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Influence of Information Technology on Organization Strategy

-82. [33] Vandermerwe, S., 2014. Gather and Sustain Momentum. Breaking Through. Springer. [34] Vogt, H., 2015. Making Change: Mobile Pay in Africa. [online] Wall Street Journal. Available: [Accessed 03 August 2016]. [35] Wallsten, S., 2015. The Competitive Effects of the Sharing Economy: How is Uber Changing Taxis? New York: Technology Policy Institute. [36] Wu, L. and Chiu, M.-L., 2015. Organizational Applications of IT Innovation and Firm

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Lessons from TARGET2 imbalances: The case for the ECB being a lender of last resort

in the TARGET2 system be interpreted in terms of the broadly understood sharing economy?. Research Papers of Wrocław University of Economics , 530 , 137-146. Hristov, N., Hülsewig, O., & Wollmersh ä user, T. (2018). Capital flows in the euro area and TARGET2 balances . (CESifo Working Paper No. 6877). IMF. (1969). The Keynes plan. In J. Keith Horsefield (Ed.), The International Monetary Fund 1945-1965. Twenty years of international monetary cooperation (vol. 3, pp. 3-36). Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund. Lavoie, M. (2015). The

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Employee Participation in Profit and Ownership – Impact on Work Efficiency

, (Australian research), ch. 7 Uvalić M. and D. Vaughan-Whitehead (eds.) (1997), Privatisation Surprises in Transition Economies: Employee-Ownership in Central and Eastern Europe , Edward Elgar/International Labour Organisation, Cheltenham (UK) and Geneva (Switzerland) Wadhwani S. and M. Wall (1990), The effects of profit sharing on employment, wages, stock returns and productivity: Evidence from UK micro-data , 'Economic Journal, Vol. 100, No. 399, March Weitzman M.L. (1984), The Share Economy , Harvard University Press, MA

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The Influence of Competencies of Managers on Job Satisfaction of Employees in the Hotel Industry

., & Morrison, A. M. (2017). Living like a local: Authentic tourism experiences and the sharing economy. International Journal of Tourism Research, 19 (6), 619-628, Potočnik Topler, J. (2017). Communication Skills in the Tourism Sector: The Speech Culture of Tour Guides. Tourism Culture & Communication, 17 (3), 217-223, Prahalad, C. K., & Hamel, G. (2006). The Core Competence of the Corporation. In Strategische unternehmungsplanung—strategische unternehmungsführung (pp. 275

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Regional Economic Resilience: Policy Experiences and Issues in Europe

, statistical reports and policies, in particular in countries severely hit by the “great recession”, already carry the label “resilience”. The range of possible directions indicated by the discourse on resilience is still wide. On the one hand, new forms of civil participation are realised in regional governance with stronger communities and new, revived or adjusted forms of social and economic interaction like sharing economies or developing self-sufficient communities. On the other hand, the focus on adaptability and constant awareness of change as a means of achieving

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Rethinking the state-market relations in the New Age of development

References Alvaredo, F., Chancel, L., Piketty, T., Saez, E. and Zucman, G. (eds). (2018), World inequality report 2018, The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge. Bacevich, A. J. (2017), “Saving ‘America first’. What responsible nationalism looks like”, Foreign Affairs, September/October 2017 Issue. Blumberg, R. L. and Cohn, S. (eds). (2016), Development in crisis. Threats to human wellbeing in the Global South and Global North, Routledge, London. Bratianu, C. (2017), “Sharing economy: knowledge strategies for crazy times

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Attitudes of Young European Consumers Toward Recycling Campaigns of Textile Companies

recycling. Environment and Behaviour, 30, 144-161. [38] Sposato, P., Preka, R., Cappellaro, F., Cutaia, L. (2017). Sharing economy and circular economy. How technology and collaborative consumption innovations boost closing the loop strategies. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 16, 1797-1806. [39] Murray, A., Skene, K., Haynes, K., (2017). The circular economy: an interdisciplinary exploration of the concept and application in a global context. Journal of Business Ethics, 140(3), 369-380. [40] Geissdoerfer, M., Savaget, P., Bocken, N

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Ethics, Legal and Privacy Concerns for the Next Generation of Insurance Policies

other party. In this way, pitfalls like the ones related to the tragedy of the commons ( Bovens, 2015 ) or similar zero-sum game-theoretical conceptualisations ( Pettit, 1986 ) may be avoided, in a way that complies with Anderson’s imagined communities ( Anderson, 2006 ) that we mentioned before. A platform such as the one that we delineate earlier borrows elements of what are considered as essential paradigms in the context of the sharing economy. The latter is used rather as an umbrella term referring to the practices of sharing, exchange or renting of goods and

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in Tékhne
The International Conference World Economy 2019: Learning from the Past and Designing the Future

forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience among researchers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and students. The discussions during the conference were focused around several important topics related to new phenomena in the global economy, including shifts in economic centers, globalization, global value chains, international migration, trade agreements, sharing economy, development of information technologies, international expansion of enterprises, and use of the Internet. Particular attention was devoted to integration and disintegration

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The Interpretation of Circular Priorities to Central European Business Environment with Focus on Hungary

theory of planned obsolenscence. In The Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. 101, 1986, no. 4, pp. 729-749. Cramer , J. 2014. Moving towards a circular economy in the Netherlands: Challenges and directions. Utrecht University, 2014, pp. 1-9. Link: Cohen, B. - Kietzmann , J. 2014. Ride On! Mobility business model for the sharing economy. In Organization & Environment, vol. 27, 2014, no. 3.

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