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Relationship Between Toe Muscular Strength and the Ability to Change Direction in Athletes

athletic performance measurements were evaluated using intra-class correlation coefficients (ICCs). Relationships between all test variables (TFS, TPF, pro-agility test, 3-cone test, 10-yard sprint test, 40-yard sprint test, and the change of direction deficits of the pro-agility and 3-cone tests) were examined by the Pearson's correlation coefficient. The level of statistical significance was set at p < 0.05. Results The physical characteristics and the results of TMS and performance tests are summarized in Table 1 . The ICCs (1, 3) of TFS and TPF on the left and

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Some Aspects of the Soil Physical Status of the Vine Plantations in the Context of Rural Development


The rural development grants - among others - help to promote the competitiveness of the agricultural activities. Plantations take great interest in the southeastern part of Hungary. Farmers need to make soil tests before plantation of fruit and grape. We investigated the distribution of the main physical characteristics in this area. For the establishment of vineyards, the areas were adequate according to the pH, and salt content. The results of the soil tests show some strong relationships between the determined physical parameters.

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The assessment of specific physical fitness of children aged 8 and 9 years participating in tennis classes using the Jindrich Hoehm test

. Vereijken (2011) Measuring physical fitness in children who are 5 to 12 years old with a test battery that is functional and easy to administer. Phys. Ther., 91: 1087-1095. DOI: 10.2522/ptj.20090350 7. Gomes R.V., A. Moreira, L. Lodo, K. Nosaka, A.J. Coutts, M.S. Aoki (2013) Monitoring training loads, stress, immune-endocrine responses and performance in tennis players. Biol. Sport., 30: 173-180. DOI: 10.5604/20831862.1059169 8. Gomes R.V., R.C.O. Santos, K. Nosaka, A. Moreira, E.H. Miyabara, M.S. Aoki (2014) Muscle damage after a tennis

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Environmental Indicators of Water Quality in the Cibin River (Transylvania, Romania)

- Bacterial loads from point and nonpoint sources in an urban watershed, Journal of Environmental Engineering , 131, 10, 1414. 30. Peterson D. H., Smith R. E., Hager S. W., Harmon D. D., Herndon R. E. and Schemel L. E., 1985 - Interannual variability in dissolved inorganic nutrients in northern San Francisco Bay estuary, Hydrobiologia , 129, 37-58. 31. Pickett S. T. A., Cadenasso M. L., Grove J. M., Nilon C. H., Pouyat R. V., Zipperer W. C. and Costanza R., 2001 - Urban ecological systems: linking terrestrial ecological, physical, and

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Investigations to check applicability of 1st generation biocomponents to fuels for turbine aircraft engines

The study outlines results from the studies on applicability of 1st generation biocomponent, namely long-chain fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) of vegetable origin, as an ingredient to fuels used to supply turbine aircraft engines. The presented analysis refers to both physical and chemical properties of developed fuel mixtures of Jet A-1 pure kerosene fuel with various amounts of the FAME additive and is based on own results obtained from tests of turbine engines on workbenches. The experiment results indicate that there are virtually no chances to apply the 1st generation biocomponents of the FAME type to aircrafts, however it is possible to seek for application opportunities of such biocomponents to other turbine engines, different from the aviation engineering.

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Research Concerning The Distribution of Temperature in Asphalt Mixtures with The Help of Thermo-Physical Characteristics for Laboratory Tests

asphalt concrete. J Mater Civ Eng 2005;17:72-9. [5]. Spalding DB. Pun WM.- A review of methods for predicting heat transfer coefficients for laminar uniform property boundary layer flow. Int J Heat Mass Transfer 1999;5:239-49 [6]. Zhao J. Ai X. Li YZ. - Transient temperature fields in functionally graded materials with different shapes under convective boundary conditions. Heat Mass Transfer 2007;43:1227-32. [7]. Xu Q. Solaimanian M. - Measurement and evaluation of asphalt concrete thermal expansion and contraction. J Test

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The 3 vs 1 game build-up effectiveness examination in physical and technical tests of 11-year-old football players

References 1. Aguiar B., Lago M., Maças G., Sampaio J.V. (2012) A Review on the Effects of Soccer Small-Sided Games. J. Hum. Kinet., 33: 103-113. 2. Bakkera A., Oerlemansa W., Demeroutib E., Slotc B., Alid D. (2011) Flow and performance: A study among talented Dutch soccer players. Psych. Sport Exerc., 12: 442-450. 3. Bullock W., Panchuk D., Broatch J., Christian R., Stepto N.K. (2012) An integrative test of agility, speed and skill in soccer: Effects of exercise. J. Sci. Med. Sport, 15: 431

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Anthropometric and physical fitness parameters versus specific performance tests in Brazilian field hockey athletes: a pilot study

, D.G. Jenkins (2015) The influence of physical fitness and playing standard on pacing strategies during a team-sport tournament. Int. J. Sports Physiol. Perform., 10: 1001-1008. DOI: 10.1123/ ijspp.2015-0005 14. Karkare A. (2011) Anthropometric measurements and body composition of hockey players with respect to their playing positions. Ind. Str. Res. J., 1: 5-8. 15. Keogh J.W.L., C.L. Weber, C.T. Dalton (2003) Evaluation of anthropometric, physiological, and skill-related tests for talent identification in female field hockey. Can. J

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Can Programmed or Self-Selected Physical Activity Affect Physical Fitness of Adolescents?

Fortaleza, CE, Brazil. Rev Bras Enferm, 2010; 3: 410-5 Gaya A, Silva G. Manual application of measures and tests, standards and evaluation criteria. Porto Alegre, 6-14; 2007 Janssen I. Physical activity guidelines for children and youth. Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism, 2007; 32: 109-121 Levandoski G, Cardoso FL, Cieslak F, Cardoso AS. Somatotype profile, antropometric variables, physical aptitude and motor behavior of juvenile athletes of female futsal team from Ponta Grossa/PR - Brazil. Fitness and Performance

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Changes in strength abilities of adolescent girls: the effect of a 3-year physical education curriculum

:377-389. Chiodera P., E.Volta, G.Gobbi, M.A.Milioli, P.Mirandola, A.Bonetti, R.Delsignore, S.Bernasconi, A.Anedda, M.Vitale (2008) Specifically designed physical exercise programs improve children's motor abilities. Scand.J.Med.Sci.Sports , 18:179-187. Council of Europe (1993) EUROFIT – European Test of Physical Fitness (2nd ed.). Strassbourg. Dudley D.A., A.D.Okely, W.G.Cotton, P.Pearson, P.Caputi (2012) Physical activity levels and movement skill instruction in secondary school physical education. J.Sci.Med.Sport, 15

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