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Analysis of Soccer Players’ Positional Variability During the 2012 UEFA European Championship: A Case Study

Association Football players during small-sided and conditioned games. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, 2014; 9(5): 993-1006 van Emmerik REA, van Wegen EEH. Symposium on variability and stability in human movement. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 2000; 16(4): 394-406 Wilson C, Simpson SE, Van Emmerik REA, Hamill J. Coordination variability and skill development in expert triple jumpers. Sports Biomech, 2008; 7(1): 2-9 Yamanaka K, Hughes M, Lott M. An analysis of playing patterns in the 1990 World Cup for Association Football

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Comparing Tactical Behaviour of Soccer Players in 3 vs. 3 and 6 vs. 6 Small-Sided Games

and Technical Demands of 4v4 and 8v8 Games in Elite Youth Soccer Players. Kinesiology, 2007; 39: 150-6 Köklü Y. A Comparison Of Physiological Responses To Various Intermittent And Continuous Small-Sided Games In Young Soccer Players. J Hum Kinet, 2012; 31: 89-96 Lago-Peñas C. The influence of match location, quality of opposition, and match status on possession strategies in professional association football. J Sports Sci, 2009; 27: 1463-9 Landis R, Koch GG. The Measurement of Observer Agreement for Categorical Data. Biometrics, 1977; 33: 15974 Little T

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Differences in performance indicators between winning and losing teams in the UEFA Champions League

Analysis of Sport III. Cardiff: Centre for Performance Analysis, UWIC, 2001, pp 155-162. Szwarc A. Effectiveness of Brazilian and German teams and the teams defeated by them during the 17 th Fifa World Cup. Kinesiology, 2004. 36(1): 83-89. Taylor JB, Mellalieu SD, James N, Shearer D. The influence of match location, qualify of opposition and match status on technical performance in professional association football. J Sport Sci, 2008. 26(9): 885-895. Taylor S, Williams M. A Quantitative

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The Relative Age Effect in Spanish Female Soccer Players. Influence of the Competitive Level and a Playing Position

, Matthys S, Santisteban J, Goiriena J, Philippaerts RM. The relative age effect in a professional football club setting. J Sports Sci, 2009; 27(11): 1153-1158 Musch J, Grondin S. Unequal competition as an impediment to personal development: A review of the relative age effect in sport. Dev Rev, 2011; 21: 147-167, doi:10.1006/drev.2000.0516 Pérez-Jiménez I, Pain MTG. Relative age effect in Spanish association football: Its extent and implications for wasted potential. J Sports Sci, 2008; 26(10): 995-1003 Raschner C, Müller L, Hildebrandt C. The

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A comprehensive review of plus-minus ratings for evaluating individual players in team sports

’s probably useless. , accessed 2018-09-13. Hass, Z. (2017). Division of credit modeling for team sports with an emphasis on NCAA volleyball. Ph.D. thesis, Purdue University. Hass, Z. & Craig, B. (2018). Exploring the potential of the plus/minus in NCAA women’s volleyball via the recovery of court presence information. Journal of Sports Analytics , 4, 285–295. Hvattum, L. & Arntzen, H. (2010). Using ELO ratings for match result prediction in association football

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Practical Skills of Rhythmic Gymnastics Judges

based on informational influencing. J Sport Sci , 2008; 26: 621-628 Bromme R. Teachers' professional knowledge. Ense Cienci , 1988; 6: 19-29 Burden PR. Teacher development . In WR Houston (Ed.), Handbook of research on teacher education ; 311-327. New York: MacMillan; 1990 Cabrera Suárez D. Profile of rhythmic gymnastics judges. Apunts , 1998; 53: 103 Catteeuw P, Helsen W, Gilis B, Wagemans J. Decision-making skills, role specificity, and deliberate practice in association football refereeing. J

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Identification of Factors Determining Market Value of the Most Valuable Football Players

References Buriamo, B., Frick, B., Hickfang, M. and Simmons, R. (2015). The economics of long-term contracts in the footballers labour market. Scottish Journal of Political Economy , 62 (1), Carmichael, F., Forrest, D. and Simmons, R. (1999). The Labor Market in Association Football: Who Gets Transferred and For How Much? Bulletin of Economic Research , 51 . Deloitte (2015). Commercial breaks. Football Money League . Sport Business Group. Gerrard, B. and Dobson, S. (2000). The determination of

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The Effect of Fatigue on the Kinematics of Free Throw Shooting in Basketball

References Aprioantono T, Nunome H, Ikegami Y, Sano S. The effects of muscle fatigue on instep kicking kinetics and kinematics in association football. J Sports Sci. 2006; 24(9):951-60. Ben Abdelkerim N, El Fazaa S, El Ati J. Time-motion analysis and physiological data of elite under 19 year old basketball players during competition. British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2007;41(2):69-75. Bompa TO. Theory and methodology of training Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company: United States 1994

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The Role of Situational Variables in Analysing Physical Performance in Soccer

-102 Kormelink H, Seeverens T. Match analysis and game preparation . Spring City: PA Reedswain; 1999 Lago C. The influence of match location, quality of opposition, and match status on possession strategies in professional association football. J Sports Sci , 2009; 27: 1463-1469 Lago C, Casais L, Dominguez E, Sampaio J. The effects of situational variables on distance covered at various speeds. Eur J Sports Sci , 2010; 10: 103-109 Lago C, Martin R. Determinants of possession of the ball in soccer. J Sports Sci, 2007. 25: 969

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The Use of Match Statistics that Discriminate Between Successful and Unsuccessful Soccer Teams

logistic regression to shots at goal in association football. In: Science and Football V. Eds: Reilly T, Cabri J. and Araújo D. London: Routledge, 2005, pp 211-218. Grant AG, Williams AM, Reilly T. Analysis of the goals scored in the 1998 World Cup. J Sport Sci, 1999; 17: 826-827. Grèhaigne J-F. Time distribution of goals in soccer: Some championships and the 1998 World Cup. In: Notational analysis of sport IV. Eds: Hughes M. and Tavares, F. 1998. Porto: Portugal. 41-52. Hughes M, Bartlett R

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