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Unemployment in the Polish countryside and its effect on the development and rate of maturation of rural girls

- letnich mężczyzn , Monografie Zakładu Antropologii PAN, Wrocław Bielicki T., A. Szklarska, 1999, Secular trends in stature in Poland national and social class-specific , Ann. Hum. Biol. , 3 , 251-258 Charzewski J., T. Łaska-Mierzejewska, H. Piechaczek, L. Łukaszewska, 1991, Wiek menarche dziewcząt warszawskich w 1976 - 1986 roku , Wychowanie Fizyczne i Sport , 2 , 15-29 Charzewski J., J. Lewandowska, H. Piechaczek, A. Syta, L. Łukaszewska, 1998, Wiek menarche dziewcząt warszawskich w

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The Timiş River Basin (Banat, Romania) Natural and Anthropogenic Elements. A Study Case - Management Chalenges

ecological; status of rivers, Limnetica, 23, 187-198. 4. Antonescu S., Balintoni P., Balu I., Bârsescu A., Boldea V., Cătană N., Crișan I., Cristescu I., Deleanu M., Doclin O., Fried E., Galescu C., Hillinger N., Iordăchescu F., Jurjica T., Jurma G., Mănăilă N., Munteanu,V., Naidan I., Oallde P., Odărescu I., Olaru M., Popa I., Poterașu M., Răuț O., Rădăuț C., Reichenbach P., Sârbu N., Serban I., Tudor M., Țeicu S., Urseanu A., Uzum I., Vânătoru M., Vulpeș N. and Zeberca V., 1981 - Caraș-Severin - Monografie, Edit. Sport-Turism, București. (in Romanian

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Evaluation of somatic and functional parameters of cardiovascular and respiratory systems in rural women in Poland

Fiz i Sport 2:47-58. Kopelman PG. 2000. Obesity as a medical problem. Nature 404:635-43. Kuński H. 2000. Trening zdrowotny w umacnianiu zdrowia osób dorosłych - z perspektywy pragmatyka i popularyzatora. Med Sport 100:14-22. Lewis RD, Modlesky CM. 2000. Odżywianie, aktywność fizyczna a zdrowe kości u kobiet. Medicina Sportiva 4(S1)11-48. Miller MR, Hankinson J, Brusasco V. 2005. Standardisation of spirometry. Eur Respir J 26:319-38. Nowak A, Stęplewski R, Szeklicki R, Karolkiewicz J

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An assessment of Body Mass Index and sensitive period for overweight development in Macao students at primary school age

obesity among urban Saudi adolescents: gender and regional variations. J Health Popul Nutr 32:634-64. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 2015. Body Mass Index: considerations for practitioners. Available at: . Chan DC, Watts GF, Barrett PHR, Burke V. 2003. Waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio and body mass index as predictors of adipose tissue compartments in men. Quart J Medi 96:441-47. CSJ Sport Working Group. 2011. More than a game: harnessing the power of sport to

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Risk assessment of heavy metals in children’s playgrounds in the Rabka Zdrój health resort / Zagrożenie metalami ciężkimi na placach zabaw w uzdrowisku dziecięcym Rabka - Zdrój

., BARANOWSKA R., DZIUBANEK G., ROGALA D. 2013. Children’s exposure to heavy metals in the soils of playgrounds, sport fields, sandpits and kindergarten grounds in the region of Upper Silesia. Journal Ecology and Health 17, 2: 55-62. SIDJIMOV M., METODIEV V., MECHKUEVA L., STANKOVA D., PAUNOVA G., SHANOVA L. 2013. Heavy metals in sandpits and sandboxes of public playgrounds. Journal of Balkan Ecology 16, 4: 413-416. SZWALEC A., MUNDAŁA P. 2012. Contents of Cd, Pb, Zn and Cu in soil of selected parks of city of Kraków. Environmental Protection

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Is digit ratio (2D:4D) associated with the choice for the uniformed versus a civil study course by the Polish youth?

(5):658–71. Kociuba M, Koziel S, Chakraborty R, Ignasiak Z. 2017. Sport preference and digit ratio (2D:4D) among female students in Wroclaw, Poland. J Biosoc Sci 49(5):623–33. Kozieł S, Chakraborty R, Sitek A. 2013. Second to fourth digits ratio (2D:4D) and subjective pain experience in tattooing. Anthropol Rev 76(1):117–24. Kozieł S, Chakraborty R, Sitek A, Ignasiak Z. 2018. Further evidence of association of low second-to-fourth digit ratio (2D:4D) with selection in uniformed services – a study among police personnel from Wroclaw, Poland. J Biosoc Sci 50

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Social distances decrease of body height and the maturation rate of Polish girls in urban and rural population in the period 1967–2009

:57-79. Brundtland GH, Walloe L. 1973. Menarcheal age in Norway: Halt in the trend towards earlier maturation. Nature 241 (539):478-79. Cernerud L, Lindgren GW. 1991. Secular changes in height and weight of Stockholm school children born in 1933, 1943, 1953 and 1963. Ann Hum Biol 18(6):497-505. Charzewski J, Łaska-Mierzejewska T, Piechaczek H, Łukaszewska L. 1991. Wiek menarche dziewcząt warszawskich w 1976-1986 roku. Wychow Fiz Sport 2:15-29. Charzewski J, Lewandowska J, Piechaczek H, Syta A, Łukaszewska L. 1998. Wiek menarche

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The effects of selected lifestyle components on the risk of developing dynapenia in women – a pilot study

-31. Owen N, Healy GN, Matthews CE, Dustan DW.2010. Too much sitting: The population-health science of sendentary behaviour. Exerc Sport Sci Rev 38(3):105-13. Strzelecki A, Ciechowicz R. Zdrojewski Z. 2011. Sarcopenia in the elderly. Gerontol Pol 19(3-4):34-45. Sapilak BJ, Bujnowska-FedakMM, Melon-Sapilak M, Baran M, Bujalska A. 2014. Assessment of nutritional status and muscle strength in patients hospitalized in geriatric ward. Fam Med CareRev 16(3):287-90. Saraiva Lino WT, Pinheiro Rodrigues NC, O’Dwyer G, Kramer de Noronha Andrade M, Echenique Mattos

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ACTN-3 and ACE genotypes in elite male Italian athletes

-the role of genes in athletic performance. Hum Genet 103;48-50. Hanson ED, Ludlow AT, Sheaff AK, Park J, Roth SM. 2010. ACTN3 Genotype Does not Influence Muscle Power. Int J Sports Med 31:834-38. Jones A, Montgomery HE, Woods DR. 2002. Human performance: a role for the ACE genotype? Exerc Sport Sci Rev 30:184-90. Jones A, Woods DR. 2003. Skeletal muscle RAS and exercise performance. Int J Biochem Cell Biol 35:855-66. Juffer P, Furrer R, González-Freire M, Santiago C, Verde Z, Serratosa L, et al. 2009

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High stature and body mass might affect the occurrence of Schmorl’s nodes

References Baranto A, Hellström M, Nyman R, Lundin O, Swärd L. 2006. Back pain and degenerative abnormalities in the spine of young elite divers: A 5-year follow-up magnetic resonance imaging study. Knee Surgery, Sport Traumatol Arthrosc 14:907–14. Buikstra J, Ubelaker D. 1994. Standards for data collection from human skeletal remains. Fayetteville, Ark: Arkansas Archaeological Survey. Burke KL. 2012. Schmorl’s Nodes in an American Military Population: Frequency, Formation, and Etiology. J Forensic Sci 57:571–77. Cook DJ, Yeager MS, Cheng

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