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On Specification Predication and the derivation of copular to-clauses in Polish

Keyser. 2002. Prolegomenon to a theory of argument structure (Linguistic Inquiry Monographs 39). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Halle, Morris & Jean-Roger Vergnaud. 1987. An essay on stress (Current Studies in Linguistics 15). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Heggie, Lorie, A. 1988. The syntax of copular clauses . Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of South California. Heusinger, Klaus von. 2002. Specificity and definiteness in sentence and discourse structure. Journal of Semantics 19(3). 254–274. Heycock, Caroline & Anthony Kroch. 1999

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A Constructional Analysis of Obligatory XVS Syntactic Structures

alone. Language 64. 501-538. Goldberg, Adele E. 1995. Constructions: A Construction Grammar approach to argument structure. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Goldberg, Adele. E. 2006. Constructions at work: The nature of generalization in language. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Goldberg Adele E. & Ray Jackendoff. 2004. The English resultative as a family of constructions. Language 80. 532-568. Green, Georgia M. 1982. Colloquial and literary uses of inversion. In Deborah Tannen (ed

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Focus on Focus A Review Article of Aspects of the Grammar of Focus: A Minimalist View by Przemysław Tajsner

. Haag: Mouton. Grochowski, Maciej 1986 Polskie partykuły: Składnia, semantyka, leksykografia. Wrocław: Ossolineum. Hale, Ken - Jay S. Keyser 1993 "On argument structure and the lexical expression of syntactic relations", in: Ken Hale - Jay S. Keyser (eds.), 53-109. Hale, Ken - Jay S. Keyser (eds.) 1993 The view from building 20: Essays in linguistics in honor of Sylvain Bromberger. Cambridge: MIT Press. Halliday, Michael 1967 "Transitivity and theme in English

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On the Relationship Between Grammaticalization and Reanalysis

, Christian 1995 Thoughts on grammaticalisation. Lincom: München. Lightfoot, David 1979 Principles of diachronic syntax. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Lightfoot, David 1991 How to set parameters: Arguments from language change. Cambridge: MIT Press. Lightfoot, David 1999 The development of language: Acquisition, change and evolution. Oxford: Blackwell. Lightfoot, David 2002 "Myths and the prehistory of grammar", Journal of Linguistics , 38: 113

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The breakup of Old English to-infinitive: Causes and consequences

-128. Kemenade, Ans van 1987 Syntactic case and morphological case in the history of English. Dordrecht: Foris. Kenyon, John Samuel 1909 The syntax of the infinitive in Chaucer. (Chaucer Publications, 2 nd series, 44). London - Oxford: Chaucer Society. Lightfoot, David 1979 Principles of diachronic syntax. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Lightfoot, David 1991 How to set parameters: Arguments from language change. Cambridge Massachusetts: MIT Press. Los

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An Integrated Approach to Conventionality and Its Implications for the Semantics of Emotion Terms

Linguistics”, in: Dirk Geeraerts (ed.), 1-28. Geeraerts, Dirk (ed.) 2006 Cognitive Linguistics: Basic readings . Berlin - New York: Mounton de Gruyter. Goldberg, Adele E. 1995 Constructions: A construction grammar approach to argument structure. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. Giora, Rachel 1999 “On the priority of salient meanings: Studies of literal and figurative language”, Journal of Pragmatics 31/7: 919-929. Glynn, Dylan 2004 “Constructions at the crossroads: the place of construction

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Reconsidering the Role of Syntactic "Heaviness" in Old English Split Coordination

Krzyżanowski (eds.) 1966 Studies in language and literature in honour of Margaret Schlauch . Warszawa: Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe. Canale, William Michael 1978 Word order change in Old English: Base reanalysis in generative grammar . [Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, McGill University]. Chao, Wynn 1987 On ellipsis. [Ph.D. dissertation, University of Massachusetts Amherst - Published by Graduate Linguistics Students Association, Umass, Amherst]. Colman, Fran 1988 "Heavy arguments in Old

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On the Diversity of Linguistic Evidence for Conceptual Metaphor

. Górska, Elżbieta 2008 "Four arguments for patterns of metaphorical thought", Acta Philologica 34: 5-31. forthcom. "LIFE IS MUSIC - a case study of creative metaphorical thought". Górska, Elżbieta - Günter Radden (eds.) 2005 Metonymy-metaphor collage. Warszawa: Warsaw University Press. Grady, Joseph E. 2005 "Image schemas and perception: Refining a definition", in: Beate Hampe (ed.), 35-55. Hampe, Beate (ed.) 2005 From perception to meaning. (Cognitive linguistics research 29.) Berlin

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Clipped Wings and the Great Abyss: Cognitive Stylistics and Implicatures in Abiezer Coppe’s ‘Prophetic’ Recantation

mind: The seventeenth century. Boston: Beacon Press. Neagu, Maria-Ionela. 2013. Decoding political discourse: Conceptual metaphors and argumentation. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Ortony, Andrew (ed.). 1979. Metaphor and thought. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pick, Peter. 2009. A theology of revolutions. Abiezer Coppe and the uses of tradition. In Alexandre J. M. E. Christoyannopoulos (ed.), Religious anarchism: New perspectives, 30-46. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle

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Differences Across Levels in the Language of Agency and Ability in Rating Scales for Large-Scale Second Language Writing Assessments

-roles and argument selection. Language 67(3). 547–619. Dryer, Dylan. 2013. Scaling writing ability: A corpus-driven inquiry. Written Communication 30(1). 3–35. DOI: 10.1177/0741088312466992 Duranti, Alessandro. 2004. Agency in language. In Alessandro Duranti (ed.), A companion to linguistic anthropology , 451–473. Malden, MA: Blackwell. DOI: 10.1002/9780470996522.ch20 Ehrlich, Susan. 2001. Representing rape: Language and sexual consent . New York: Routledge. Fausey, Caitlin M. & Lera Boroditsky. 2010. Subtle linguistic cues influence

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