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Biologically Inspired Feature Detection Using Cascaded Correlations of off and on Channels

. [25] J.R. Dunbier, S.D. Wiederman, P.A. Shoemaker and D.C. O’Carroll, “Facilitation of dragonfly target-detecting neurons by slow moving features on continuous paths,” Front. Neural Circuits. vol. 6, pp. 79, 2012. [26] S.D. Wiederman, D.C. O’Carroll, “Biomimetic Target Detection: modeling 2nd order correlation of OFF and ON channels”. Proc. of the IEEE, Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence for Multimedia, Signal and Vision Processing, Singapore (in press). [27] K. Nordstrm, and D.C. O’Carroll, “Small object detection neurons

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Enterprise’s Risk Assessment Of Complex Construction Projects


The purpose of this article is to present the preparation of Project Risk Assessment Methodology and its mitigation in complex construction projects. The main text provides a summary of the approach, the method used and the findings. The conclusions have been drawn that the proper tools for quantifying risks have to be based on the criteria specific for mathematical statistic and probability or at least fuzziness. Function, which makes possible to categorize any risks into one of the five categories, is a combination of probability and the impact on one of the items: people and their safety or budget, cost, schedule and planning or quality and performance. An attempt was made to express numerically the relationship between risks impacts and their level of likelihood. Also, a method of associating the influence of projects risks impacts on the extent of the likelihood of project risk occurrence which makes possible to determine the direction and the strength of this relationship was presented.

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Phase and Frequency Matching-based Signal Processing Method for Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

). Contrast and analysis of three measuring methods for phase difference based on labview. Science Technology and Engineering, 10 (1), 263-268. [8] Li, J., Zhao, P., Hou, W., Zheng, B., Zheng, H. (2009). Research on error of phase difference algorithm based on correlation theory. Journal of North University of China, 30 (6), 616-619. [9] Shen, T., Tu, Y., Li, M., Zhang, H. (2014). Research and validation on improved correlation method for phase difference measurement based on data extension. Chinese Journal of Scientific

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Hybrid 3D Dynamic Measurement by Particle Swarm Optimization and Photogrammetric Tracking

References [1] Pan, B., Qian, K., Xie, H., Asundi, A. (2009). Twodimensional digital image correlation for in-plane displacement and strain measurement: A review.Measurement Science and Technology, 20 (6), 062001. [2] Hu, Z., Xie, H., Lu, J., Hua, T., Zhu, J. (2010). Study of the performance of different subpixel image correlation methods in 3D digital image correlation.Applied Optics, 49 (21), 4044-4051. [3] Pan, B., Li, K. (2011). A fast digital image correlation method for deformation measurement

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On the Influence of Topological Characteristics on Robustness of Complex Networks

. [14] A. Cavagna, A. Cimarelli, I. Giardina, G. Parisi, R. Santagati, F. Stefanini, and M. Viale, “Scale-free correlations in bird flocks,” 2009, arXiv:0911.4393. [Online]. Available: [15] M. Mitchell, “Complex systems: Network thinking,” Artificial Intelligence, vol. 170, no. 18, pp. 1194-1212, 2006. [16] D. J. Watts and S. H. Strogatz, “Collective dynamics of ’small-world’ networks,” Nature, vol. 393, pp. 440-442, 1998. [17] A. Jamakovic and S. Uhlig, “Influence of the network structure

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A Cumulative-signals-based Method for Time Delay Estimation

.M. (2017). Usage of two transmitted detectors with optimized orientation in order to three phase flow metering. Measurement , 100 (1), 122-130. [8] Zych, M., Hanus, R., Wilk, B., Petryka, L., Świsulski, D. (2018). Comparison of noise reduction methods in radiometric correlation measurements of two-phase liquid-gas flows. Measurement , 129, 288-295.

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Non-contact method for surface roughness measurement after machining

References [1] Whitehouse, D.J. (1997). Surface metrology. Measurement Science and Technology, [2] Thomas, T.R. (1982). Rough Surfaces . London: Longman. [3] Ohlidal, M. (1995). Comparison of 2-dimensional Fraunhofer approximation and 2-dimensional Fresnel approximation at analysis of surface-roughness by angle speckle correlation. 2. Experimental results. Journal of Modern Optics [4] Nadolny, K. et al. (2011). Laser measurements of surface topography of abrasive tools using measurement system

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Wavefront sensors for adaptive optical systems

. N. (2007). Comparison of Hartmannn analysis methods. Applied Optics , 46 (10), 1830-1835. Woger, F., Rimmele, T. R. (2009). Effect of anisoplanatism on the measurement accuracy of an extended source Hartmannn-Shack wavefront sensor. Applied Optics , 48 (1), A35-A46. Lukin, V. P., Antoshkin, L. V., Botygina, N. N., Emaleev, O. N., Grigor'ev, V. M., Konyaev, P. A., Kovadlo, P. G., Skomorovski, V. I., Yankov, A. P. (2006). Adaptive system of tip-tilt correction of image with modified correlation tracker for BSVT

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A Novel Approach for Automatic Detection and Classification of Suspicious Lesions in Breast Ultrasound Images

. [27] H. Tu, J. Zagzebski, A. Gerig, Q. Chen, E. Madsen, and T. Hall. Optimization of angular and frequency compounding in ultrasonic attenuation estimation. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 117(5):3307-3318, 2005. [28] V. Ulagamuthalvi and D. Sridharan. Automatic identification of ultrasound liver cancer tumor using support vector machine. International Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer and Electronics Engineering, pages 41-43, 2012. [29] H. Yang, C. Chang, S. Huang, and P. Li. Correlations among acoustic, texture

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Fractal Dimension for the Characterization of the Porosity of Asphalt Concretes

-1613, 2008. 8. S. Huang,et al., Correlations and characterization of porous solids by fractal dimension and porosity, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 274, pp. 419-432, 1999. 9. B. Mandelbrot, The fractal geometry of nature: Wh Freeman, 1982. 10. B. Mandelbrot, A. Blumen, Fractal Geometry: What is it, and What Does it do?[and Discussion], Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, 423, pp. 3-16, 1989. 11. H. Peitgen,et al., Bausteine des

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