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Hydrocarbon Pollution and Potential Ecological Risk of Heavy Metals in the Sediments of the Oturuba Creek, Niger Delta, Nigeria

, Niger Delta, Nigeria. Journal of Appl. Sci. Environ. Manage 11 (2), 123-127. DOI: 10.4314/jasem.v11i2.55008 Ansa, E.J., Francis, A. 2007. Sediment Characteristics of the Andoni Flats, Niger Delta, Nigeria. Journal of Appl. Sci. Environ. Manage 11(3), 21 - 25. DOI: 10.4314/jasem.v11i3.55071 APHA, 1998. Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater 20th ed. American Public Health Association APHAAWNA-WPCF. New York 1134 p. ASTM, 2003. Test method for oil in water analysis D 3921 - Annual Book of ASTM

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Some novel features of post-500°C heating blue stimulated OSL emission of fired natural quartz

-OSL simply implies that the charge responsible for emission originates from the deep trap and not the mechanism involved in OSL process. This is necessary to differentiate from the conventional OSL (325°C TL Peak). The dosimetric properties of DT-OSL were found to be good in terms of linearity and upper limit of dose estimation. The signal also satisfied various tests needed for reliable use dose estimation. 2 Experimental details The luminescence measurements were carried out on automatic Risø TL/OSL, TL-DA-15 system having a blue light-emitting diodes (λ=470 ± 30nm

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Dataset for Creating Pedotransfer Functions to Estimate Organic Liquid Retention of Soils

, N., Rajkai, K. 2011. Computer program (SOILarium 1.0) for estimating the physical and hydrophysical properties of soils from other soil characteristics. Agrokémia és Talajtan 60, 27-40. Hernádi, H., Makó, A. 2010. Predicting oil retention of soils polluted with hydrocarbon derivates with pedotransfer functions. Mérnökgeológia- kőzetmechanika. Műegyetem Kiadó. Budapest. (in Hungarian) Hernádi, H., Makó, A. 2011a. Predicting the oil retention of soils with different methods. In Farsang, A., Ladányi, Zs. (eds.) Talajvédelem

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Sorption properties of granulometric fractions in Haplic Cambisol developed from boulder loam

a sandy soil deprived of the humus layer. Int. Agrophys. 28: 279–289. Dąbkowska-Naskręt H., Różański S., Bartkowiak A., 2016. Forms and mobility of trace elements in soils of park areas from the city of Bydgoszcz, north Poland. Soil Sci. Ann. 67(2): 73–78. Francaviglia R., Carroni A., Bazzoffi P., Troccoli A., Borrelli L., Napoli R., Ventrella D., Montemurro F., Chiarini F., 2016. Testing the effectiveness of the European cross-compliance standard 3.1 “Ploughing in Good Soil Moisture Conditions”. Int. J. Environ. Res. 10(4): 655–666. IUSS Working

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Infrared stimulated luminescence dating of 19th century fluvial deposits from the upper Rhine River

( Visocekas and Guerin, 2006 ). It has been presumed that anomalous fading results from tunnelling of charge that follows strict physical laws, i.e. the signal decays logarithmically ( Visocekas, 1985 ). Following these assumptions, Huntely and Lamothe (2001) developed a procedure to correct for fading. First, storage experiments are carried out to monitor the loss of signal with time. The results of such experiments are expressed by g -values, where g is the signal loss in percent per decade, a decade being a factor of 10 in time since irradiation (Huntely and Lamothe

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Investigation of the role of the production process on the luminescence of sea salt products

salt samples are manufactured on the same production line they have similar luminescence characteristics, although some slight sensitivity changes may occur, and so are amenable to evaluation using a standardized testing protocol. Acknowledgements Defence Science and Technology Group, Department of Defence, Australia. IPAS/School of Physical Sciences, University of Adelaide. Rowan Faltyn (Technical and Environment System Manager) and Dale Aldridge (National Quality and Environment Manager) of Cheetham & Co for their helpful information regarding the

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Polish Soil Classification, 6th edition – principles, classification scheme and correlations

. Jankowski M., 2013. Gleby ochrowe. Pozycja w krajobrazie, właściwości, geneza i miejsce w systematyce. Wyd. Nauk. UMK: 129 ss. Jankowski M., Bednarek R., 2000. Quantitative and qualitative changes of properties as basis for distinguishing development stages of soils formed from dune sands. Polish Journal Soil Science 33(2): 61–69. Jarnuszewski G., Meller E., 2018. Morphological and physical properties of dehydrated Holocene carbonate limnic deposits in post-bog areas of NW Poland. Journal of Ecological Engineering 19(1): 136–142. Kabała C., 2018

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New luminescence-based geochronology framing the last two glacial cycles at the southern limit of European Pleistocene loess in Stalać (Serbia)

.3–2.1 m, L1SS1SSS1). Physical and chemical proxy data ( Obreht et al ., 2016 ) revealed the existence of a crypto tephra mixed within the L1SS1LLL1 loess layer at ca . 2.4–2.8 m. Above, a brown loess layer (0.3–1.3 m, L1LL1) is located. On top, the recent soil (S0) is exposed. A more detailed stratigraphy is presented in Obreht et al . (2016) . 4 Methodology D e Equivalent Dose Measurements Samples for equivalent dose (D e ) determination were extracted from the metal tubes under subdued red light conditions; the outer 2 cm of sediment were removed

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Post-glacial acidification of two alpine lakes (Sudetes Mts., SW Poland), as inferred from diatom analyses

problémy Krkonoš. Sborn. Mez. Věd. Konf., říjen 2006. Opera Corcontica, 44(1). KOINIG K.A., SCHMIDT R., SOMMARUGAWÖGRATH S., TESSADRI R. & PSENNER R. 1998. Climate change as the primary cause for pH shifts in high alpine lake. Water Air, Soil Poll., 104: 167-180. KORSMAN T., RENBERG I. & ANDERSON N.J. 1994. A paleolimnological test of the influence of Norway spruce (Picea abies) immigration on lakewater acidity. The Holocene, 4: 132-140. KÖSTER D. & PIENITZ R. 2006. Late-Holocene environmental history of two New England

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Regional Recovery of Gravity Anomaly from the Inversion of Diagonal Components of GOCE Gravitational Tensor: A Case Study in Ethiopia

; Geology , 37, 59–62, doi:10.1130/G25147A.1. Kotsakis, C. (2007). A covariance-adaptive approach for regularized inversion in linear models, Geophys. J. Int . 171, 509-522. Krarup, T. (1969). A contribution to the mathematical foundation of physical geodesy. Danish Geodetic Institute, Copenhagen, vol 44. Moritz H. (2000). Geodetic Reference System 1980. Journal of Geodesy 74: 128-162. Naeimi M., Bouman J. (2017). Contribution of the GOCE gradiometer components to regional gravity solutions, Geophys. J. Int ., 209:559–569, doi: https

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