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Divided National Identity in Moldova

. Moreover, the Ethnologue World Database ignores Moldavian, More at which is surprising, considering the detailed description of approximately 7,000 languages. Because the above-mentioned national language problems exceed the borders of Moldova, we cannot accept this problem as an internal matter for Chişinău. The European Union is supposed to participate in the solving of problems, as a partner financing many important projects in the country, in Romania as well as in other states whose situation is similar to that of Moldova

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Not All the Past Needs To Be Used: Features of Fidesz’s Politics of Memory

term (Balogh 2016) . The electoral gains were repeated in 2014, when the ruling coalition got 66,83% of the seats (44,87% of the votes) ( National Election Office 2014 ) under a reformed electoral system. These numbers have supplied Viktor Orbán’s party with enough popular legitimacy to undertake ambitious structural reforms, which also entailed constitutional changes. Second, whereas the first Fidesz’s administration ruled during the pre-accession period and consequently had to fulfill the strict criteria required by the European Union, the party’s second

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Anti-Islamism without Moslems: Cognitive Frames of Czech Antimigrant Politics

the period January–October. Source: CZSO 2015 , 11. We can hardly call these data dramatic. Moreover, in the entire period in question, the highest number of successful asylum seekers were the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, or Vietnam ( CZSO 2015 , 11), countries with a long-term tradition of working migration to the Czech Republic. Taken from any point of view, one cannot rationally expect that the migrant crisis would grow to become one of the most prominent issues of Czech politics and party politics, reaching far behind the European Union (EU

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From Saint Sava to Milosevic – The Pantheon of (Anti)heroes in Serbian Presidential Election (2017)

position of Serbia in the world were similar to those of the Marshal, one of the leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement, as Preletačević opted for maintaining equal relations with the West and with the East: “(...) good relations with Russia and with NATO are necessary. As our geographical location is not the best, we are forced to constantly balance between both sides” ( Belić 2017 ). With regard to the potential membership of Serbia in the European Union, Preletačević as a new president would organize a referendum so that the society itself would decide on the future of

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Between Language Revitalization and Assimilation: On the Language Situation of the German Minority in the Czech Republic

assimilation of minority and regional languages Nekvapil 2010 ). The European Union strives to support and preserve them under the framework idea of “unity in diversity” ( European Parliament 2017 ), and the Council of Europe has adopted the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in 1992 (German in the Czech Republic has been covered since 2007). The different countries’ policies toward national minorities also address these issues ( Šatava 2009 ; Neustupný 2002 ). The language interests of the German minority in the Czech Republic are provided for in the

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The Arabic Language: A Latin of Modernity?

Dante, who would stand for an Arab vernacular, be it Cairene, Egyptian, Moroccan, or Lebanese (although the trend to write fiction in Egyptian Arabic began in the 1990s and gained a considerable momentum after the Arab Spring [ Jacquemond 2016 : 358-359]). But language politics in the Arab world does not need to follow the rut travelled in Europe. A triglossia also sounds like a good idea, which the European Union of 24 official languages could also usefully consider. References Al-Jabiri, Mohammed Abed. 2009. Democracy, Human Rights and Law in Islamic Thought

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