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Efficiency of public sector enterprises in conditions of crisis

References Barburski J. (2010), Ekonometryczny pomiar efektywności ekonomicznej instytucji finansowych. Stochastyczny model graniczny kosztów [Econometric measurement of financial institutions’ economic efficiency. Stochastic cost frontier model], “Bank i Kredyt”, 41. Bilansowe wyniki podmiotów gospodarczych 2000, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 [Financial results of economic entities 2000, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011], Central Statistical Office, Warsaw. Chudykowska M. (2012), System pomiaru dokonań organizacji

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Monitoring and Analysis of the Performance Data of a RO-PAX Ship in the Perspective of Energy Efficiency

References 1. Pescetto, A. & L. Sebastian; “Energy management: a holistic operational strategy to enhance ship energy efficiency of ships in service”. 2012 2. Pescetto, A. & L. Sebastiani; “Monitoring systems: a strategic tool to enhance ship energy efficiency.”2012

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Farm Structure And Efficiency In The Hungarian Agriculture

References AFRIAT, S. N. 1972. Efficiency estimation of production functions. In International Economic Review, vol. 13, 1972, no. 3, pp. 568–598. AIGNER, D. J. – LOVELL, C. A. K. – SCHMIDT, P. 1977. Formulation and estimation of stohastic frontier production functions. In Journal of Econometrics, vol. 6, 1977, pp. 21–37. ALLEN, R. – ATHANASSOPOULOS, A. – DYSON, R. G. – THANASSOULIS, E. 1997. Weights Restrictions and Value Judgements in Data Envelopment Analysis: Evolution, Development and Future Directions, Annals of Operational Research, vol

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Ratings of Investment Appeal of Regions of Russia as a Tool of Assessment of Region Management Efficiency

REFERENCES Agency of Strategic Initiatives. (2014). The national rating of investment climate in territorial subjects of the Russian Federation . Retrieved April 3, 2016 from site . Expert Rating Agency. (2014). Rating of investment appeal of Russian regions 2014 . Retrieved April 2, 2016 from . Hauner, D and Kyobe, A. (2008). Determinants of Government Efficiency. Retrived April 2, 2016 from

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Impact of the Geometry Accuracy of the Cycloidal Gear Output Shaft with Pins of the Efficiency and Vibrations

References [1] Chmurawa, M., Obiegowe przekładnie cykloidalne z modyfikacją zazębienia , Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej, Mechanika, Z. 140, Gliwice 2002 [2] Pawelski, Z., Uszpolewicz, G., Zdziennicki, Z., Właściwości trójtarczowej przekładni cykloidalnej jako wynik badań stanowiskowych , Journal of KONES, 2018. [3] Mackic, T., Blagojevic, M., Babic, Z., Kostic, N., Influence of design parameters on cyclo drive efficiency , Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association, Vol. 19, No. 4, pp. 497-507, 2013. [4] Blagojevic, M., Kocic

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New Evidence on Efficiency in Southern European Banking

, efficiency and public ownership in Turkey: an analysis of the banking industry - 1991 to 1993, IEF Research Papers (University of Wales, Bangor). Y. Altunbas and P. Molyneux. (1995), Cost economies in E.U banking systems, IEF Research Papers (University of Wales, Bangor). Y. Altunbas, E. M. H. Liu, P. Molyneux and R. Seth (2000), Efficiency and risk in Japanese banking, Journal of Banking and Finance (24), 1605-1628. Y. Altunbas, E. P. M. Gardener, P. Molyneux and B. Moore (2001

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Achieving Energy Efficiency in Accordance with Bioclimatic Architecture Principles

R eferences [1] Bajçinovci B., Jerliu F., Challenges of Architectural Design in relation to Environment and Air Pollution. A Case study: Prishtina’s first public parking garage. Journal of Science, Humanities and Arts 2016:3(7). doi:10.17160/josha.3.7.254 [2] Kull K. On Semiosis, Umwelt, and Semiosphere. Semiotica 1998:120(3/4):299–310. [3] Dennis K. The Compatibility of Economic Theory and Proactive Energy Efficiency Policy. The Electricity Journal 2006:19(7):58–73. doi:10.1016/j.tej.2006.07.006 [4] Qatar Green Building Council

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Bank Efficiency in Malaysia a DEA Approach

REFERENCES 1. Bader, M.K.I., Mohammed, S., Ariff, M & Hassan, T. (2008). Cost, Revenue and Profit Efficiency of Islamic Versus Conventional Banks: International Evidence using Data Envelopment Analysis. Islamic Economic Studies, 15 (2), 24-76. 2. Banker, R.D., Charnes, A. & Cooper, W.W. (1984). Some Models for Estimating Technical and Scale Inefficiencies in Data Envelopment Analysis. Management Science, 30 (9), 1078-1092. 3. Berger, A.N. & Humphrey, D.B. (1997). Efficiency of Financial Institutions: International Survey and Directions for

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Efficiency of Governmental Funding in Hungary

, H., & van Bottenburg, M. (2015). Successful elite sport policies. An international comparison of the sport policy factors leading to international sporting success (SPLISS 2.0) in 15 nations. Aachen: Meyer & Meyer. Mandl, U., Dierx, A., & Ilzkovitz, F. (2008). The effectiveness and efficiency of public spending. European Commission, Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs. Economic Paper 301. Pollitt, C., & Bouckaert, G. (2004). Public Management Reform: An International Comparison. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Reforming local government: Must it always be democracy versus efficiency?

democracy: Options for change. Dublin: The Stationery Office. Government of Ireland. (2011). Programme for government 2011-2016. Dublin: The Stationery Office. Kersting, N., & Vetter, A. (2003). Reforming local government in Europe: Closing the gap between democracy and efficiency. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften. Lieberherr, E. (2013, June). The role of throughput in the input-output legitimacy debate: Insights from public and private governance modes in the Swiss and English water sectors. Paper presented at

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