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Two Rare Cases Of Central Nervous System Opportunistic Mycoses / Oportunističke Mikoze Središnjega Živčanog Sustava – Prikaz Dvaju Bolesnika

susceptibilities and molecular typing of sequentially isolated clinical Cryptococcus neoformans strains from Croatia. J Med Microbiol 2011;60:1487-95. 14. Murray PR, Rosenthal KS, Pfaller MA. Medical Microbiology. 6th ed. Philadelphia: Mosby Elsevier; 2009. 15. de Hoog GS, Guarro J, Gene J, Figueras MJ. Atlas of Clinical Fungi. 4th ed. Utrecht: CBS; 2011. 16. Anaissie EJ, Stratton SL, Dignani CM, Summerbell RC, Rex JH, Monson TP, Spencer T, Kasai M, Francesconi A, Walsh TJ. Pathogenic Aspergillus species recovered from a

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The Prevalence and Assemblages of Giardia Duodenalis in Dogs: A Systematic Review in Europe

Determination of Giardia in Dogs from South-Eastern Europe . Dissertation, LMU München, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 111 pp. 48. Sommer, M. F., Pietschc, M., Kaspara, A., Beelitza, P., 2018: Giardia in a selected population of dogs and cats in Germany — diagnostics, coinfections and assemblages. Vet. Parasitol. , 249, 49—56. DOI: 10.1016/j.vetpar.2017.11.006. 49. Stojecki, K., Sroka, J., Cacciò, S. M., Cencek, T., Dutkiewicz, J., Kusyk, D., 2015: Prevalence and molecular typing of Giardia duodenalis in wildlife from eastern Poland. Folia Parasitol. , 62

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Lymphatic Vascularization in Primary Breast Cancer: Her2 Overexpressing Tumors Contain More Lymphatics than Steroid Receptor Positive, Triple-Positive And Triple Negative Breast Carcinomas

density, VEGF-C, and VEGFR-3 expression in different molecular types of breast cancer. Anticancer Res. 2011;31:1757-64. 15. Tavassoli FA, Devillee P. WHO Classification of Tumours: Pathology and genetics of tumours of the breast and female genital organs, Lyon: IARC Press; 2003. 11-58. 16. E lston CW, Ellis IO. Pathological prognostic factors in breast cancer. The value of histological grade in breast cancer: Experience from a large study with long-term follow-up. Histopathology. 2002;41:154-61. 17. Wolff AC, Hammond MEH

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Prevalence of pathogens from Mollicutes class in cattle affected by respiratory diseases and molecular characteristics of Mycoplasma bovis field strains

.10.057. 15. Manso-Silván L., Dupuy V., Lysnyansky I., Ozdemir U., Thiaucourt F.: Phylogeny and molecular typing of Mycoplasma agalactiae and Mycoplasma bovis by multilocus sequencing. Vet Microbiol 2012, 161, 104-112, doi: 10.1016/j.vetmic.2012.07.015. 16. McAuliffe L., Ellis R.J., Lawes J.R., Ayling R.D., Nicholas R.A.J.: 16S rDNA PCR and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis; a single generic test for detecting and differentiating Mycoplasma species. J Med Microbiol 2005, 54, 731-739. 17. McAuliffe L., Kokotovic B., Ayling R

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Multiplex real-time PCRs for detection of Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, and verotoxigenic Escherichia coli in carcasses of slaughtered animals

References 1. Alarcón B., García-Cañas V., Cifuentes A., González R., Aznar R.: Simultaneous and sensitive detection of three foodborne pathogens by multiplex PCR, capillary gel electrophoresis, and laser-induced fluorescence. J Agric Food Chem 2004, 52, 7180–7186. 2. Beutin L., Miko A., Krause G., Pries K., Haby S., Steege K., Albrecht N.: Identification of human-pathogenic strains of Shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli from food by a combination of serotyping and molecular typing of Shiga toxin genes. Appl Environ Microbiol 2007, 73, 4769

