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Borders, Barriers and Grievable Lives
The Discursive Production of Self and Other in Film and Other Audio-Visual Media

After 9/11’, in Booth, K. and Dunne, T. (eds.) Worlds in Collision. Terror and the Future of Global Order . New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Der Derian, James (2009) Virtuous War: Mapping the Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Network. Second Edition. London: Routledge. Erll, Astrid and Nünning, Ansgar (eds.) (2008) Cultural Memory Studies: An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook . Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. Erll, Astrid and Wodianka, Stephanie (eds.) (2008) Film und kulturelle Erinnerung: Plurimediale Konstellationen . Berlin: Walter

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A Different View to Older Diabetics: Management of Treatment According to Cognitive Functions

exposure on cognitive and physical function: Results from the action for health in diabetes movement and memory study. J Am Geriatr Soc 65(1): 137-45, 2017 5. Trento M, Charrier L, Salassa M et al. Depression, anxiety and cognitive function in patients with type 2 diabetes: an 8-year prospective observational study. Acta Diabetol 52: 1157-66, 2015 6. Plastino M, Fava A, Pirritano D et al. Effects of insulinic therapy on cognitive impairment in patients with Alzheimer disease and diabetes mellitus type-2. J Neurol Sci 288(1-2):112-6, 2010 7

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“The Meaning of His Life Was Work”: The Construction of Identities in the Oral Narratives of Older Czech Men

. “Západoslovanská otcovství”. in Od patriarchy k tatínkovi. Západoslovanské modely otcovství. M. Filipowicz, J. Królak and A. Zachová (Eds.). Hradec Králové: Gaudeamus, pp. 5-11. Fivush, Robyn. 2008. “Remembering and reminiscing: How individual lives are constructed in family narratives.” Memory Studies 1, no. 1 (2008): 49-58. Garver, M. Bruce M. 1985. “Women in the First Czechoslovak Republic.” in Women, State, and Party in Eastern Europe. S. L. Wolchik and A. G. Meyer (Eds.). Duke Press Policy Studies, pp. 64-81. Havelková, Hana

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Into the Darkness: Deep Caves in the Ancient Near East

R eferences Assmann, J. (2008). Communicative and Cultural Memory. In Erll, A.; Nünning, A. (eds.) Cultural Memory Studies. An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook (pp. 109-118), Berlin. Beckman, G. (2013). Intrinsic and Constructed Sacred Space in Hittite Anatolia. In Ragavan D. (ed.). Heaven on Earth. Temples, Ritual and Cosmic Symbolism in the Ancient World (pp. 153-175), Chicago: The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Ben-Ami, D. (2008). Monolithic Pillars in Canaan: Reconsidering the Date of the High Place at Gezer

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Re-Constructing the Self in Language and Narrative in Eva Hoffman’s Lost in Translation: a Life in a New Language and Anaїs Nin’s Early Diaries

ONE 9(4): e94842. (accessed 24 July 2015.) Creet, Julia & Andreas Kitzman (eds.). 2011. Memory and migration: Multidisciplinary approaches to memory studies. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Culley, Margot. 1998. Introduction to A day at a time: Diary literature of American women, from 1764 to 1895. In Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson (eds.), Women, autobiography, theory: A reader, 217-221. London: University of Wisconsin. Eakin, John Paul. 1999. How our lives become stories: Making selves. Ithaca: Cornell UP

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Jews in Slovakia after 1989. Community between the Future and the Past

-believe-jfk-killed-conspiracy.aspx . LITERATÚRA Assmann, A. (2008). Canon and Archive. In: A. Erll, A. Nünning (Eds.), Cultural memory studies: an international and interdisciplinary hand book . Berlin, New York, s. 96–108. Berger, P. L. (1991). Pozvání do sociologie . Praha. Halbwachs, M. (2009). Kolektivní paměť . Praha: SLON – Sociologické nakladatelství. Rosenthal, G. (1994). Die erzählte Lebensgeschichte als historisch-soziale Realität: methodologische Implikationen für die Analyse biographischer Texte. In: Berliner Geschichtswerkstatt: Alltagskultur, Subjektivität und

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Walking Through, Going Along and Scrolling Back
Ephemeral mobilities in digital ethnography

memory in and with visual media. Memory Studies , 3(4): 298-313. Licoppe, C. (2015). Contested norms of presence. In K. Hahn & M. Stempfhuber (eds.), Präsenzen 2.0 (pp. 97-112). New York: Springer. Light, B., Burgess, J. & Duguay, S. (2016). The walkthrough method: An approach to the study of apps. New Media & Society , 1-20. Madianou, M. & Miller, D. (2013). Polymedia: Towards a new theory of digital media in interpersonal communication. International Journal of Cultural Studies , 16(2): 169-187. Marcus, G. E. (1995). Ethnography in/of the

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Rural Sociology and ‘Rural’ Linguistics. The Biographical Method in the Study of Dialects and Languages in Contact

foundations of “mixed methods”’], Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 69(Suppl 2): 39, doi: 10.1007/s11577-017-0451-4. Available at: Kerswill, P. 2001 A dialect with ‘great inner strength’? The perception of nativeness in the Bergen speech community. Reading Working Papers in Linguistics 5: 23–49. Available at: Kończal, K., Wawrzyniak, J. 2017 Provincializing memory studies: Polish approaches in the past and

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Popular Cultural Memory
Comics, Communities and Context Knowledge

Memory: A Methodological Critique of Collective Memory Studies’, History & Theory 41 (May): 179-197. Kansteiner, W. (2004) ‘Postmoderner Historismus - das kollektive Gedächtnis als neue Paradigma der Kulturwissenschaften’ (Postmodern Historicism - Collective Memory as New Paradigm of Kulturwissenschaften), in Jaeger, F. & Straub, J. (eds.) Handbuch der Kulturwissenschaften. Vol. 2: Paradigma und Disziplinen. Stuttgart: Metzler. Linke, G. (2003) Populärkultur als kulturelles Gedächtnis: Eine vergleichende Studie zu zeitgenössischen

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“It’s Difficult to be a Norwegian”:
Minority Voices in the Memorial Messages after the Terror Attacks in Norway 2011

television news’. Memory Studies , vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 281-297, DOI: 10.1177/1750698011402573 Lödén, H 2014, ‘Peace, love, depoliticisation and the domestic alien: National identity in the memorial messages collected after the terror attacks in Norway 22 July 2011’, National Identities , vol.16, no. 2, pp. 157-176, DOI: 10.1080/14608944.2014.918593. Løwe T 2008, ‘Living Conditions for Youth of Immigrant Origin’. Oslo/Kongsvinger: Statistics Norway Maghbouleh, N 2013, ‘The ta´arof tournament: cultural performances of ethno-national identity at a

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