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L. Chen, E.A. Selimovic, M. Daunis, T.A. Bayers T, L.J. Vargas, I.T. O’Brien, C.B. McEnroe, A.E. Kozerski, A.C. Vanhoover, W.D. Gray and J.F. Caruso

side view illustrations of the IET, respectively. Figure 1 Overhead illustration of the IET. IET, Inertial Exercise Trainer. Figure 2 Side view illustration of the IET.IET, Inertial Exercise Trainer. Studies that charted temporal strength changes used variables such as peak torque (PT) to assess improvements caused by exercise interventions ( Caruso et al., 1997 ). PT is a muscle’s maximal ability to exert force ( Brown 2000 ). Despite differences in workout and test modalities, the use of PT to assess performance changes was extended to

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I. Md. Zahid, S. Kalaiyarasi, M. Krishna Kumar, T. Ganesh, V. Jaisankar and R. Mohan Kumar

for electro-optical and THz generation measurements. DSDMS render itself as a good competitor crystal when compared with other existing nonlinear crystals. Its physical and chemical properties, including structural, morphological, optical, hardness, electrical and thermal ones have been studied in detail and reported for NLO applications. 2 Experimental 2.1 Synthesis, solubility and crystal growth 4-N,N-dimethylamino-4′-N′-methylstilbazolium 2,4 dimethylbenzenesulfonate (DSDMS) salt was synthesised in a two-step process ( Fig. 1 ). The condensation

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Grzegorz Tomaszewski, Piotr Jankowski-Mihułowicz, Mariusz Węglarski and Wojciech Lichoń

contactless identification of various objects. It is applied in different areas of everyday life – in the industry, trade, security and in almost all other socioe-conomic spheres – where applied RFID components have to meet various technological, environmental and, above all, low-cost requirements. It is due to the need of integrating RFID transponders with various objects that are characterized by miscellaneous physical properties. Therefore, flexible electronic devices are the most suitable for marking consumer goods, materials and components in production, personal

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Karolina Maduna Valkaj, Vesna Tomašić, Andrea Katović and ElżBieta Bielańska

suggested that the activity of Cu zeolites is connected with the presence of Cu + ions [ 1 - 3 , 8 ]. As pointed out in the literature, the reducibility of Cu 2+ strongly depends on the negative framework charge given by the Si/Al ratio [ 20 , 21 ]. Generally, the interpretation of a catalytic performance depends on a study of intrinsic chemical and physical properties of the catalyst and the recognition of correlation between some of these properties and catalytic performance. The performance of the catalyst in the desired reaction can be affected by the method of

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Yan Li, Fang-Xian Zhao and Xiao-Xue Lian

1 Introduction In past decades, with increasing usage of various dangerous gases in many areas, a lot of efforts have been made for development of highly sensitive gas sensors in order to deal with security problems existing in environment, industry and daily life. The crucial works are exploring novel materials with excellent gas-sensing performance to meet these demands. Oxide semiconductor is a suitable material for gas sensor fabrication due to its low cost, physical and chemical stability, easy synthesis, environment-friendliness, high sensitivity and

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Yifu Zhang

, hydroxides, sulfides and conductive polymers are widely used in SCs [ 2 ]. Two types of SCs can be distinguished based on the charge storage mechanism: double-layer capacitance (non-faradaic process) with carbon electrodes and pseudocapacitors (faradaic process) with transition metal oxides electrodes and higher specific capacitance than double-layer capacitance [ 2 , 4 , 7 ]. Vanadium oxides and their related compounds have received increasing attention as functional materials owing to their layered structures, novel chemical and physical properties, which make them

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Shabeer Ahmad Mian, Muhammad Muzammil, Gul Rahman and Ejaz Ahmed

cubic structure [ 3 , 4 ]. Alkali halides are colored materials when exposed to radiation or impurity doping and thus they are used as detectors due to their strong scintillation effect [5] . Alkali halides are interesting materials in terms of their optical properties and often serve to test new theories [6] . The physical properties of alkali halides (or mixed alkali halides) have been reviewed by Sirdeshmukh et al. [7] . The difference in atomic sizes between mixed crystals causes local stresses in lattice and changes crystal properties, particularly lattice

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Raz Muhammad, Muhammad Uzair, M. Javid Iqbal, M. Jawad Khan, Yaseen Iqbal and Carlos R. Rambo

1. Introduction Perovskite-type structure materials exhibit interesting physical, chemical and electrical properties [ 1 ]. Among these, A n B n O3 n+2 -type perovskites were investigated in 1972 by Galy et al. [ 2 ] followed by comprehensive crystallographic studies by various researchers [ 3 – 6 ]. Layered A n B n O3 n+2 -type perovskites are derived from ABO 3 , where n denotes the number of octahedral slabs comprising n[BO 6 ] octahedra within the unit cell. Ferroelectricity was discovered in the layered perovskite-like structures and Sr 2 Ta 2 O 7

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R.B. Pedhekar, F.C. Raghuwanshi and V.D. Kapse

. There are many parameters of materials for gas sensor applications such as adsorption ability, catalytic activity, sensor response, stability, etc. There are a number of research publications reporting the application of metal oxides in gas sensors [ 1 – 7 ]. In metal oxide based gas sensors, gas-sensing mechanism is a surface-controlled phenomenon. It is a well-known fact that sensor response depends upon the grain size, surface state and oxygen adsorption. Larger surface to volume ratio offers more adsorption and increases sensor response [ 8 , 9 ]. Physical and

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Samir Meziani, Abderrahmane Moussi, Linda Mahiou and Ratiba Outemzabet

Si–H and N–H bonds [ 5 ]. Amorphous films grown by PECVD at temperature in the range of 300 °C to 400 °C have almost stoichiometric composition (Si 3 N 4 ). Oxidation of SiN x depends on temperature, atmosphere type and physical properties of the oxide layer [ 6 ]. As thermally grown layers, silicon oxide (SiO 2 ) is obtained by a long-time energy-intensive high temperature process ( ∼ 1000 °C) [ 7 ]. Oxide/nitride (ON) structure is considered as a good structure for passivation and antireflection coatings (ARC) in solar cells [ 8 , 9 ]. The oxidation product