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Perceived Usefulness of Open Source Information in the Arabic Language for an Organization: A Case Study

# Middle East and North Africa ## Unclassified information deliberately searched selected, filtered and disseminated for a specific audience to meet a specific demand. EX: mass-media, Internet, research journas, patents, conferences, etc. R eferences 1. Agarwal, K. N. (2006). Competitive intelligence in business decisions - an overview. Competition Forum, 4(2), 309-314 2. Croom, Herman L., The Exploitation of Foreign Open Sources, Studies in Intelligence, 1969, volume 13, number 3, pp. 129-136 3. Franco et all, Competitive intelligence

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Financial Depth and Efficiency, and Economic Growth Nexus in Saudi Arabia and Oman

economics. Working paper series 14/11. 7. Hassan, I., Koetter, M, Lensink, R and Musters, A.J (2016). Capital market and economic growth. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Bank of Finland, 1108th street, Troy, NY, 1218, USA. 8. Ibrahim, M.A (2013). Financial Development and economic growth in Saudi Arabia. Applied Econometric and international Development 3(1),133-144 9. Marashdeh,H.A and Al-Malkawi, H.N (2017). Financial Deeping and Economic growth in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Emerging Market Finance, 13(2), 139

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A Causality Analysis of the Relationships Between Gross Fixed Capital Formation, Economic Growth and Employment in South Africa

(4): 1-17. Karim, Z.A., Karim, B.A., Zaidi, M.A.S. (2012). Fixed investment, household consumption, and economic growth: A structural vector error correction model (SVECM) study of Malaysia. International Journal of Business and Society , 13(1): 63-74. Keller, W., Yeaple, S. R. (2009). Multinational enterprises, international trade, and productivity growth: firm-level evidence from the United States. The Review of Economics and Statistics , 91 (4): 821-831. Kumo, W.L. (2012). Infrastructure investment and economic growth in South Africa: A granger

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The Legal Effects of Eu Directive Through its Interpretation

References Albors-Llorens, A. (2010) Keeping up appearances: the Court of Justice and the eects of EU directives. e Cambridge Law Journal. 69 (3), 455-458. Evangelos, N. (2005) From Francovich to Köbler and beyond: e evolution of a State liability regime for the European Community. esis, (LL.M.). University of Helsinki. Kaeding, M. (2007) Active transposition of EU law legislation. EIPAScope [online]. Available from: http://www. les/repository/eipascope/20080313162050_ MKA_SCOPE2007

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Involuntary Unemployment in a Neoclassical Growth Model with Public Debt and Human Capital

. New York: Cambridge University Press. Rankin N. (1986) Debt policy under fixed and flexible prices, Oxford Economic Papers , 38: 481-500 Rankin N. (1987) Disequilibrium and welfare-maximising levels of government spending, taxation and debt, The Economic Journal 97: 65-85. Solow R. M. (1956) A contribution to the theory of economic growth, Quartely Journal of Economics , 70: 65-94. Taylor J. (1979) Staggered wage setting in a macro model. American Economic Review 69, (2): 108-13. Taylor J. (1980) Aggregate dynamics and staggered

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Income Approach to Business Valuation: Russian Perspective

References Barrow, C. (2006). Financial Management for the Small Business. London: Kogan Page Ltd. Bernstein, L.A. (2003). Analysis of financial statements: theory, practice and interpretation. Moscow: Finances and Statistics (in Russian). Bogatin, Yu.V., & Shvandar, V. (1999). Evaluation of business and investment efficiency. Moscow: UNITY, Finance (in Russian). Bukhtiyarova, T.I. (1993). Model of an estimation of a financial condition of the enterprise. Finances, 7, 7-13. (in Russian

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Possibility of Applying Economic Value Added in the Capital Market of the Republic of Srpska / Mogućnost Primene Dodate Ekonomske Vrednosti Na Tržištu Kapitala U Republici Srpskoj

References Belak, V. (1997). Vie added value of capital invested in the company. Zagreb: RRIF Plus. Belak, V. (2002). Ekonomska dodana vrijednost (EVA) i tržišna dodana vrijednost (MVA) kao mjere perfor- manse tvrtke. Računovodstvo, revizija i financije, 4, 42-47. (in Croatian) Bodie, Z, Kane, A., & Marcus, A.J. (2006). Essentials of Investments. Boston: McGraw-Hill. Centralana banka Bosne I Hercegovine. (2011). Godišnji izveštaj 2011. Retrieved December 10,2012, from <http

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Different Web Credibility Assessment as a Result of One Year Difference in Education

Ioan Cuza University Press, ISSN 1843-763X, VOl. 7, Nr. 2, p.63-84, 6. Bohner, G., Einwiller, S., Erb, H., P. and Siebler, F. (2003), „When Small Means Comfortable: Relations Between Product Attributes in Two-Sided Advertising”, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 13(4), 454-463. 7. Chiosa, A.R. (2014a), “Word of mouth: de la comunicarea prin viu grai la comunicarea online[Word of mouth: from verbally communication to communication online]”, Management Intercultural, Vol. XVI, Nr. 2(31), 415

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Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment: A Review

Examination Of The Country Liquidity Index To Predict A Country’s Foreign Direct Investment. International Business & Economics Research Journal, Vol. 13, pp. 359-370. 30. Tang, L. (2012), The direction of cultural distance on FDI: attractiveness or incongruity? Cross Cultural Management , pp. 233-256. 31. Taras, V., & Steel, P. (2006), Improving cultural indices and rankings based on a meta-analysis of Hofstede’s taxonomy. Beijing: Academy of International Business. 32. Vidal-Suarez, M., & Lopez-Duarte, C. (2013), Language distance and international

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Issues of Organizational Culture in Romania – A Case Study

and Competing Demands of High Performance , San Francisco, Jossey Bass. 10. Sonnenfeld Jeffrey A., 1988, The Hero’s Farewell: What Happens When CEOs Refire , New-York, Oxford University Press. 11. Trompenaars, F., Hamden-Turner, C. (1997), Riding the waves of culture, Second Edition [Online] Available at: . 12. Zaiţ D. (2012), Diagnostic intercultural , Iaşi, Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”. 13. Zaiţ D., (coord.)(2002), Management

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