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Branding European countries in the aftermath of important political transitions

European Union. SURVEY: 21/03/2003 to 30/03/2003 ANALYTICAL REPORT: 11/04/2003. Florek, M. (2005). The country brand as a new challenge for Poland, Place Branding; Houndmills, 1(2) (Mar), pp. 205-214. Gardner, S. & Standaert, M. (2003). Estonia and Belarus: Branding the Old Bloc. Brand Channel. Gnoth, J. (2002). Leveraging export brands through a tourism brand, Journal of Brand Management, 9(4/5), pp. 262-280. Kotler, P. and Gertner, D. (2002). Country as brand, product, and beyond: a place marketing and

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Employing nation branding in the Middle East - United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar

.P. (2008), “Place branding, the state of the art”, ANNALS of the American Academy, Vol. 616, pp. 1-24. Hazime, H. (2011), “From city branding to e-brands in developing countries: An approach to Qatar and Abu Dhabi”, African Journal of Business Management, Vol. 5, No. 12, pp. 4731-4745. Kotler, P. and Gertner, D. (2002), “Country as a brand, product and beyond: A place marketing and brand management perspective”, The Journal of Brand Management, Vol. 9, pp. 249-261. Kotler, P., Haider, D. and Rein, I. (1993), Marketing places attracting investment

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Are there differences in the attractiveness of shopping centres? Experiences from the Czech and Slovak Republics

–2152. TELLER, C., ALEXANDER, A., FLOH, A. (2016): The impact of competition and cooperation on the performance of a retail agglomeration and it stores. Industrial Marketing Management, 52: 6–17. TELLER, C., ELMS, J. (2010): Managing the attractiveness of evolved and created retail agglomerations formats. Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 28(1): 25–45. TELLER, C., ELMS, J. R. (2012): Urban place marketing and retail agglomeration customers. Journal of Marketing Management, 28(5–6): 546–567. TELLER, C., ELMS, J. R., THOMSON, J. A., PADDISON, A. R. (2010

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Corporate and country image: a bilateral relationship

(2), 361-386. Kotler, P. & Gertner, D. (2002). Country as brand, product, and beyond: A place marketing and brand management perspective, Brand Management, 9(4-5) 249-261. Kostova, T. & Roth, K. (2002). Adoption of an Organizational Practice by Subsidiaries of Multinational Corporations: Institutional and Relational Effects, Academy of Management Journal, 45, 2002, 215-233. Laroche, M., Papadopoulos, N., Heslop, L.A. & Mourali, M. (2005). The influence of country image structure on consumer evaluations of foreign products

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People, Place and Partnership: Exploring Strategies to Revitalise Town Centres

., SINGH, J., RANGASWAMY, A. and BRIDGES, C. (2011), ‘Innovations in retail business models, Journal of Retailing ’, 87 (Supplement 1), pp. S3–S16. STAD DOETINCHEM (2016, 20. July), ‘Uitvoeringsagenda binnenstad is wegwijzer naar 2030’, Stad Doetinchem . TELLER, C. (2008), ‘Shopping streets versus shopping malls: determinants of agglomeration format attractiveness from the consumers’ point of view’, The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research , 18 (4), pp. 381–403. TELLER, C. and ELMS, J. (2012), ‘Urban place marketing and

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Measuring the Impact of Extrinsic Cues on Consumers’ Purchasing Decision for Food Products

Erlbaum Associates. Kotler, P., & Gertner, D. (2002). Country as brand, product, and beyond: A place marketing and brand management perspective. Journal of brand management, 9(4), 249-261. Kotler, P., Keller, K. L., Manceau, D., & Hémonnet-Goujot, A. (2015). Marketing management (Vol. 14). Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall. Lee, M., & Lou, Y. C. (1995). Consumer reliance on intrinsic and extrinsic cues in product evaluations: A conjoint approach. Journal of Applied Business Research, 12(1), 21. Li, W. K., & Wyer, R. S. (1994). The role of

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Motivations for Running in Men: A Comparative Analysis of Local Runners and Sports Tourists

, 4 (26), 465-489. Carmack, M.A., Martens, R. (1979). Measuring commitment to running: A survey of runners’ attitudes and mental states. Journal of Sports Psychology , 1 (1), 25-42. Chappelet, J.L. (2015). Heritage sportsing events and place marketing. In: M. Plevnik (ed.), Sustainable development of sports tourism . Koper: Annales University Press. Clough, P.J., Sheper, J., Maugha, R. (1989). Motives for participation in recreational running. Journal of Leisure Research , 21 (4), 297-309. Crawford, R. (1977). You are dangerous to

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in Turyzm
Urban smart mobility in the scientific literature — bibliometric analysis

, 9 (4), 1-21. doi: 10.3390/su9040494 Quddus, M. A., Ochieng, W. Y., & Noland, R. B. (2007). Current map-matching algorithms for transport applications: State-of-the art and future research directions. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies , 15 (5), 312-328. Romanowski, R., & Lewicki, M. (2017). Znaczenie koncepcji smart city w marketingu terytorialnym [The importance of the smart city concept in place marketing]. Collegium of Economic Analysis Annals , 45 , 117-130. Retrieved from

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Changing European retail landscapes: New trends and challenges

-2152. Teller, C., Elms, J. R. (2012): Urban place marketing and retail agglomeration customers. Journal of Marketing Management, 28(5-6): 546-567. Teller, C., Schnedlitz, P. (2012): Drivers of agglomeration effects in retailing: The shopping mall tenant's perspective. Journal of Marketing Management, 28(9-10): 1043-1061. Teller, C., Alexander, A., Floh, A. (2016): The impact of competition and cooperation on the performance of a retail agglomeration and its stores. Industrial Marketing Management, 52: 6-17. Timothy, D. J. (2005

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Attractive Investment Images in Southeastern Europe: the Case of Varna, Bulgaria

)location decisions, Journal of Business Research , 44 (3): 211-222 MacKinnon, D., Phelps, N.A., 2001. Devolution and the territorial politics of foreign direct investment, Political Geography , 20, 353-379 Metaxas, T., 2006. Implementing Place Marketing Policies In Europe: A Comparative Evaluation Between Glasgow, Lisbon and Prague. International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning , 1 (4): 399-418 Metaxas T., 2003. The image of the city as a ‘good’: The creation of a city's promotional

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