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Prevalence and phylogenetic analysis of Mycoplasma synoviae strains isolated from Polish chicken layer flocks

the haemagglutinin encoding gene vlhA and its value for strain typing. Vet Microbiol 2009, 136, 1–2. 15. Harada K., Kijima-Tanaka M., Uchiyama M., Yamamoto T., Oishi K., Arao M., Takahashi T.: Molecular typing of Japanese field isolates and live commercial vaccine strain of Mycoplasma synoviae using improved pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and vlhA gene sequencing. Avian Dis 2009, 53, 538–543. 16. Hong Y., Garcia M., Leiting,V., Benčina D., Dufour-Zavala L., Zavala G., Kleven S.H.: Specific detection and typing of Mycoplasma synoviae strains in

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Occurrence and characterisation of MRSA and extended-spectrum ß-lactamases producing Escherichia coli isolated from mastitic cows’ milk

Z., Wu J., Ali T., Li J., Lv Y., Han B.: Bovine mastitis Staphylococcus aureus: Antibiotic susceptibility profile, resistant genes and molecular typing of methicillinresistant and methicillin-sensitive strains in China. Infect Genet Evol 2015, 31, 9-16. 29. Wasiński B., Różańska H., Osek J.: Occurrence of extended spectrum ß-lactamase and AmpC-producing Escherichia coli in meat samples. Bull Vet Inst Pulawy 2013, 57, 513-517. 30. Watson E., Jeckel S., Snow L., Stubbs R., Teale Ch., Wearing H., Horton R., Toszeghy M., Tearne O

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Investigation On The Etiology Of Subclinical Mastitis In Jersey And Hybrid Jersey Dairy Cows

contagious mastitis agents (Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus agalactiae) isolated from milks of dairy cows with subclinical mastitis, Turk J Vet Anim Sci, 37, 569-574, 2013. 29. Cengiz S, Tekin O, Akan M: Molecular typing of Enterococcus spp. isolated from cow mastitis, Vet J Ankara Univ, 58, 17-20, 2011. 30. Malinowski E, Lassa H, Smulski S, Klossowka A, Kaczmarowski M: Antimicrobial susceptibility of bacteria isolated from cows with mastitis in 2006-2007, Bull Vet Inst Pulawy, 52, 565-572, 2008. 31. Persson Y, Nyman AKJ, Grönlund-Andersson U

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Characterisation of newly emerged isolates of classical swine fever virus in China, 2014–2015

References 1. Bhaskar N., Ravishankar C., Rajasekhar R., Sumod K., Sumithra T.G., John K., Mini M., Ravindran R., Shaji S., Aishwarya J.: Molecular typing and phylogenetic analysis of classical swine fever virus isolates from Kerala, India. Virus Dis 2015, 26, 260–266. 2. Chen N., Hu H., Zhang Z., Shuai J., Jiang L., Fang W.: Genetic diversity of the envelope glycoprotein E2 of classical swine fever virus: recent isolates branched away from historical and vaccine strains. Vet Microbiol 2008, 127, 286–299. 3. Chen N., Li D., Yuan X., Li X., Hu H

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Epidemiology and antibiogram of Riemerella anatipestifer isolated from waterfowl slaughterhouses in Taiwan

.L., Wang S.T., Chu C., Wang S.H.: Comparison of four molecular typing methods for Riemerella anatipestifer . Taiwan Vet J 2015, 41, 177–185. 5. Chen Y.P., Lee S.H., Chou C.H., Tsai H.J.: Detection of florfenicol resistance genes in Riemerella anatipestifer isolated from ducks and geese. Vet Microbiol 2012, 154, 325–331. 6. Chen Y.P., Lee S.H., Tsai H.J.: Serotyping of Riemerellar anatipestifer isolates from waterfowl in Taiwan between 2008 and 2012. Exp Rep Taiwan AHRI 2013, 48, 21–28. 7. Chu C.Y., Liu C.H., Liou J.J., Lee J.W., Cheng L

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