference „The Knowledge Based Organization”, Conference

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