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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger – the Heat Transfer Area Design Process

REFERENCES [1] M. Miletič, R. Fukač, I. Pioro, A. Dragunov. Development of gas cooled reactors and experimental setup of high temperature helium loop for in-pile operation, Nuclear Engineering and Design 2014 (276), 87 - 97 [2] J. Berka, T. Hlinčík, I. Víden, T. Hudský, J. Vít. The design and utilization of a high-temperature helium loop and other facilities for the study of advanced gas-cooled reactors in the Czech Republic, Progress in Nuclear Energy 2015 (85), 156 - 163 [3] B. Knížat, P. Hlbočan, M. Mlkvik. CFD simulation of a natural

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Survey on Road-Tyre Contact Patch Pattern and Wear Related Aspects

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Parametric Study for Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining of Sintered Titanium

REFERENCES [1] Kumar, A., Kumar, V., Kumar, J. “A review on the state of the art in wire electric discharge machining (WEDM) process”, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Development (IJMERD) 1 (1), pp. 23 – 39, 2011 . [2] Kumar, R., Singh, S. “Current research trends in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining: An overview”, International Journal on Emerging Technologies 3 (1), pp. 33 – 40, 2012 . [3] Chakraborty, S., Debnath, D., Mallick, A. R., Das P. K. “Mechanical and thermal properties of hot pressed ZrB 2 system

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Optimization of Process Parameters for FSW of Al-Mg-Mn-Sc-Zr Alloy Using CCD And RSM

References [1] C. J. Dawes. An introduction to friction stir welding and its development [J]. Weld Material Fabrication 1995 (63), 2 - 16. [2] W. M. Thomas, E. D. Nicholas, J. C. Needham, M. G. Murch, P. Templesmith, C. J. Dawes. ‘Improvements to Friction Welding’, GB Patent Application No. 9125978.8., 1991. [3] R. S. Mishra, ZY. Ma. Friction stir welding and processing. Material Science Engineering R50 2005, 1 - 78. [4] K. E. Knipstrom, B. Pekkari. Friction stir welding process goes commercial

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Geometrically Similar Rectangular Passive Micromixers and the Scaling Validity on Mixing Efficiency and Pressure Drops

”, Advanced Materials 26, pp. 5991 – 5999, 2014 . [8] Qin, D., Xia, Y., Whitesides, G.M. “Soft lithography for micro-and nanoscale patterning” Nature Protocols 5, pp. 491 – 502, 2010 . [9] Becker, H., Locascio, L.E. “Polymer microfluidic devices”. Talanta 56, pp. 267-287, 2002 . [10] Lisowski, P., Zarzycki, P.K. “Microfluidic paper-based analytical devices (μPADs) and micro total analysis systems (μTAS): development, applications and future trends”, Chromatographia 76, pp. 1201 – 1214, 2013 . [11] Lee, S.W., Kim, D.S., Lee, S.S., Kwon, T.H. “A

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Detection and Modeling Vibrational Behavior of a Gas Turbine Based on Dynamic Neural Networks Approach

Bellamine, A. Almansoori, A. Elkamel. Modeling of complex dynamic systems using differential neural networks with the incorporation of a priori knowledge. Applied Mathematics and Computation 2015 (266), 515 - 526. [25] E. Swiercz. Classification of parameter changes in a dynamic system with the use of wavelet analysis and neural networks. Advances in Engineering Software 2012 (45), No. 1, 28 - 41. [26] H. Nikpey, M. Assadi, P. Breuhaus. Development of an optimized artificial neural network model for combined heat and power micro gas

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Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant: Current Status & Feasibility

, Retrieved from: (last accessed: 12/01/2018) [21] VVER plant layout, Retrieved from: The VVER today: Evolution, Design, Safety, pp-21 ( [22] A. Bychkov. Nuclear Power-current status and future development. 2011. [23] A. Mallik, A. Arefin. Micro Hybridized Auto-rickshaw for Bangladesh: A Solution to Green Energy Vehicle. The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal 2018 (12), No. 1

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Influence of in-Plane Deformation in Higher Order Beam Theories

, R. Gonçalves, P. B. Dinis. GBT-based structural analysis of thin-walled members: overview, recent progress and future developments. M. Pandey et al. (eds), Advances in Engineering Structures, Mechanics & Construction 2006 (140), 187 - 204. [52] B. W. Schafer, S. Ádány. Buckling analysis of cold-formed steel members using CUFSM: conventional, and constrained Finite Strip Methods. 18th International Specialty Conference on Cold-Formed Steel Structures, Orlando, Florida, 2006. [53] S. Ádány, B. W. Schafer. Buckling mode decomposition

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Natural Fibers and Biopolymers Characterization: A Future Potential Composite Material

] G. C. M. Kumar, A study of short areca fibre reinforced PF composites. in: Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering WCE , London, 2-4 July 2008, 2008. [18] N. H. Padmaraj, M. V. Kini, B. R. Pai, B. S. Shenoya. Development of Short Areca Fiber Reinforced Biodegradable Composite Material. Procedia Engineering 2013 (64), 966 - 972. [19] H. M. Akil, M. F. Omar, A. A. M. Mazuki, S. Safiee, Z. A. M. Ishak, A. A. Bakar. Kenaf fibre reinforced composites: a review. Mater Des. 2011 (32), 4107 - 4121. [20] M. Ramesh

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Development of a Flexible Software Solution for Controlling Unmanned Air Vehicles via the Internet

.150170 [6] N. Santos, A. Raimundo, D. Peres, P. Sebastião, and N. Souto, “Development of a software platform to control squads of unmanned vehicles in real-time,” in 2017 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, ICUAS 2017, 2017, pp. 1-5. [7] H. Choi, M. Geeves, B. Alsalam, and F. Gonzalez, “Open source computer-vision based guidance system for UAVs on-board decision making,” in IEEE Aerospace Conference Proceedings, 2016. [8] G. Crespo, G

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