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Comparative Leisure Physical Activity: A Comparison Between Polish and European Population

References Biernat, E. (2011). Aktywność fizyczna mieszkańców Warszawy na przykładzie wybranych grup zawodowych /Physical activity of Warsaw’s population, based on selected occupational groups/. Warszawa: Szkoła Główna Handlowa, Urząd m. st. Warszawy. Biuro Sportu i Rekreacji. Biernat, E. (2013). International Physical Activity Questionnaire - Polish long version. Polish Journal of Sports Medicine , 29(1), 1-15. Biernat, E., Stupnicki, R., Gajewski, A.K. (2007). Międzynarodowy Kwestionariusz

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Ghrelin, Nitrite and Paraoxonase/Arylesterase Concentrations in Cement Plant Workers

References Dietz A, Ramroth H, Urban T, Ahrens W, Becher H. Exposure to cement dust, related occupational groups and laryngeal cancer risk: Results of a population based case-control study. Int J Cancer 2004; 108: 907-11. Mwaiselage J, Bratveit M, Moen BE, Mashalla Y. Respiratory symptoms and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among cement factory workers. Scand J Work Environ Health 2005; 31: 316-23. Landrigan PJ, Lioy PJ, Thurston G, Berkowitz G, Chen LC, Chillrud SN, et al

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Risk Factors for Laryngeal Cancer in Montenegro

, Belletti I, Raymond L, Troschel L, Pisani P, Zubiri L, Ascunce N, Gubéran E, Tuyns A, Terracini B, Merletti F Occupation and larynx and hypopharynx cancer: a job-exposure matrix approach in an international case-control study in France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Cancer Causes Control 2003;14:213-23. Dietz A, Ramroth H, Urban T, Ahrens W, Becher H Exposure to cement dust, related occupational groups and laryngeal cancer risk: results of a population based case-control study. Int J Cancer 2004;108:907-11. Boffetta

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The role of personal resources in the relationship between job stressors and emotional exhaustion

., & Kleka, P. (2011). The Maslach Burnout Inventory-General Survey: validation across different occupational groups in Poland. Polish Psychological Bulletin, 42(2), 86‒94. Cohen, J., Cohen, P., West, S. G., & Aiken, L. S. (2003). Applied multiple regression/correlation analysis for the behavioral sciences. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Cordes, C.L., Dougherty, T.W., & Blum, M. (1997). Patterns of burnout among managers and professionals: a comparison of models. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 18(6), 685‒701. Cox, T., Griffiths, A

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Prevalence of anaemia and associated factors among Oraon females of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India

occupational groups among Oraons of Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal. Journal of Anthropology. Article ID 582036. doi:10.1155/2013/582036. Shi Z, Hu X, Yuan B, Pan X, Dai Y, Holmboe-Ottesen G. 2006. Association between dietary patterns and anaemia in adults from Jiangsu Province in Eastern China.Brit JNutrit 96(5):906-912. Shridhar K, Dhillon PK, Bowen L, Kinra S, Bharathi AV, Prabhakaran D, Reddy KS, Ebrahim S. 2014. Nutritional profile of Indian vegetarian diets – the Indian Migration Study (IMS). Nutr J 13:55. Shrinivasa BM, Philip RR, Krishnapali VK

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Patterns of Overeducation in Europe: The Role of Field of Study

occupational groups ( Reimer et al., 2008 ). The high job-specificity protects graduates of fields like medicine, law, or architecture from educational mismatch ( Ortiz and Kucel, 2008 ). Second, credentialism theories suggest that in a world where the true personal abilities are unknown, the chosen field of study can also act as an ability signal to employers. Obtaining a degree in fields like maths, natural sciences, or technical disciplines, which enjoy the reputation of imposing high intellectual demands on their students, could convince employers of the extraordinary

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Remaining active in the labour market: Trends and characteristics of the over 50s

jobs hierarchically, using the UK standard occupational classification, into nine broad occupational groupings: (1) managers/senior administrator occupations; (2) professional; (3) associate professional; (4) clerical and secretarial; (5) craft and related; (6) personal and protective services; (7) sales; (8) plant and machine operatives; and (9) other. For reasons of parsimony, the nine occupational groups are aggregated into three main occupational groups in our analysis as follows: Higher professional-level occupations composed of: (i) managers/senior; (ii

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Exposure to mental load and psychosocial risks in kindergarten teachers

. Perceived workplace stress and co-occurrence of health problems and burnout in different occupational groups. Zdr Varst. 2013;52:292-303. doi: 10.2478/sjph-2013-0030. Novak T Sedlar N Šprah L Perceived workplace stress and co-occurrence of health problems and burnout in different occupational groups Zdr Varst 2013 52 292 303 10.2478/sjph-2013-0030 6 Järvelin-Pasanen S, Sinikallio S, Tarvainen MP. Heart rate variability and occupational stress - systematic review. Ind Health. 2018;56:500-11. doi: 10.2486/indhealth.2017-0190. 10.2486/indhealth.2017

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Self-esteem enhancement as a strategy for promoting the mental health and averting the occupational problems of nurses

negatively related to workplace bullying Research shows that long-term bullying in the workplace will seriously damage the physical and mental health of individuals, affect their job satisfaction and quality, and eventually lead to their resignation. 43 Compared with other occupational groups, nurses who are highly engaged are more likely to suffer workplace bullying. 44 Nurses with low self-esteem are at greater risk of bullying in the workplace, and their degree of depression is significantly higher. 45 Nie et al. 46 found that workplace bullying was significantly

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Quality Perception of the 2012 World Indoor Athletics Championships

service quality aimed at occupational groups ( Landrum et al., 2010 ). In the study of Ko and Pastore (2007) in which 82% of the sample group consisted of students, and which concentrated on the service quality as well as customer satisfaction of campus recreation programmes, it was determined that participants had a high average concerning the general service quality. The authors of that study stated that while the dimension of result had the highest average, the dimension of physical environment quality had the lowest average. The high average of students concerning

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