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Limiting the Program of Temporary Residence Permits for Foreigners Based on Real Property Investment in Latvia

-0006 Vrountas, C. T. (1990). The Necessity and Effectiveness of Barriers to Foreign Direct Investment, B. C. Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 167, 13(1), 167-205. Retrieved from Wilson, G. (2012). Reforming Alien Agricultural Landownership Restrictions in Corporate Farming Law States: A Constitutional and Policy View From Iowa. Drake Journal of Agricultural Law. 17(3), 709-753. Retrieved from Wood, S. (2004). A Common European Space? National Identity, Foreign Land Ownership and

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Enterprise Risk Management in Kosovo’s Banking Sector

References AIRMIC, Alarm, IRM. (2010). A structured approach to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and the requirements of ISO 31000. Retrieved February 5, 2016, from Allayannis, G., Lei, U., & Miller, D. (2005). Corporate Governance and the Hedging Premium Around the World. Working paper, Darden School of Business (University of Virginia) and Kelley School of Business (Indiana University). Barth, J. R., Caprio, G., & Levine, R. (2004). Bank

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Measuring the Value of the Assets of the Monument Building When Assessing the Insured Value of an Object

References Afanasieva, R. R., & Tsatsulin, A. N. (2016a). Assessment of Insurance Cost of Religious historical and Cultural Monuments. Administrative Consulting, 11, 128-142. [In Russian]. Retrieved from Afanasyeva, R. R., & Tsatsulin, A. N. (2016b). Economic and Legal-Technical Aspects of Protection, Ownership and Valuation of Listed Buildings [Ekonomicheskie i yuridiko-tekhnicheskie aspekty sokhraneniya, vladeniya i otsenki stoimosti pamyatnikov arkhitektury]. Vestnik of

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Economic and Social Sustainability of Real Estate Market and Problems of Economic Development – a Historical Overview

:// Smith, A. (1776). An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (5th ed.). London: Methuen & Co., Ltd., 1904. Retrieved from Spekke, A. (1935). Latvieši un Livonija [Latvians and Livonia]. Riga: Zinātne, 1995. State Unified Computerized Land Register. (2016). Apraksts un vēsture [Description and history]. Retrieved from Stoner, J. A. F., & Freeman, R. E. (1989). Strategic Management: Theory

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Greenest Capital of the Baltic States – A Spatial Comparison of Greenery

References Anderson, J. R. (1976). A land use and land cover classification system for use with remote sensor data. US Government Printing Office. Barranco, R. R., Silva, F. B. E., Marin Herrera, M., & Lavalle, C. (2014). Integrating the MOLAND and the urban atlas geo-databases to analyze urban growth in European cities. Journal of Map & Geography Libraries, 10(3), 305-328. Beatley, T. (2012). Green cities of Europe: Global lessons on green urbanism. Island Press

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Determining Customer Satisfaction in the Real Estate Management Sector in Riga

Marketing, 63, 33-44. Park, E., Kim, K. J., & Kwon, S. J. (2017). Corporate Social Responsibility as a Determinant of Consumer Loyalty: An Examination of Ethical Standard, Satisfaction, and Trust. Journal of Business Research, 76, 8-13. Putniņš, A. (2007). Organizācijas dzīves cikls un organizācijas kultūra [Organizational Life Cycle and Organizational]. Management, 117, 218-226. Scholtes, P. R. (1992). The Team Handbook. Madison, WI: Joiner

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Real Estate Due Diligence Process in International Real Estate Transactions in Latvia

References Connolly A., Morton. (2015). Environmental Due Diligence Beyond ASTM - no All Risks are Contamination. American BAR Association. Retrieved September 27, 2015, from Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2002 on the energy performance of buildings. Retrieved August 22, 2015, from

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Scientific Aspects of Spatial Economic Allocation of Entrepreneurial Activities

References Āboliņa, K., Andrušaitis, A., Blumberga, D., Briede, A., Bruņiniece, I., Grišule, G., Kļaviņš, M. (2008). Klimata mainība un globālā sasilšana. Riga: LU akadēmiskais apgāds, p. 174. (in Latvian) Alañón-Pardo, Á., Arauzo-Carod, J. M., & Myro-Sánchez, R. (2007). Accessibility, Agglomeration and Location. In J. M. Arauzo-Carod and M. C. Manjón-Antolín (Eds.), Entrepreneurship, Industrial Location and Economic Growth (pp. 247-267). Chentelham: Edward Elgar. Albers, H. J., Ando, A., & Shogren, J. F. (2010

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Trends of Housing Construction Development in Ukraine: Retrospective and Contemporary Situation

References Bibik, N. (2014). Sučasnі pіdhodi do viboru optimalnih mіstobudіvnih rіšen, [New Approaches for Selection of Optimal Urban Planning Decisions], Skhid, 6(126), 13-16. Bramley, G. (2012). Affordability, poverty and housing need: Triangulating measures and standards. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 27(2), 133-151. Cai W., & Lu, X. (2015). Housing affordability: Beyond the income and price terms, using China as a case study. Habitat International, 47

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Foreign Direct Investment and Special Economic Zones in Latvia

From China and lessons Lessons for Russia. In Internationalization and Economic Policy Reforms in Transition Countries, 251-272. Gulbis, I. (2017). Foreign Direct Investment and Special Economic Zones in Latvia. In: Riga Technical University 58th International Scientific Conference “Scientific Conference on Economics and Entrepreneurship” (SCEE’2017): Proceedings, Latvia, Riga, 13-14 October, 2017. Riga: Riga Technical University, 2017, 14-15. ISBN 978-9934-22-000-5. ISSN 2256-0866. Gulbis, I

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