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Optical spectroscopic analysis of annealed Cd1−xZnxSe thin films deposited by close space sublimation technique

important ternary compound semiconducting materials that due to its excellent optical properties and fast response times has a wide range of potential applications in the photo luminescent, electroluminescent, photoconductive and photovoltaic device applications [ 1 , 6 ]. A number of thin film deposition methods, such as molecular beam epitaxy, electron beam pumping, chemical bath deposition (CBD) etc. have been used for preparing cadmium zinc-selenide thin films [ 7 – 9 ]. We have prepared Cd 1−x Zn x Se films by the resistive thermal evaporation technique with various

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Chemically synthesized PbS Nano particulate thin films for a rapid NO2 gas sensor

semiconducting oxides have good sensitivity but they work efficiently only in the temperature range of 200 to 650 o C [ 18 – 20] . This high operating temperature enhances both power consumption and safety issues. All limitations stated above motivated researcher community to develop rapid, sensitive gas sensor which will work at moderate operating temperatures. There are very few research articles which are dedicated to pristine PbS as NO 2 gas sensor. Nevertheless, some research groups such as Kaci et al. utilized nanostructured PbS thin film deposited by chemical bath

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