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E-government Policy and its Implementation in the Czech Republic: Selected Shortcomings

. Gilbert, D., Balestrini, P., & Littleboy, D. (2004). Barriers and benefits in the adoption of e-government. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 17(4), 286-301. Hansen, M. B., Steen, T., & de Jong, M. (2013). New Public Management, Public Service Bargains and the challenges of interdepartmental coordination: a comparative analysis of top civil servants in state administration. International Review of Administrative Sciences, 79(1), 29-48. Heeks, R. (2005). Implementing and managing eGovernment: an international text

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Public Policy Programmes and Policy Analysis Instruction in the Czech Republic

-12567. Fiala, P. & Schubert, K. (2000) Moderní analýza politiky, [Modern Policy Analysis: Introduction to the Theories and Methods of Policy Analysis]. Brno: Barrister&Principal Fritzen, S.A. (2008) ‘Public policy education goes global: A multi-dimensional challenge’, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 27(1): 205-14. Geva-May, I. (2005). Thinking like a policy analyst: Policy analysis as a clinical profession. In I. Geva-May (Ed.), Thinking like a policy analyst: Policy analysis as a clinical profession (pp. 15-50). New York: Palgrave

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Does the Self-employment Policy Reduce Unemployment and Increase Employment? Empirical Evidence from the Czech Regions

). Econometric analysis of panel data , 5th ed.: John Wiley & Sons, 373 p., ISBN 978-1-118-67232-7. Baštová, M., Hubáčková, V., & Frantál, B. (2011). Interregional differences in the Czech Republic, 2000-2008. Moravian Geographical Reports , 19(1), 2-16. Belás, J., Demjan, V., Habánik, J., Hudáková, M., & Sipko, J. (2015). The business environment of small and medium-sized enterprises in selected regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. E+ M Ekonomie a Management , (1), 95-110. Bosma, N., & Harding, R. (2006). Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: GEM 2006

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Internal ministerial advisory bodies: An attempt to transform governing in the Slovak Republic

REFERENCES Alavi, M., Kayworth, T.R., & Leidner, D.E. (2006). An empirical examination of the influence of organizational culture on knowledge management practices. Journal of Management Information Systems, 22 (3), 191–224. Boswell, C. (2009). The political uses of expert knowledge: Immigration policy and social research . Cambridge University Press. Bourdieu, P. (1971). Une interpretation de la théorie de la religion selon Max Weber. Archives européennes de sociologie, 12 (1), 3–21. Bressers, D., van Twist, M.J.W., van der Steen, M

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Education in the Anticommons: Evidence from Romania

Institute (WBI). Washington, D.C. : The World Bank. Retrieved from: Gheorghiţă, E. (2012, January 22). Clasa pregătitoare, obligatorie din septembrie. Ce vor învăţa copiii şi cum vor fi evaluaţi. Mediafax. Retrieved from: Govinda, R. (1997). Decentralization of educational management: experiences from South Asia. In R. Govinda (ed.), Decentralization of Educational Management

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Administrative Burden Reduction Policies in Slovenia Revisited

References Ardagna, S. & Lusardi, A. (2010). Heterogeneity in the Effect ofRegulation on Entrepreneurship and Entry Size. Journal Of TheEuropeanEconomic Association, 8 (2-3), 594-605. Armstrong, S. & Lusk, J. (1987). Return postage in mail surveys: a metaanalysis.Public Opinion Quarterly, 51 (3), 233-48. Bozeman, B. (2012). Multidimensional Red Tape: A Theory Coda.International Public Management Journal, 15 (3), 245-65. Bozeman, B. (2000). Bureaucracy and Red Tape. Upper Saddle River, NJ

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Advocacy Coalitions in Transport Policy: A Case of Rail Sector in Croatia

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An Overview of Discourses on Knowledge in Policy: Thinking Knowledge, Policy and Conflict Together

. Science and Public Policy 37(10): 751-764. Clark, W. C., Tomich, T. P., van Noordwijk, M, Guston, D., Catacutan, D., Dickson, N. M. and McNie, E. (2011). Boundary work for sustainable development: natural resource management at the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). PNAS Cohen, D. K. and Lindblom, C. E. (1979). Solving problems of bureaucracy: limits on social science. In: C. H. Weiss and A. H. Barton (Eds.), Making Bureaucracies Work (pp. 125-138), Beverly

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Technology Roadmaps, Innovation Journeys, and Nanoworld: A Spatio-temporal Consolidation of the EC Nanotechnology Policy

–28. Berker, T., and Throndsen, W. (2017). Planning story lines in smart grid road maps (2010–2014): three types of maps for coordinated time travel, Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning , 19(2), 214–228. Brown, N., and Michael, M. (2003). A Sociology of Expectations: Retrospecting Prospects and Prospecting Retrospects. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management , 15(1), 3–18. Cameron, L. (1999). Operationalizing Metaphor for Applied Linguistic Research. In L. Cameron and G. Low (Eds.), Researching and Applying Metaphor (pp. 3–28), Cambridge

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‘You can say – we do not want the junkies and the sex workers. But they are here!‘: On the spatial exclusion of anti-social behaviour in Bratislava - Nové Mesto

(4), 619-637. doi: Flint, J. (2006). Maintaining an Arm’s Length? Housing, Community Governance and the Management of ‘Problematic’ Populations. Housing Studies , 21(2), 171-186. doi: Foucault, M. (1991). Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison . London: Penguin. Fougner, T. (2008). Neoliberal Governance of States: The Role of Competitiveness Indexing and Country Benchmarking. Millennium - Journal of International Studies, 37(2), 303-326. doi: https

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