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Stress and Cancer in Dogs: Comparison Between a Population of Dogs Diagnosed with Cancer and a Control Population - A Pilot Study

.A.R.A.M., de Vries, H.W., Mol, J.A. (2000). Behavioural and hormonal indicators of enduring environmental stress in dogs. Anim. Welfare 9, 49-62. 49. Yang, Y., Koh, D., Ng V., Lee, C.Y., Dong, F., Goh, S.H., Anantharaman, V., Chia, S.E. (2002). Self-perceived work related stress and the relation with salivary IgA and Lysozyme among emergency department nurses. Occup. Environ. Med. 59, 836-841. PMid:12468751 PMCid:PMC1763606 50. Ng, V., Koh, D., Mok, B.Y.Y., Chia, S.E., Lim, L.P. (2003). Salivary biomarkers associated with

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A candle in the wind: An assessment of sanitation behavior among students of tertiary educational institutions in southwest Nigeria

Applied Sciences in Environmental Sanitation, 7 (1): 29-33. Daramola O.P. 2015. Environmental Sanitation Practices in Residential Areas of Ibadan Metropolis. Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of Doctor of Philosophy Degree. Daramola O.P., Odunsi O.M. 2016. Determinants of Students Perceived Manmade Environmental Hazards and Risks in Tertiary Educational Institutions. Global Journal of Environmental Science and

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Dairy cattle welfare as a result of human-animal relationship – a review

: 313-319. Boetel B. (2017). In the cattle markets: dairy cattle impact on beef supplies. Dairy Herd Management, (source: Boissy A., Manteuffel G., Jensen M.B., Moe R.O., Spruijt B., Keeling L.J., Winck-ler C., Forkman B., Dimitrov I., Langbein J., Bakken M., Veissier I., Aubert A. (2007). Assessment of positive emotions in animals to improve their welfare. Physiol. Behav., 92: 375-397. Bomzon A. (2011). Pain and stress in cattle:apersonal perspective. Isr. J. Vet. Med., 66: 12

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Men’s Perception of Raped Women: Test of the Sexually Transmitted Disease Hypothesis and the Cuckoldry Hypothesis

References Abel, G. & Brunton, C. (2005) Young people’s use of condoms and their perceived vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 29, 254-260. Amacker, A. M. & Littleton, H. L. (2013) Perceptions of similarity and responsibility attributions to an acquaintance sexual assault victim. Violence Against Women 19, 1384-1407. Anderson, K. G. (2006) How well does paternity confidence match actual paternity? Current Anthropology, 47, 513-520. Anderson, K. B., Cooper, H., & Okamura, L

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Methods for growth regulation of greenhouse produced ornamental pot- and bedding plants – a current review

stress on growth and physiological responses. Sci. Hortic. 122: 579-585. Autio J., Voipio I., Koivunen T., 1994. Responses of aster, dusty miller, and petunia seedlings to daily exposure to mechanical stress. HortScience 29: 1449-1452. Baas R., Brandts A., Straver N., 1993. Growth regulation of bedding plants and poinsettia using low phosphorus fertilization and ebb-and flow irrigation. Acta Hort. 378: 129-138. Bañón S., González A., Cano E.A., Franco J.A., Fernández J.A., 2002. Growth, development and colour response of

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Poultry meat as functional food: modification of the fatty acid profile – a review / Mięso drobiowe jako żywność funkcjonalna: modyfikacja profilu kwasów tłuszczowych – artykuł przeglądowy

References Al - Khalifa H., Givens D.I., Rymer C., Yaqoob P. (2012). Effect of n-3 fatty acids on immune function in broiler chickens. Poultry Sci., 91: 74-88. Arihara K. (2006). Strategies for designing novel functional meat products. Meat Sci., 74: 219-229. Barroeta A.C. (2007). Nutritive value of poultry meat: relationsip between vitamin Eand PUFA. World Poultry Sci. J., 63: 277-284. Bech - Larsen T., Grunert K.G. (2003). The perceived healthiness of functional foods - Aconjoint

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Peristaltic slip flow of a Bingham fluid in an inclined porous conduit with Joule heating

tried to understand the behaviour of peristalsis by considering different fluids and geometries. Elshehawey and Mekhemier [ 3 ] studied the peristaltic flow of couple-stress fluids. Usha and Ramachandra Rao [ 4 ] investigated the impact of the peristalsis on two-layered power-law fluid flows. Misra and Pandey [ 5 ] discussed the peristaltic flow of a non-Newtonian fluid by considering a peripheral layer. The study of non-Newtonian fluid flow problems with heat transfer has many applications in chemical engineering and related industries; also, due to its tremendous

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Infectious and non-infectious factors associated with leg disorders in poultry – a review

. Czech J. Anim. Sci., 50: 68-73. Plavnik I., Scott M. L. (1980). Effects of additional vitamins, minerals or brewers yeast upon leg weaknesses in broiler chickens. Poultry Sci., 59: 459-464. Prayitno D., Phillips C. (1997). Equating the perceived brightness of blue and red lights to hens. Brit. Poultry Sci., 38: 136-141. Ptak A., Józefiak D., Kierończyk B., Rawski M., Żyła K., Świątkiewicz S. (2013). Effect of different phytases on the performance, nutrient retention and tibia composition in broiler chickens. Archiv

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A model for the operations to render epidemic-free a hog farm infected by the Aujeszky disease

. In pregnant sows the infection causes reproductive failure. In vaccinated animals the infection is usually asymptomatic. Lifelong latent infection commonly follows inapparent infection or clinical recovery. Stress may reactivate latent infections, causing recrudescent shedding of ADV. The primary means of transmission of the virus is thought to be by direct contact between infected and susceptible pigs. Indirect contacts by personnel, infected semen, feed, vehicles and equipment can also spread the virus within and among herds. Also long-distance airborne

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Salivary cortisol and nitrite concentrations in school teachers: A longitudinal pilot study

em Estudo 9, 255–262, 2004. Bangasser DA, Valentino RJ. Sex differences in molecular and cellular substrates of stress. Cell Mol Neurobiol 32,709–723, 2012. Chou PH, Lin WH, Hung CA, Chang CC, Li WR, Lan TH, Huang MW. Perceived occupational stress is associated with decreased cortical activity of the prefrontal cortex: A multichannel near-infrared spectroscopy study. Sci Rep 6, 39089–39093, 2016. Donald JA, Forgan LG, Cameron MS. The evolution of nitric oxide signalling in vertebrate blood vessels. J Comp Physiol B 185, 153–171, 2015

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