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Experimental Study of the New Non-Opioid Analgesic Pyrodazol and Ketorolac in the Rats

Pharmacology of (R)- and (S)- Ketorolac. J Clin Pharmacol. 1998; 38: 25-35. 8. King TE, Joynes RL, Grau JW Tail-flick test: II. The role of supraspinal systems and avoidance learning. Behav Neurosci . 1997;111:754-767. 9. Komlos E, Porsresr J, Knole J.Morfin - prostigmin synergismus. Az. Acta. Phisiologica. Acad. Scient. Hungaricae.-1950;1: 77-83. 10. Lugo RA, Kern SE. Clinical pharmacokinetics of morphine. J. Pain Palliat Care Pharmacother. 2002; 16(4): 5-18. 11. Mathias SD, Kuppermann M, Liberman RF, Lipschutz

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Changes in Some Pharmacokinetics Parameters of Chloroquine by Gnetum Africana

Pharmacy and Experimental Therapeutics. 1967;158:323-331. 23. Gustafsson LL, Walker O, Alvan G, Beermann B, Estevez F, Gleisner L, Sjoqvist F. Disposition of chloroquine in man after single intravenous and oral doses. British J Clinical Pharmacol. 1983;15:471-479. 24. Rowhand M, Tozer TW. Clinical pharmacokinetics-concepts and applications. 3ed. Lippincott Williams and Wilking, 1995. 25. Wallace AW, Amsden GW. Is it really Ok to take this with food? Old interactions with new twist. The Journal of Pharmacology. 2002

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An assessment of urban habitat contamination with selected heavy metals within the city of Katowice using the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale Web.) as a bioindicator

References Balasooriya B.L.W.K., Samson R., Mbikwa F., Vitharana U. W. A. 2009. Biomonitoring of urban habitat quality by anatomical and chemical leaf characteristics. Environ. Exp. Bot ., 65: 386-394. Baycu G., Tolunay D., Özden H., Günebakan S. 2006. Ecophysiological and seasonal variations in Cd, Pb, Zn, and Ni concentrations in the leaves of Urban deciduous trees in Istanbul. Environ. Pollut ., 143: 545-554. Chakrabortty S., Paratkar G. T. 2006. Biomonitoring of trace element air pollution using mosses. Aerosol Air Qual. Res ., 6(3): 247

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Evaluation of Nutritive and Antioxidant Properties of Blanched Leafy Vegetables Consumed in Northern Côte d’Ivoire

, New York: Elsevier Science Publishing Inc., p. 50. 5. CEAEQ, Détermination des métaux. Méthode par spectrométrie de masse à source ionisante au plasma d'argon. MA 200 - Met 1.2, Rev 4. Quebec, 2013, p. 24. 6. Chaturvedi V.C., Shrivastava R., Upreti R.K., Viral infections and trace elements: A complex trace element. Current Sci., 2004, 87, 1536-1554. 7. Chima C.E., Igyor M.A., Micro-nutriments and anti-nutritional content of select tropical vegetables grown in south-east, Nigeria. Nig. Food J., 2007, 25, 111-116. 8. Choi C.W., Kim S.C., Hwang S.S., Choi B

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Interartery discordance in fetuses with growth restriction

restriction at term: Randomised equivalence trial (DIGITAT). BMJ. 2010;341:c7087. doi: 10.1136/bmj.c7087 [doi]. 7. Spong CY, Mercer BM, D’alton M, Kilpatrick S, Blackwell S, Saade G. Timing of indicated late-preterm and early-term birth. Obstet Gynecol. 2011;118(2 Pt 1):323-333 [Review, Guideline]. 8. Predanic M, Kolli J, Yousefzadeh P, Pennisi J. Disparate blood flow patterns in parallel umbilical arteries. Obstet Gynecol. 1998;91(5 Pt 1):757-760. 9. Predanic M, Perni SC. Antenatal assessment of discordant umbilical arteries

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Effects of replacing fish meal with sunflower meal on growth performance, body composition, hematological and biochemical indices of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fingerlings

References AOAC 2005 – Official Methods of Analysis (18th Ed.). Association of Analytical Chemists (Eds.) W. Horwitz, G. Latimer, Gaithersburg, USA. Baghchi K., Ray R., Datta T. 1963 – The influence of dietary protein and methionine on serum cholesterol level – Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 13: 232-237. Blaxhall P.C., Daisley K.W. 1973 – Routine hematological methods for use with fish blood – J. Fish Biol. 5: 771-781. Bransden M.P., Carter C.G., Nowak B.F. 2001 – Effects of dietary protein source on growth, immune function, blood chemistry and

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The Accumulative Effect of Concentric‐Biased and Eccentric‐ Biased Exercise on Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Responses to Subsequent Low‐Intensity Exercise: A Preliminary Study

Sports Med Phys Fitness, 2001; 41: 18-26 Chen TC, Nosaka K, Tu JH. Changes in running economy following downhill running. J Sports Sci, 2007; 25: 55-63 Davies RC, Eston RG, Poole DC, Rowlands AV, DiMenna F, Wilkerson DP, Twist C, Jones J. Effect of eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage on the dynamics of muscle oxygenation and pulmonary oxygen uptake. J Appl Physiol, 2008; 105: 1413-1421 Davies RC, Rowlands AV, Eston RG. Effect of exercise-induced muscle damage on ventilatory and perceived exertion responses to

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Impact of Bio-Fertilizer or Nutrient Solution on Spinach (Spinacea oleracea) Growth and Yield in Some Province Soils of P.R. China

( Brassica oleracea c apitate ). N.Z.J. Crop Hortic.Sci., 33(3): 241-249, Van Antwerpen, E.G. & Aves, J.P. (2000). Vegetable cultivation: a practical handbook. Longman Namibia (pty) Ltd, Namibia. Xu, H.L., Wang, R., Xu, R.Y., Mridha M.A.U. & Goyal S. (2005). Yield and quality of leafy vegetables grown with organic fertilizations. Acta Hort. , 627: 25-33, DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2003.627.2

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Employment of encapsulation-dehydration method for liquid nitrogen cryopreservation of ornamental plant explants propagated in vitro


In the present studies, an attempt has been made to develop a method of liquid nitrogen preservation of plant explants propagated in vitro in the laboratory of the Department of Ornamental Plants, of Agricultural University in Kraków: shoot apical and axillary meristems of Rosa ‘New Dawn’, somatic embryos of snowdrops Galanthus nivalis L. and G. elwesii Hook, and gametophyte of Phlebodium aureum (L.) J. Sm. (golden polypody). After encapsulation of plant material, it was dehydrated by quick method (capsules were placed in liquid media containing 0.75 M sucrose for 18 h) or by gradual method (capsules were transferred to liquid solutions of media with increasing sucrose concentrations from 0.3 M to 1 M for consecutive 7 days). Moreover, some explants for cryopreservation were treated with the medium containing elevated sucrose level (0.25 M) for 8 weeks

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The diet of the greater spotted eagle (Aquila clanga) in Belarusian Polesie

potential predators in wintering areas. Vogelwarte 3(40): 238-240. Lihachev GN 1957: Očerk gnezdovaniâ krupnih dnevnih hišnih ptic v širokolistvennom lesu [Sketch on nesting of large diurnal raptorial birds in a broad-leaved forest], 308-336. In: Kumari EV et al. (eds), Materiali II Pribaltijskoj ornitologičeskoj konferencii [Materials of the 2nd Baltic ornithological conference] Moskow, 427 [In Russian] Maciorowski G, Meyburg B-U, Mizera T, Zub K & Matthes J 2005: Foraging strategy and diet of Biebrza population of the

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