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The Impact of a Commune’s Planning Tactics on the Landscape of Suburban Areas

ochronie zabytków i opiece nad zabytkami , Dz. U. 2014r. poz. 1446, z 2015 r. poz. 397, 774., (The Act of 23 July 2003 on the protection of monuments and care of monuments, Journal of Laws, 2014, item 1446; Journal of Laws, 2015, item 397,774). Ustawa z dnia 16 kwietnia 2004 r. o ochronie przyrody (Dz. U. z 2013 r., 627, z późn. zm., (Act of 16 April 2004, Nature Conservation, Journal of Laws, 2013, item 627, as amended). Strategia rozwoju Gminy Dywity do 2020 r., , (Strategy of development of the Municipality Dywity 2020

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A Data Pre-Processing Model for the Topsis Method

, 1567–1582. Kannan, G., Pokharel, S., Kumar, P.S. (2009). A hybrid approach using ISM and fuzzy TOPSIS for the selection of reverse logistics provider. Resources, Conservation and Recycling , 54 , 28–36. Krohling, R.A., Campanharo, V.C. (2011). Fuzzy TOPSIS for group decision making: A case study for accidents with oil spill in the sea. Expert Systems with Applications , 38 , 4190–4197. Lin, C.T., Tsai, M.C. (2010). Location choice for direct foreign investment in new hospitals in China by using ANP and TOPSIS. Quality Quantity , 44 , 375

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Rules and Conditions for Placing Advertisements in Public Space Based on Examples of Selected Polish Cities

placement of street furniture, signboards and other advertisement carriers and fencing ). Ustawa z dnia 24 kwietnia 2015 r. o zmianie niektórych ustaw w związku ze wzmocnieniem narzędzi ochrony krajobrazu (Act of April 2015 on amending certain acts in connection with the strengthening of the tools of landscape protection ) Dz. U. 2015, poz. 774 ze zm. (2015 Journal Of Laws, item 774 as amended). Ustawia z dnia 23 lipca 2003 r. o ochronie zabytków i opiece nad zabytkami (Act of July 23, 2003 on the Protection and Conservation of Monuments ), Dz. U. z 2014

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The Value of Urban Parks in Lodz

Life ), [in:] L orens P., M artyniuk -P ęczek J. (red.), Problemy kształtowania przestrzeni publicznych ( Problems of Shaping Public Spaces ), Gdansk, Urbanista. de B run C. (red.), 2007, The Economic Benefits of Land Conservation , The Trust for Public Land. F ausold C. J., L ilieholm R. J., 1996, The Economic Value of Open Space , . F uller R.A., G aston K.J., 2009, The Scaling of Green Space Coverage in European Cities , BiologyLetters, no. 5, pp. 352–355. F

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Ways of Acquiring Land Property for the Construction of Province Roads

1995 r . o ochronie gruntów rolnych i leśnych (Act on Farm ond Woodland Conservation of 3 February 1995) t.j. Dz. U. 2015, poz. 909 z późn. zm. (Journal of Laws 2015, item 909, as amended), access date: 04.05.2017. U stawa z dnia 21 sierpnia 1997 r . o gospodarce nieruchomościami (The Act Real Estate Management of 21 August 1997) , t.j. Dz. U. 2016, poz. 2147 z późn. zm. (Journal of Laws 2016, item 2147, as amended), access date: 04.05.2017. U stawa z dnia 5 czerwca 1998 ( a ) r . o samorządzie województwa (The Act on the Self-government of

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Intended Use of Real Estate as a Time Changeable Attribute for Determining Compensation for Nationalized and Expropriated Lands

poz. 717, z pózn. zm.) [Act of 27 March 2003–about spatial planning and development (Journal of Laws of 2003, No. 80, item 717, as amended)] USTAWA z 28 marca 2003 r. o transporcie kolejowym (Dz. U. z 2013 r. poz. 1594, z późn. zm.).) [Act of 18 March 2003–about railway transport (Journal of Laws of 2013, item 1594, as amended)] USTAWA z 23 lipca 2003 r. o ochronie zabytków i opiece nad zabytkami (Dz. U. z 2003 r. nr 162, poz. 1568, z późn. zm.) [Act of 23 July 2003–about monuments protection and conservation of monuments (Journal of Laws of 2003, No. 162, item

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End users’ motivations as a key for the adoption of the home energy management system

Grid: embedding privacy into the design of electricity conservation. Identity in the Information Society Vol. 3, No. 2, 275-294 10.1007/s12394-010-0046-y Cavoukian A. Polonetsky J. Wolf C. 2010 Smart Privacy for the Smart Grid: embedding privacy into the design of electricity conservation Identity in the Information Society Vol. 3 No. 2 275 294 EU Commission. (2016), Proposals on clean energy for all Europeans, retrieved from https

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Do free trade agreements promote sneaky protectionism? A classical liberal perspective

. In fact, the term “free market” does not appear once in the 599 pages. Instead, the signing partners reaffirm “the importance of promoting corporate social responsibility, cultural identity and diversity, environmental protection and conservation, gender equality, indigenous rights, labor rights, inclusive trade, sustainable development and traditional knowledge, as well as the importance of preserving their right to regulate in the public interest.” Therefore, the agreement includes a large number of limitations and exceptions to liberalizing trade. This also

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Determinants of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies: An Application of Protection Motivation Theory in Konta District, South Western Ethiopia


Climate change becomes a widely acknowledged and inevitable global challenge of 21st century. For developing countries like Ethiopia, it intensifies existing challenges of ensuring sustainable development. This study examined factors affecting climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies by taking in Protection Motivation Theory. The study draws on mixed research approach in order to assess the subjective understanding about climate change threats and identify the factors determining responses to climate change. While qualitative data were collected through focus group discussions and interviews, quantitative information was collected using semi structured survey from 296 randomly selected farmers from different agro-ecologies. Qualitative data was dominantly analyzed using content analysis while descriptive and inferential statistics were applied to analyze quantitative data. Almost all respondents (97%) perceived that climate change is occurring and threatening their wellbeing. Dwindling precipitation, increasing temperature and occurrence of human and animal disease were perceived to represent climate change. From nationally initiated strategies, farmers were found to largely practice soil and water conservation and agricultural intensification, which they perceived less costly and compatible to their level of expertise. The result of binary logistic regression revealed that perceived severity of climate change, perceived susceptibility to climate change threat, perceived own ability to respond, response efficacy and cost of practices predicted farmers motivation to practice climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. Thus, building resilient system should go beyond sensitizing climate response mechanisms. Rural development and climate change adaptation policies should focus on human capital development and economic empowerment which would enable farmers pursue context specific adaptation and mitigation strategies thereby maintain sustainable livelihood.

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The Impact of Gender on Food Waste at the Consumer Level

), “Key facts on food loss and waste you should know!”, Retrieved from , Accessed July 17 2019. 5. Fusions, (2016), “Food waste definition”, Retrieved from , Accessed July 17, 2019. 6. Graham-Rowe, E., Jessop, D.C., Sparks, P., (2014), Identifying motivations and barriers to minimising household food waste. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 84, 15-23. 7. Graham-Rowe, E., Jessop, D.C., Sparks, P., (2015), Predicting household food

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