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Inhibitory effects of agmatine on monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity: Reconciling the discrepancies

was performed in 96-well polystyrene microliterplates (Corning, NY) and monitored at 37°C from the absorbance change at 492 nm in a Labsystems Multiskan MS microplate reader. In some experiments the reaction was performed in vials, and the overall absorbance spectrum was obtained using a spectrophotometer (Varian). Absorbance measurements were performed every 10 minutes for 20–40 min. Results Following the addition of MAO substrate tyramine, a significant MAO activity could be observed in rat liver homogenates. This was visualized by peroxidase-coupled assay

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Future Biotechnology

forefront. In this context, it is necessary to create a vision in health services by focussing on information and communication technologies and especially preventive health services. The disease prevention system is primarily based on a detailed description of the individual (e.g. clinical, molecular, imaging and sensor-based). The idea of personalised medicine consists of genomic risk assessment along with other clinical trials, and the personalised medicine and personal genomic language is now in common use. Future personalised biosensors can perform measurements that

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3D polyelectrolyte scaffolds to mimic exocrine glands: a step towards a prostate-on-chip platform

indeed novel polymer-based cell scaffolds that are coupled to microfluidics, would provide the next step toward exocrine organ-on-chip cultures that could provide real-time physiological cell responses ( 4 ). The choice of epithelial cells can assist the step toward such capability of measuring real-time physiological responses. For example, intestinal CaCo-2 epithelial cells have been cultured in a Gut-on-Chip device that included a microfluidics system to access both sides of the intestinal monolayer, which provided measurements of metabolic responses from the

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Real time human micro-organisms biotyping based on Water-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization

and published ( 18 , 20 ). The identifications were performed directly on the tissue by doing a full scan first to verify the presence of the targeted masses. Then after switching to MS/MS mode, they were subjected to collision-induced dissociation (CID) in the transfer cell with respectively 20 and 35 V. The resulting spectra were annotated manually, and assignments were verified by interrogating the high accuracy mass measurements of the precursor ions using the LipidsMap database. Results Bacteria growth time courses To assess the performance of

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Polymerization degree-dependent changes in the effects of in vitro chitosan treatments on photosynthetic pigment, protein, and dry matter contents of Ipomoea purpurea

proteins was estimated from supernatants according to the method of Bradford ( 17 ). The data were expressed as mg g -1 dry weight (DW). Determination of total plant dry matter The leaves, shoots, and roots were sampled (200 mg each) from individual plants having similar growth characteristics. The samples were then dried at 80°C in a hot-air oven for two days. The samples were kept in a desiccator before the measurement of dry weight. The data were expressed as dry matter percentage of weight. Sample collection and statistical analysis Only healthy leaves

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Proteases with caspase 3-like activity participate in cell death during stress-induced microspore embryogenesis of Brassica napus

, the chief property for correct measurement of its catalytic activity ( 32 , 33 ); hence, metacaspases are not responsible for the observed caspase-like activities. In a previous report, we have shown an increase of caspase 3-like proteolytic activity after the inductor cold stress to trigger microspore embryogenesis in barley, a monocot plant ( 9 ). Here, we report additional evidence of caspase-like activity in a microspore embryogenesis system induced by heat stress in a dicot plant, suggesting a conserved molecular function of proteases with caspase-like activity

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Ricinus communis L. (Castor bean), a potential multi-purpose environmental crop for improved and integrated phytoremediation

, 1973, 39, 205-207. 22. Lowry, O. H., Rosebrough, N. J., Farr, A. L., and Randall, R. J. Protein Measurement with the Folin Phenol Reagent J. Biol. Chem. 1951, 193, 265-275. 23. Heath RL, Packer L.. Photoperoxidation in isolated chloroplasts. I. Kinetics and stoichiometry of fatty acid peroxidation. Archives in Biochemistry and Biophysics 1968,125,189-198. 24. Miransari M. Hyperaccumulators, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and stress of heavy metals, Biotech. Adv., 2011, 29: 645-653. 25. Leung HM, Yea ZH

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Quality assurance of genetic laboratories and the EBTNA practice certification, a simple standardization assurance system for a laboratory network

post-analytical phases ( 8 ). The statistical approach is helpful for the QA, it is based on the fact that the measurement errors are distributed according to the Gaussian model, therefore, once a maximum error tolerance limit has been established, the error can be detected and reported within the tolerance limits ( 9 ). The automated analysers are capable of producing multiple results in a short time through the incorporation of robotics and bioinformatics. However, statistical quality control is difficult to monitor due to the large number of samples analysed ( 10

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The genus Portulaca as a suitable model to study the mechanisms of plant tolerance to drought and salinity

salt treatments on plants is based on the quantification of the degree of stress-induced growth inhibition. This can be done by determining different growth parameters (depending on the species), such as plant height or stem length, number of leaves, total leaf area, number of flowers or fresh and dry weight of the treated plants, in relation to the untreated controls. This kind of measurements has been performed on seedlings of 12 common purslanes and cuttings of 13 ornamental purslane accessions treated with increasing NaCl concentrations, providing salinities of

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MAB2.0 project: Integrating algae production into wastewater treatment

as include toxic/inhibitory components. One-time sampling and measurement may lead to biased results. At the case study location, sampling of the effluent of different dewatering devices happens on a daily basis (except weekends) and 6 parameters are measured: pH, chemical oxygen demand (COD), total nitrogen and ammonium ( NH 4 + ) , $\left( \text{N}{{\text{H}}_{4}}^{+} \right),$ total phosphorus and phosphates ( PO 4 3 − ) , $\left( \text{P}{{\text{O}}_{4}}^{3-} \right),$ as reported in

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