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Food Resources as the Basis of the Sustainable Development and National Security in the Age of Economic Globalization

References Kudrov , V. M. 1968. Comparison of levels of the socialist countries economic development, M, 1965; Methodological problems of the international commensurations of cost indexes. Book 1-2, M, 1968. URL: (date of the address 16. 12. 2012). Savkin , V. I. - Proka , N. I. 2012. Food security of the state: from the production economics to consumer economics. Education, science and production, 2012, no. 1, p. 14-21. The official website of The Ministry of

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Development Opportunities of Homesteads in Rural Areas a Social or an Economic Question?

References BALOGH, L. 2004. Bács-Kiskun megye tanyás térségeinek múltja jelene és jövője (The past and future of the homestead areas of Bács-Kiskun County). In Csatári, B. – Kiss, A. (szerk.). Tanyai Kaleidoszkóp (Csatári, B. – Kiss, A. (ed.). Homestead kaleidoscope): Kecskemét : MTA RKK Alföldi Tudományos Intézete, 2004, pp. 144–146. BARBU, C-M. – CĂPUŞNEANU, S. 2012. Agriculture, Environment and Sustainable Development of Rural Areas. In International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, vol. 2, 2012, no. 9, pp. 242

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Sustainable urban development through an application of green infrastructure in district scale – a case study of Wrocław (Poland)

REFERENCES A rgue J.R., B arton A.B. 2007. A review of the application of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) to residential development in Australia. Australian Journal of Water Resources. Vol. 11. No. 1 p. 31–40. B urszta -A damiak E. 2012. Analysis of the retention capacity of green roofs. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 16 p. 3–9. City of New York. 2010. NYC green infrastructure plan. New York. C ondon P. 2010. Seven rules for sustainable communities: design strategies for the postcarbon world. Washington. Island Press

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The foodservice business in big Polish cities

Introduction Foodservice is the largest industry in the hospitality sector in the European Union, including Poland ( Eurostat 2017 ). Foodservice business is one of the most vigorous sectors of the Polish economy. In today’s world, foodservice companies play an important role in successfully meeting the changing nutritional needs of consumers. This industry generates the largest part of value-added and the majority of jobs in the hospitality sector. The development of the foodservice industry is undoubtedly related to the social and economic changes which

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Current role of grasslands in development of agriculture and rural areas in Poland - an example of mountain voivodships małopolskie and podkarpackie

References Badania nad wpływem pasz pochodzenia łąkowo-pastwiskowego na produkcję zwierzęcą w gospodarstwach ekologicznych, 2005; 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. Raport naukowy z realizacji projektu badawczego MRiRW, kierowanego przez. H. Jankowską-Huflejt. (Studies on the effect of grassland fodder on livestock production in organic farms. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. Reports from a grant awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to H. Jankowska-Huflejt). Barszczewski J., Wasilewski Z

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Granting the Right to a Quality Environment - A Premise of Sustainable Development


In the dynamics of national and international regulations, an important threshold has been crossed - the recognition and granting of the fundamental right to environment. The applicable international documents formulate the idea of an individual right to a specific quality of the environment.

Certain documents consecrate yet another minimalistic perspective, according to which the right to environment is only infringed when the right to life itself is threatened, considering that only significant degradations of environmental quality may endanger the vital biological needs for the survival of mankind.

We must nevertheless stress that although there is no direct and unanimous recognition of a right to environment per se, an indirect acknowledgement of it can still be seen in the connection established between the fundamental human rights (the right to life, the right to health, the right to freedom, etc.) and the quality to the environmental factors, which underlines the fact that the compliance with the environmental dispositions is a prerequisite for insuring optimal life conditions.

We must also note that there has been a reversal of the environment - development relation. Thus, if in the beginning the environment could not be understood without development, it was later stipulated that sustainable development cannot exist without the existence of a quality environment

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An Alternative Human Development Index Considering Unemployment

References Bhattacharya, B.B. and Mitra, A. 1997. "Changing Composition of Employment in the Tertiary Sector: A Cross-Country Analysis," Economic and Political Weekly 32(11): 529-534. Cherchye, L., Ooghe, E., and Van Puyenbroeck, T. 2008. "Robust human development rankings," Journal of Economic Inequality 6(4): 287-321. Chowdhury, S., and Squire, L. 2006. "Setting Weights for Aggregate Indices: An Application to the Commitment to Development Index and Human Development Index

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sustainable economic development of EU // Entrepreneurship in SR and in the EU: International Scientific Conference of Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovak Republic. Nitra: SUA, 2012, p. 16-21. ISBN 978-80-552-0929-6. INTERNATIONAL trade and international cargo flows in 2011 (final report). Consulting company VLANT. 2012. Available from: <>

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The right to wild. Green urban wasteland in the context of urban planning

( Kusiak 2012 ; Żydek 2014 ). The concept of ‘wasteland’ is deeply pejorative, especially in the Polish language. If one refers to the agricultural genealogy of this word we are led to the synonym ‘fallow’. An association with waste and mismanagement cannot be avoided as every good farmer uses all his available land. Therefore; in view of such connotations, the word ‘wasteland’ is especially useful when the goal consists of the spatial development of a fragment of urban structure. It works perfectly in the language of investors from both the public and private sectors

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Sustainable Regional Development Policy in Romania - Coordinates

References Moşteanu N. R., (2003), Finanţarea dezvoltării regionale în Romania (Funding Regional Development in Romania), Bucureşti, Editura Economică, p. 73. Planul Naţional de Dezvoltare 2000-2002 (The Romanian National Development Plan) (2000), Agenţia Naţională de Dezvoltare Regională (National Agency of Regional Development), Bucureşti. Toderoiu F., Bucur Carmen (2005), “Economia agroalimentară a României: multifuncţionalitate, resurse, oportunităţi şi restricţii în perspectivă globală” (Romania’s Agrofood

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