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An Analysis of the Impact of Valve Closure Time on the Course of Water Hammer

Eng Des, 238, (8), 2084-2093 doi: 10.1016/j.nucengdes.2007.10.027. Mitosek M. (2007) Fluid Mechanics in Environmental Engineering, WNT Warsaw, (in Polish). Pires L. F. G., Laidea R. C. C., Baretto C. V. (2004) Transient Flow Analysis of Fast Valve Closure in Short Pipelines, Proceedings of International Pipeline Conference, October 4-8, 2004, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ramos H., de Almeida B. A. (2002) Parametric Analysis of Water Hammer Effects in Small Hydro Schemes, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 128 (7), pp. 689

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Flow Structure of Coarse-Grained Slurry in A Horizontal Pipe

References DURAND R., 1951: Transport hydraulique de graviers et galets en conduite. La Houille Blanche, No. Special B (1951), 609-619. DURAND R., CONDOLIOS E., 1952: Hydraulic transport of Coal. in Proceedings of National Coal Board. Pap. IV, 39-55, London, U. K. GILLIES R. G., SHOOK C. A., 2000: Modeling high concentration settling slurry flows. Can. J. Chem. Engng, Vol. 78 , 709-716. GILLIES R. G., SHOOK C. A., WILSON K. C., 1991: An improved two layer

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., MOKROV, O., AHMEDN, E. Statistical modelling of laser welding of DP / TRIP steel sheets . Optics & Laser Technology , (44) 2012, s. 92-101 [5] ČINÁK, M., KOSTKA, P., SCHREK, A.: Ťahanie zváraných polotovarov s nerovnomernými mechanickými vlastnosťami (Deep-drawing of Tailored-welded Blanks with Uneven Mechanical Properties). Hutnické listy č.4/2013, roč. LXVI, ISSN 0018-8069, s.22-25. [6] SCHREK, A, ČINÁK, M., ŽITŇANSKÝ, P.: Experimental laboratory tooling for deep drawing process. In Vol. 19/2011. s. 57--64.

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Mathematical Model Predicting the Heat and Power Dissipated in an Electro-Conductive Contact in a Hybrid Woven Fabric

). Study of the contact resistance of interlaced stainless steel yarns embedded in hybrid woven fabrics. AUTEX Research Journal, 170-176. [5] Liu, S., Tong, J., Yang, C., Li, L. (2016). Smart e-textile: resistance properties of conductive knitted fabric - Single pique. Textile Research Journal, 1669-1684. [6] John (2011). . [Online]. Website: . [7] Moritz, A. R., Henriques, F. C. (1947). Studies of thermal injury II: The relative importance of time and surface temperature in

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Effects of reverse waves on the hydrodynamic pressure acting on a dual porous horizontal plate

References Cho, I.H. and Kim, M.H., 1998. Interactions of a horizontal flexible membrane with oblique waves. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 367(1), pp.138-161. Cho, I.H., 2002. Wave absorbing characteristics of a horizontal submerged punching plate. Journal of Korean Society of Coastal and Ocean Engineers, 14( 4), pp.265-273. Graw, K.U., 1992. The Submerged plate as a wave filter-stability of the pulsating flow phenomenon. Proceedings 23rd Conference Coastal Engineering, Venice, Italy, ASCE, 4(9), pp.1153

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Experimental study on the method of estimating the vertical design wave force acting on a submerged dual horizontal plate

-428. Kweon, H.M., Han, Y.S., Kwon, O.K. and Ko, K.L., 2011. Design Methodology on the Steel Breakwater I. Design Procedure and Wave Pressure Estimation. Journal of Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation, 11(3), pp.209-218. Kweon, H.M., Kwon, O.K., Han, Y.S. and Yoon, K.H., 2012. Verification of the Design Force Estimation Method for the Steel-type Breakwater in the Real Sea. Journal of Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation, 12(1), pp.205-215 Kwon, O.K., Oh, S.B. and Kweon, H.M., 2011. Design Methodology on Steel-type Breakwater II. Pile Design

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Velocity Field Characteristics at the Inlet to a Pipe Culvert

References Abt S. R., Ruff J. F., Doehring F. K. (1985) Culvert slope effects on outlet scour, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 111 (10), 1363-1367. Abt S. R., Ruff J. F., Doehring F.K., Donnell C. A. (1987) Influence of culvert shape on outlet scour, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 113 (2), 393-400. Bennett S. J., Best J. L. (1995) Mean flow and turbulence structure over fixed, two-dimensional dunes: implications for sediment transport and bedform stability, Sedimentology, 42 (3) , 491

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Local scour around complex pier groups and combined piles at semi-integral bridge

References Akib, S., Mohammadhassani, M., Jahangirzadeh, A. 2014. Application of ANFIS and LR in prediction of scour depth in bridges. Computers & Fluids, 91, 77-86. Akib, S., Fayyadh, M. M., Othman, I., 2011a. Structural behaviour of a skewed integral bridge affected by different parameters. J. Road Bridge Eng., 6, 2, 107-114. Akib, S., Othman, F., Sholichin, M., Fayyadh, M., Shirazi, S. M., Primasari, B., 2011b. Influence of flow shallowness on scour depth at semi-integral bridge piers. Adv. Mater. Res., 243

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The Limit Deposit Velocity model, a new approach

–494. (In French.) Gillies, R.G., 1993. Pipeline flow of coarse particles, PhD Thesis. University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. Gogus, M., Kokpinar, M.A., 1993. Determination of critical flow velocity in slurry transporting pipeline systems. In: Proceeding of the 12th International Conference on Slurry Handling and Pipeline Transport. British Hydraulic Research Group, Bedfordshire, UK, pp. 743–757. Graf, W.H., Robinson, M., Yucel, O., 1970. The critical deposit velocity for solid-liquid mixtures. Hydrotransport 1. BHRA, Cranfield, UK, pp. H5-77–H5

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Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Steel Frame Structure Exposed to High Temperature

resistance of structures. CVUT, Prague, 2005. ISBN 80-01-03157-8. [5] KRÁLIK, J. & VARGA, T. Deterministic and Probabilistic Analysis of Fire Resistance of Steel Portal Frames with Tapered Members. In Safety and Reliability for Managing Risk (eds.), European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2006). Estoril Portugal, Date: 2006, 1-3, pages 2081-2086. ISBN 0-415-41620-5. [6] LAUSOVÁ, L., KREJSA, M. Experiment of frame structure in fire. In Proceedings of an International Conference on New Trends in Statics and Dynamics of Buildings

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