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Influence of Genotype, Site, and Year on Maize Nutritive Value – Yield Relationships

, Dang J, Sui P, Hu C (2015): Yield and quality of maize stover: variation among cultivars and effects of N fertilization. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 14, 1581-1587. doi: 10.1016/S2095-3119(15)61077-2. Loučka R, Hakl J, Jirmanová J, Tyrolová Y (2015a): Yearly variation in maize silage fermentation and nutritive quality. Grass and Forage Science, 70, 674-681. doi : 10.1111/gfs.12151. Loučka R, Nedělník J, Lang J , Jambor V, Třináctý J, Tyrolová Y (2015b): Evaluation of maize hybrids types harvested at the similar stage of

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Active And Intelligent Packaging Food – Research And Development – A Review

. Gandino F., Montrucchio B., Rebaudengo M., Sanchez E.R., Analysis of an RFID-based Information System for Tracking and Tracing in an agri-food chain. 2007, in: Proceedings of the 1st Annual RIFD Eurasia, pp. 1-6. 24. Gemili S., Yemenicioglu A., Altinkaya S.A., Development of antioxidant food packaging materials with controlled release properties.J. Food Engin., 2010, 96, 325-332. 25. Giannakourou M., Koutsoumanis K., Nychas G., Taoukis P., Field evaluation of the application of time temperature integrators for monitoring fish quality in

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Identifying the Disadvantaged Regions for Concentrated State Support Using the DEA Method

): Competitiveness of agrarian areas in the Stavropol region. AGRIS on-line Papers in Economics and Informatics, 2, 23-30. Viturka M (2007): Competitiveness of regions and possibilities of its evaluation. Politická ekonomie, 5, 637-658. (in Czech) Viturka M (2011): Integration theory of sustainable regional development - presentation and application. Politická ekonomie, 6, 794-809. (in Czech) Viturka M, Žítek V, Tonev T, Klímová V (2011): Application of microeconomic and macroeconomic approach to evaluating disparities in the regional development. Ekonomický

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Supporting Producer Groups – Increasing Producer’s Value Aded?

Paying Agency of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava. (in Slovak) Ayer HW (1997): Grass roots collective action: agricultural opportunities. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 22, 1–11. Baldwin JP, Spreen T (2012): Vertical integration within the Fresh Fruit Chain. In: Rickert U, Schiefer G (eds): System dynamics and innovation in food networks. Universität Bonn-ILB Press, Bonn, 229–240. Banaszak I (2008): Success and failure of cooperation in agricultural markets. Evidence from producer groups in Poland. Shaker Verlag, Aachen. Bijman J

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The Effect of Natural Phytoadditive Silybum Marianum on Performance of Broiler Rabbits

V, Walterova D (2005): Silybin and Silymarin – new effects and applications. Biomedical Papers, 1, 29–41. doi: 10.5507/bp.2005.002. Kroll DJ, Shaw HS, Oberlies NH (2007): Milk thistle nomenclature: Why it matters in cancer research and pharmacokinetic studies. Integrative Cancer Therapies, 6, 110–119. doi: 10.1177/1534735407301825. Makovicky P, Tumova E, Volek Z, Mokovicky P, Vodicka P (2014): Histological aspects of the small intestine under variable feed restriction: The effects of short and intense restriction on a growing rabbit model. Experimental

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Comparison of the Effect of New Spice Freon Extracts Towards Ground Spices and Antioxidants for Improving the Quality of Bulgarian-Type Dry-Cured Sausage

. Food Sci., 1985, 50, 1356–1359. 4. Cabeza M.C., de la Hoz L., Velasco R., Cambero M.I., Ordóñez J.A., Safety and quality of ready-to-eat dry fermented sausages subjected to E-beam radiation. Meat Sci., 2009, 83, 320–327. 5. Coppola S., Mauriello G., Aponte M., Moschetti G., Villani F., Microbial succession during ripening of Naples-type salami, a southern Italian fermented sausage. Meat Sci., 2000, 56, 321–329. 6. Curt C., Hossenlopp J., Perrot N., Trystram G., Dry sausage ripening control integration of sensory-related properties. Food Contr., 2002

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The Influence of Growing Medium and Harvest Time on the Biological Value of Cherry Fruit and Standard Tomato Cultivars

V., Maiani G., Quaglia G. 2006. Seasonal variations in antioxidant components of cherry tomatoes ( Lycopersicon esculentum cv. Naomi F 1 ). Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 19: 11-19. [DOI:10.1016/j.jfca.2005.02.003] Thybo A.K., Bechmann I.E., Brandt K. 2005. Integration of sensory and objective measurements of tomato quality: Quantitative assessment of the effect of harvest data as compared with growth medium (soil vesus rockwool), EC, variety, and maturity. Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture 85: 2289

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Viscosity and Analytical Differences between Raw Milk and UHT Milk of Czech Cows

References Aguiar HDF, Yamashita AS, Gut JAW (2012): Development of enzymic time-temperature integrators with rapid detection for evaluation of continuous HTST pasteurization processes. LWT - Food Science and Technology, 47, 110-116. doi: 10.1016/j.lwt.2011.12.027. Alcantara LAP (2012): Density and dynamic viscosity of bovine milk affect by temperature and composition. International Journal of Food Engineering, 8, 556-568. doi: 10.1515/1556-3758.1860. Aludatt MH, Ereifej K, Alothman AM, Almajwal A, Alkhalidy H

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Production and Commercialization of Timber in Angola after the Declaration of Independence

) Della A (1996): Cyprus: Country report to the International Conference and Programme on Plant Genetic Resources. Rome, FAO. Diniz AC (1991): Angola: The physical environment and agrarian potentialities. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of Finance, Institute for Economic Cooperation, Lisbon. (in Portuguese) Dye P, Megown R, Jacobs S, Drew D, Megown K, Dicks M, Mthembu S, Pretorius C (2002): Determining the water use and growth of forest plantations through GIS-based integration of remote sensing and field data in the 3-PG model. Report to the Water

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