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Influence of increasing nickel content in soil on Miscanthus × giganteus Greef and Deu. Yielding and on the content of nickel in above-ground biomass / Wpływ wzrastającej zawartości niklu w glebie na plonowanie Miscanthus x giganteus Greef i Deu. i zawartość niklu w nadziemnej biomasie

Springer Science+Business Media. LLC 2009, pp. 41-52. [36] Reeves, R.D. (1992). Hyperaccumulation of nickel by serpentine plants. In: Baker A.J.M. Proctor J., Reeves R.D. (Eds) The vegetation of ultramafic (serpentine) soils, Intercept, 253-277, Andover, UK 1992. [37] Reeves, R.D. & Baker, A.J.M. (2000). Metal-accumulating plants, in: Phytoremediation of toxic metals: using plants to clean up the environment, Raskin, I. Ensley B.D. (Eds), John Wiley, 193-229, New York, USA 2000. [38] Ros, R., Cooke, D.T., Martinez

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Evaluation of Scabiosa ochroleuca L. vitality after introduction on post-flotation wastes

, Warszawa. KASOWSKA D., KOSZELNIK-LESZEK A. 2014. Ecological features of spontaneous vascular flora of serpentine post-mining sites in Lower Silesia. Archives of Environmental Protection, 40 (2): 33-52. MATEOS-NARANJO E., ANDRADES-MORENO L., REDONDO-GÓMEZ S. 2011. Comparison of germination, growth, photosynthetic responses and metal uptake between three populations of Spartina densiflora under different soil pollution conditions. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 74: 2040-2049. MUSZYŃSKA E., HANUS-FAJERSKA E., CIARKOWSKA K. 2013. Evaluation of

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Serpentinite in the Śnieżnik Massif: petrology and ecological impact

directive 92/43/EEC of 21 May 1992 on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora. OJ L 206, 22.7.1992: 1–66. [4] Don J., Dumicz M., Wojciechowska I., Żelaźniewicz A. 1990. Lithology and tectonics of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome, Sudetes – recent state of knowledge. Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie – Abhandlungen, 179: 159–188. [5] Dubińska E., Bylina P., Kozłowski A., Wolfgang D., Nejbert K., Schastok J., Kulicki C. 2004. U-Pb dating of serpentinization: hydrothermal zircon from a metasomatic rodingite shell (Sudetic ophiolite, SW Poland

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Impact of nickel on grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) root plasma membrane, ROS generation, and cell viability

and future prospects. Clean Soil, Air, Water 37, 304-313. Fiala, R., Repka, V., Čiamporová, M., Martinka, M., Pavlovkin, J., 2015: Early cadmium-induced effects on reactive oxygen species production, cell viability and membrane electrical potential in grapevine roots. Vitis 54, 175-182. Gabbrielli, R., Pandolfi ni, T., Vergnano, O., Palandri, M. R., 1990: Comparison of two serpentine species with different nickel tolerance strategies. Plant and Soil 122, 271-277. Gonnelli, C., Galardi, F., Gabbrielli, R., 2001: Nickel

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Algal assemblages in springs of different lithologies (ophiolites vs. limestone) of the Konjuh Mountain (Bosnia And Herzegovina)

References Abarca, N., Jahn, R., Zimmermann, J., Enke, N., 2014: Does the cosmopolitan diatom Gomphonema parvulum (Kutzing) Kutzing Have a Biogeography? PLoS One 9(1), e86885 Aboal, M., Puig, M.A., Prefasi, M., 1998: Diatom assemblages in springs in Castellơn province, Eastern Spain. Algological Studies 90, 79–95. Alexander, E. B., Coleman, R.G., Keeler Wolf, T., Harrison, S.P., 2007: Serpentine geoecology of western North America: geology, soils, and vegetation. Oxford University Press, New York. APHA, AWWA, and WEF, 1999: Standard

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The Role of Habitat Types and Soil Physicochemical Properties in the Spread of a Non Native Shrub Lantana Camara in the Doon Valley, Western Himalaya, India

management status and future prospects. ACIAR Monograph 102, 1-125. Drenovsky, R.E., Batten, K.M. 2007. Invasion by Aegilops triuncialis (barb goat grass) slows carbon and nutrient cycling in serpentine grassland. Biological Invasion 9, 107-116. DOI: 10.1007/s10530-006-0007-4 Duda, J.J., Freeman, D.C., Emlen, J.M., Belnap, J., Kitchen, S.G., Zak, J.C., Sobek, E., Tracy, M., Montante, J. 2003. Differences in native soil ecology associated with invasion of the exotic annual chenopod, Halogeton glomeratus. Biology and Fertility of Soils 38, 72

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Micromorphological, Anatomical and Cytogenetical Studies in Endemic Crepis macropus Boiss. & Heldr. (Asteraceae) from Turkey

.), Compositae: Systematics, 1–7. Proceedings of International Compositae Conference. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Carlquist, S., 1967: Anatomy and systematics of Dendroseris (sensu lato). Brittonia 19, 99–121. Constantinidis, T., Bareka, E. P., Kamari, G., 2002: Karyotaxonomy of Greek serpentine angiosperms. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 139, 109–124. Davis, P. H., Mill, R. R., Tan, K., 1988: Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands (Supplement), vol. 10. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. Dickison, W. C., 2000: Integrative plant

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Two rare spider species (Araneae: Araneidae, Theridiidae) found in the Šumava Mts.

.W., 1971: The diadematus-group of the orb-weaver genus Araneus north of Mexico (Araneae: Araneidae). – Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 141: 131–179. Mikhailov K.G., 2013: The spiders (Arachnida: Aranei) of Russia and adjacent countries: a non-annotated checklist. – Arthropoda Selecta Supplement 3: 1–263. Miller F., 1947: Pavoučí zvířena hadcových stepí u Mohelna [Spiders of the serpentine rocky steppes near Mohelno]. – Archiv Svazu na výzkum a ochranu přírody i krajiny v zemi Moravskoslezské 7: 128 pp. [In Czech, French summary.] Miller

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Influence of agricultural utilization of sludge and compost from rural wastewater treatment plant on nitrogen passes in light soil

. Plant Resour., 2 (4), 500-503. 25. Curtis, M.J. & Claassen, V.P. (2005). Compost incorporation increases plant available water in a drastically disturbed serpentine soil. Soil Science, 170. 939-953. 26. Nguyen, T.T., Fuentes, S. & Marschner, P. (2012). Effects of compost on water availability and gas exchange in tomato during drought and recovery. Plant Soil and Environment, 58(11), 495-502. 27. Hartl, W., & Erhart, E. (2005). Crop nitrogen recovery and soil nitrogen dynamics in a 10 year fi eld experiment with biowaste

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Intraspecific variation and geographic patterns of Fagus orientalis Lipsky chloroplast DNA

., SOLTIS, P. S., SOLTIS, D. E. (1994): The evolution of the Streptanyhus glandulosus complex (Cruciferae): genetic divergence and gene flow in serpentine endemics. Amer. J. Bot. 81: 1288-1299. MOBAYEN, S. and TREGUBOV, V. (1969): The vegetative map of Iran. Publication of Tehran University 14: 50. PARSAPAJOUH, D. (1976): Research on physical characteristics of Iranian beech timbers in different growing stations. Iranian Journal of Natural Resources 34: 21-34. PETIT, R. J., KREMER, A. and WAGNER, D. B. (1993a): Finite island

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