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On the spatial differentiation of energy transitions: Exploring determinants of uneven wind energy developments in the Czech Republic

–37. FERGUSON-MARTIN, C. J., HILL, S. D. (2011): Accounting for variation in wind deployment between Canadian provinces. Energy Policy, 39(3): 1647–1658. FIRESTONE, J., BATES, A., KNAPP, L. A. (2015): See me, Feel me, Touch me, Heal me: Wind turbines, culture, landscapes, and sound impressions. Land Use Policy, 46: 241–249. FOURNIS, Y., FORTIN, M. J. (2017): From social ‘acceptance’ to social ‘acceptability’ of wind energy projects: towards a territorial perspective. Journal of environmental planning and management, 60(1): 1–21. FRANTÁL, B. (2016): Living on

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New Trends and Challenges for Energy Geographies: Introduction to The Special Issue

challenges facing global energy governance. Energy Policy, Vol. 37, No. 12, p. 5239–5248. FRANTÁL, B. (2014): Have local government and publicexpectations of wind energy project benefits beenmet? Implications for repowering schemes. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning. DOI:10.1080/1523908X.2014.936583. FRANTÁL, B., KUČERA, P (2009): Impacts of the operation of wind turbines as perceived by residents in concerned areas. Moravian Geographical Reports, Vol. 17, No. 2, p. 34–45. FRANTÁL, B., MARTINÁT, S., HALFACREE, K., WALKER, G., WOLSINK, M., VAN DER HORST, D

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Distance matters. Assessing socioeconomic impacts of the Dukovany nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic: Local perceptions and statistical evidence

of acceptance of nuclear power stations: investigating an explanatory model. Energy Policy, 39(6): 3621–3629. VISSCHERS, V. H., SIEGRIST, M. (2012): Fair play in energy policy decisions: Procedural fairness, outcome fairness and acceptance of the decision to rebuild nuclear power plants. Energy Policy, 46: 292–300. WALKER, C., BAXTER, J., OUELLETTE, D. (2014): Beyond rhetoric to understanding determinants of wind turbine support and conflict in two Ontario, Canada communities. Environment and Planning A, 46(3): 730–745. WARREN, C. R., LUMSDEN, C

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Structural Model of the Electric Drive with Double-Fed Asynchronous Machine and Direct Torque Control

References Arnalte, S., Burgos, J.C. and Rodríguez-Amenedo, J.L. (2002). Direct Torque Control of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator for Variable Speed Wind Turbines. Electric Power Components and Systems, 30:199-216, 2002, Taylor & Francis. Depenbrock, M. (1988). Direct Self-Control (DSC) of Inverter-Fed Induction Machine. IEEE Transaction On Power Electronics, 1988. Vol.3, 4. German Galkin, S. and Lyapin, A. (2012). Analysis and modeling study of asynchronous electric drive with sliding flux control

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A Curse of Coal? Exploring Unintended Regional Consequences of Coal Energy in The Czech Republic

and environments in Australia. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, Vol. 28, No. 4, p. 299–312. FRANTÁL, B., KUNC, J. (2011): Wind turbines in tourism landscapes: Czech experience. Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 38, No. 2, p. 499–519. FREESE, B. (2003): Coal: A Human History. Cambridge: Basic Books, 320 pp. FREUDENBURG, W. R. (1992): Addictive Economies: Extractive Industries and Vulnerable Localities in a Changing World Ekonomy 1. Rural Sociology, Vol. 57, No. 3, p. 305–332. FREUDENBURG, W. R., GRAMLING, R. (1998): Linked to what? Economic linkages in

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Small-Scale Renewable Energy Systems in the Development of Distributed Generation in Poland

.03.2014]. Available at: http://www.naruc. org/international/Documents/NARUC%20-%20RES%20 Handbook %20-%20FINAL%20FULL%20VERSION%20 03%2004% 2011rev%20again.pdf. Energetyka rozproszona 2011. Warszawa, Instytut na rzecz Ekorozwoju, Instytut Energii Odnawialnej. Energy Regulatory Office (2013): Energy Regulatory Office website [online] [cit. 31.07.2013] Available at: www.ure. FRANTÁL, B. KUNC, J. (2011): Wind turbines in tourism landscapes: Czech experience. Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 38, No. 2, p. 499–519. GORDIJN, J., AKKERMANS, H. (2007): Business models for

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Equipment Exploitation in Power to Gas Installation

REFERENCES Bartela Ł., Kotowicz J., Dubiel K. (2016). Technical – economic comparative analysis on energy storage systems equipped with a hydrogen generation installation. Journal of Power Technologies, 96 (2), pp. 92-100. Gahleitner G (2013). Hydrogen from renewable electricity: An international review of power-togas pilot plants for stationary applications. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 38, pp. 2039-2061. Guandalini G, Campanari S, Romano MC (2015). Power-to-gas plants and gas turbines for improved wind energy dispatchability

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Machinery Life Cycle Efficiency Models for their Sustainable Development

., Spee, F., Kirwan. K., 2012. Producer Responsibility: Defining the Incentive for Recycling Composite Wind Turbine Blades in Europe . Energy Policy, 47, 13–21, DOI: 10.1016/j.enpol.2012.03.076. Choi, J., Kelley, D., Murphy, S., Thangamani, D., 2016. Economic and Environmental Perspectives of End-of-Life Ship Management . Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 107, 82–91, DOI: 10.1016/j.resconrec.2015.12.007. Flizikowski, J., Bielinski, K., 2012. Technology and Energy Sources Monitoring: Control, Efficiency, and Optimization . IGI Global, USA

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The spatial distribution of renewable energy infrastructure in three particular provinces of South Africa

. 26(3), pp. 313-332. DOI: Fornahl, D., Hassink, R., Klaerding, C., Mossig, I. and Schröder, H., 2012: From the Old Path of Shipbuilding onto the New Path of Offshore Wind Energy? The Case of Northern Germany. In: European Planning Studies, Vol. 20(5), pp. 835-855. Frantál, B. and Kunc, J., 2011: Wind turbines in tourism landscapes: Czech Experience. In: Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 38(2), pp. 499-519. DOI: Gauché, P., Von

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The Impact of Infrasounds Generated by Wind Power Stations on a Human Being

poziomów hałasu w środowisku. Dz.U. Nr.120.2007. Rozporządzenie Ministra Środowiska w sprawie dopuszczalnych poziomów hałasu w środowisku. Hepburn, H., Edworthy, J. (2005). Observations from Castle River Wind Farm. Canadian Wind Energy Conference . Toronto. ISO 7196:1995. Acoustics- Frecuency- weighting charakterystic for infrasound measurements. Jakobsen, J. (2005). Infrasound Emission from Wind Turbines. Journal of low frequency noise, vibration and active control, 24 (3), 45-55. Kaczmarska, A., Augustyńska, D. (2007). Hałas

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