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Response of Central European Civil Security Systems to the Economic Crisis

security systems. Retrived from ANVIL website: (Accessed 1. 5. 2015) Brazova, V. K., Matczak, P., & Takacs, V. (2015). Evolution of civil security systems: the case of three Central European countries. Journal of Risk Research, 18(5-6), 789-806. Brazova, V. K., Matczak, P., & Grodzki, R. (2014). Effectiveness of the Governance Framework in Dealing with Disasters: Czech, Polish and Slovak perspective. In Nađ, I. (Ed.), Crisis Management Days: Book of Papers (pp. 363

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From Informal Exchanges to Dual Practices. The Shadows of the Romanian Health Care Reform

.). Consuming Health. The Commodification of Health Care. London: Routledge, pp. 31-47. Institutul European din România - IER (2002). Studii de impact realizate în cadrul proiectului PAIS I. Sinteze. Studiul 10 , pp. 49-82. ), [Last accessed: 07.06.2014]. Kaminska, T. (2014). Informal Health Economics in Ukraine. Management in Health , VIII(1), pp. 5-7. Koycheva, L. (2013). Fading Ink and the Elusive State: Technologies of (Dis)Trust, The Permeability of Paperwork and Postsocialist Modernity in Bulgaria

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Personal and Spiritual Development in Contemporary Romania: In Search of Ambivalence

impossible politics of purity. Scandinavian Journal of Management 19 (4):403–423. Trifan, E. (2015). Coaching and personal development: the construction of the self in a community of practice in Bucharest. Romanian Journal of Society & Politics : 119-132. Türken, S.; Nafstad, H.E.; Blakar, R.M.; Roen, K. (2015). Making Sense of Neoliberal Subjectivity: A Discourse Analysis of Media Language on Self-development. Globalizations 7731 (July):1–15. Wilthagen, T.; Tros, F. (2004). The concept of ‘flexicurity’: a new approach to regulating employment and

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The Politics of Mobilizing Local Resources for Growth: ‘Urban Areas’ in Romania

-12: 6-13. Scott, J. C. (2007). În numele statului. Modele eșuate de îmbunătățire a condiției umane. Iași: Polirom. Soós, K. (1985). A Rejoinder to Jänos Kornái. Acta Oeconomica, 34(1/2): 162-164. Soós, K. (1987). Informal pressures, mobilization, and campaigns in the management of centrally planned economies. Economics of Planning, 21(1): 39-48. Soós, K. (1989). Regular investment cycles or irregular investment fluctuations under central planning? In C. Frateschi (Ed.), Fluctuations and Cycles in

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Steps on Life Change and Spiritual Transformation: The Project of the Self

-Shifting Capital. Spiritual Management, Critical Theory, and the Ethnographic Project. London: Lexington Books. Heelas, P. (2008). Spiritualities of Life. New Age Romanticism and Consumptive Capitalism . Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. Hefner, R. W. (2010). Religious Resurgence in Contemporary Asia: Southeast Asian Perspectives on Capitalism, the State, and the New Piety. The Journal of Asian Studies , 69(4):1031-1047. Miller, P., Rose, N. (2008). Governing the Present. Administering Economic, Social and Personal Life . Cambridge: Polity Press. Rose, N

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Son Preference, Parity Progression and Contraceptive Use in South Asia

India: A district-level analysis. Population and Development Review, 21(4): 745-782. Pande, R.P. (2003). Selective gender differences in childhood nutrition and immunization in rural India: The role of siblings. Demography, 40(3): 395-418. Park, C.B., & Cho, N.-H. (1995). Consequences of son preference in a low-fertility society: Imbalance of the sex ratio at birth in Korea. Population and Development Review, 21(1): 59-84. Sato, M. (2007). Challenges and successes in family planning in Afghanistan. Management Sciences for Health, Occasional

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Ageing in the Middle East and North Africa: A Contemporary Perspective

Aging World: 2008 U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC: National Institute of Aging. Masoumi, H. E. (2014). Urban sprawl in mid-sized cities of MENA, evidence from Yazd and Kashan in Central Iran. Management Research and Practice, 6(2): 25-41. Mogalakwe, M. (2006).The use of documentary research methods in social research. African Sociological Review, 10(1): 221-30. Ncube, M., Anyanwu, J. C &Hausken, K. (2014).Inequality, economic growth and poverty in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). African Development

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Adjusting to population ageing: evidence for policy action

for the elderly in developing countries: Capturing the second demographic dividend, Genus, 62(2): 11-35. National Research Council (2001). Preparing for an Aging World: The Case for Cross-National Research. Washington, DC: National Academy Press. Nutley, S.M., & Davies H.T.O. (2000). Making a reality of evidence-based practice: Some lessons from the diffusion of innovations, Public Money and Management, 20(4): 35-42. OECD (1998). Maintaining prosperity in an ageing society. Paris: OECD Publishing. 144p

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Providing Public Sport Facilities in Post-Socialist Times: The Case of the Czech Republic

References Boyne, G. (2004). Explaining Public Service Performance: Does Management Matter? Public Policy Administration, 19(4), 100-117. Bureš, R. (2010). Transparentnost a financování sportovní politiky na místní úrovni. In I. Slepičková & P. Slepička. (Eds.), Sport a politika (pp. 78-90). Praha: UK FTVS. Coalter, F. (2007). A wider social role for sport: Who’s keeping the score? London: Routledge. Collins, M. (2004). Sport, physical activity and social exclusion. Journal of Sports Sciences, 22

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Who are the officials in the central administration of the Czech Republic and what activities do they perform?

). The New Public Management is Not That Bad After All: Evidence from Estonia, Hungary and Romania. Transylvanian Review ofAdministrative Sciences, 44E/205, 57-73. Dan, S. & Pollitt, Ch. (2015). NPM can work: an optimistic review ofimpact of new public management reforms in Central and EasternEurope. Public Management Review, 15(9), 1305-1332. Dobuzinskis, L., Laycock, D., & Howlett, M. (2007). Policy analysis inCanada: The state of the art. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Dunleavy, P., Margets, H., Bastow, S

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