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Alfredo Briones-Aranda, Javier Ramírez-Carballo, Bernardo Alfredo Romero Gómez, Victor Manuel Vega Villa, Manuela Castellanos Pérez, Esmeralda Garcia Parra and Hugo Roberto Santeliz-Montero

-risk patients with type 2 diabetes: an optical coherence tomography study. Cardiovasc Diabetol 13:117, 2014. 24. Edsfeldt A, Gonçalves I, Grufman H, et al . Impaired fibrous repair: a possible contributor to atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability in patients with type II diabetes. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 34: 2143-50, 2014. 25. Lynch CP, Strom Williams J, Voronca D, Walker RJ, Egede LE . Meaning of Illness and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes Educ 42: 220-227, 2016. 26. Rissling MB, Gray KE, Ulmer CS et al

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Tacheva T, Dimov D, Anastasov A, Zhelyazkova Y, Kurzawski M, Gulubova M, Drozdzik M and Vlaykova T

develops in middle age, it is suggested that other factors may play a role in the pathogenesis such as genetic factors [ 2 ]. Inhalation of cigarette smoke, organic and/or inorganic dust, chemical agents and particle matters increase the risk of developing COPD. The presence of these irritants, may lead to chronic inflammation and structural changes in the lung due to repeated injury and repair [ 3 ]. Pathological changes characteristic for COPD are found in the proximal airways, peripheral airways, lung parenchyma and pulmonary vasculature [ 4 ]. One of the main roles

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Radostina V. Cherneva and Dimitar T. Kostadinov

. Martínez-García MA, de la Rosa Carrillo D, Soler-Cataluña JJ, et al. Prognostic value of bronchiectasis inpatients with moderate-to-severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2013;187:823-31. 18. O’Hare PE, Ayres JF, O’Rourke RL, et al. Coronary artery calcification on computed tomography correlates with mortality in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. J Comput Assist Tomogr 2014;38:753-9. 19. Williams MC, Murchison JT, Edwards LD, et al. Coronary artery calcification is increased in patients with COPD and associated with

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Athina Dalopoulou, Nikolaos Economides and Vasilis Evangelidis

. Radiographic evaluation of extruded obturation materials. J Endod, 1990; 16:492-497. 37. Lin LM, Skribner JE, Gaengler P. Factors associated with endodontic treatment failures. J Endod, 1992; 18:625-627. 38. Huang FM, Tai KW, Chou MY, Chang YC. Cytotoxicity of resin-, zinc oxide-, eugenol-, and calcium hydroxide-based root canal sealers, on human periodontal ligament cells and permanent V79 cells. Int Endod J, 2002; 35:153-158. 39. Tanomaru Filho M, Leonardo MR, Silva LAB, Utrilla LS. Effect of different root canal sealers on periapical repair of teeth with

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Milica Kovačević Filipović

: mesenchymal stem/multipotent stromal cells: the state of transdifferentiation and modes of tissue repair--current views. Stem Cells. 2007, 25(11):2896-902. 5. Theise ND: Stem cell plasticity: recapping the decade, mapping the future. Exp Hematol. 2010, 38(7):529-39. 6. Catlin SN, Busque L, Gale RE, Guttorp P, Abkowitz JL: The replication rate of human hematopoietic stem cells in vivo. Blood. 2011, 117(17):4460-6. 7. Adams GB, Chabner KT, Alley IR, Olson DP, Szczepiorkowski ZM, Poznansky MC, Kos CH, Pollak MR, Brown EM, Scadden

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Concepcion Foronda-Robles

, and country houses for use in tourism. This activity is complemented by the repair of those public roads that facilitate and improve access. After several failed attempts, the future Wine Technology Centre will be created with the help of funds from the Integrated Territorial Initiative (ITI), within the scope of R&D&I, and with public support for the region’s wine-producing potential. Conclusions The vineyard landscape is currently undergoing a metamorphosis in the direction of production models that are more diversified, and more

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Wojciech Dziemianowicz

given region is in the eyes of foreign investors; – number of newly registered and deregistered companies in the REGON system, which illustrates the pace of economic changes in the region. It needs to be kept in mind that those companies are not migrating, but were entered in the register of businesses or struck off the register at the request of their owner. The structure of the companies Most of the companies that relocated in the years 2014–2016 2 belong to category G – wholesale and retail trade; repair of vehicles (including motorcycles) ( Fig. 1

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Daniel J. Smyth

“reasonable speakers of English” and founders about how alterations, revisions, or repairs—not just amendments—to the Articles of Confederation could not be complete substitutes. The reason is that technically the Articles permitted alterations-not amendments—to itself. A RTICLES OF C ONFEDERATION art. XIII. And before the Philadelphia Convention assembled, the Confederation Congress had given the convention the mission of revising and altering the Articles. See infra Part III (discussing the context of the Philadelphia Convention). It was simply the case that

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Uros Smrdel, Marija Skoblar Vidmar and Ales Smrdel

on survival might be achieved with less aggressive approach. 15 , 16 The results of these studies had proven that in elderly, the same survival benefit might be achieved solely with the chemotherapy using temozolomide. The effect of temozolomide is primarily marked in patients, which have methylated methylguaninem-ethyltransferase (MGMT) promoter region, thus disabling the tumour cells to repair the alkylation of tumour DNA. In Slovenia, we are also noting the increase of the number of elderly glioblastoma patients. 5 , 6 Our strategy so far has been to assign

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Tamer Mahmoud Tamer

oxygen radicals generated by the neutrophils. J Clin Immunol 3 : 228-240. Noble PW. (2002). Hyaluronan and its catabolic products in tissue injury and repair. Matrix Biol 21 : 25-29. Oates KMN, Krause WE, Colby RH. (2002). Using rheology to probe the mechanism of joint lubrication: polyelectrolyte/protein interactions in synovial fl uid. Mat Res Soc Syrnp Proc 711 : 53-58. Ogston AG, Stanier JE. (1953). The physiological function of hyaluronic acid in synovial fl uid viscous, elastic and lubricant properties. J