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Mariusz J. Ligarski

REFERENCES [1] M. Jackson. Systems methodology for the management sciences . Plenum Press, New York, 1990. [2] M.C. Jackson. Systems thinking: Holism for managers . Wiley, Chichester, 2003. [3] R. Floor and M. Jackson. Creative problem solving: Total systems intervention . Wiley, Chichester, 1991. [4] J.P. Kawalek. “Systems thinking and knowledge management: positional assertions and preliminary observations”, Systems Research and Behavioral Science , no 21, 2004, pp. 17-36. [5] M.J. Ligarski. „Ocena systemu zarządzania jakością

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Jeff Hughes and Joe McDonagh

performance ( Leidner et al., 2011 ; Ravichandran and Lertwongsatien, 2005 ), as well as being a key enabler of business strategy ( Preston and Karahanna, 2006 ). IS strategy has been a significant concern for practice, dominating management agendas in recent decades ( Teubner, 2013 ) and becoming integral to business positioning and processes ( Stace et al., 2012 ). The specific purpose of this article is to elucidate the methodological approach employed to achieve the wider study’s goal. The strategy-as-practice (SAP) and SISP literature sets are the two core strands

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Radka Vaníčková

. Lišková Dvořáková, Z., Klufová, R., & Škodová Parmová, D. (2016). Rozvoj cestovního ruchu v Hodrušskom regióne - Best practices. In 11th International Conference of Topical Issues of Tourism. Local heritage and tourism. 24-25 February 2016 (pp. 72-78), Jihlava: College of Polytechnics Jihlava. Marcelino-Sádaba, S., Pérez-Ezcurdia, A., Echeverría Lazcano, A. M., & Villanueva, P. (2014). Project risk management methodology for small firms. International Journal of Project Management. 32(2), 327-340. Politika Regionální (2013). Activity

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Michał Rogalewicz and Robert Sika

Practitioners , Wiley, 2014. [37] KDnuggets, CRISP-DM, still the top methodology for analytics, data mining, or data science projects , 2014, Retrieved 25.10.2016, . [38] Piatetsky-Shapiro G., Frawley W., Knowledge Discovery in Databases , MIT Press Cambridge, 1991. [39] Frawley W., Piatetsky-Shapiro G., Matheus C.J., Knowledge Discovery in Databases: An Overview , Art. Int. Mag., 13, 3, 57–70, 1992. [40] Piatetsky-Shapiro G., Matheus C

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Sergiu Stefan Nicolaescu and Claudiu Vasile Kifor

Deshpande, S. (2016). Introducing Design for Six Sigma's DMADV Methodology to the Packaging Industry. Rochester Institute of Technology. Ericsson, E., Gingnell, L., & Lilliesköld, J. (2015). Implementing Design for Six Sigma in large Swedish product developing organisations-an interview study. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 26(5-6), 648-660. Jestrab, E. M., Jahren, C. T., & Walters, R. C. (2009). Integrating industry experts into engineering education: Case study. Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and

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Martin Angelovič and Robert Ištok

: Bačová, V. editor, Kvalita života a sociálny capital. Acta Facultatis Philosophicae Universitatis Prešoviensis, pp. 42-70. Bacsó, P., 2007: K teoreticko - metodologickým aspektom kvality života (The theoretical - methodological aspects of quality of life - in Slovak). In: Geografické informácie 11 - Problémy geografického výskumu Česka a Slovenska, Nitra (FPV UKF), pp. 20-26. Bacsó, P., 2008: Quality of life context of the population in Štúrovo ward. In: Svatoňová, H. editor, Geography in Czechia and Slovakia. Theory and practise at the

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Masoud Moradi, Mehdi Fazlzadehdavil, Meghdad Pirsaheb, Yadollah Mansouri, Touba Khosravi and Kiomars Sharafi

science , 338(2), pp. 329–345. Bardakçi, B. & Bahçeli, S. (2010) FTIR study of modification of transition metal on zeolites for adsorption, Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics, 48, pp. 615–620. Baş, D. & Boyacı, İ.H. (2007) Modeling and optimization I: Usability of response surface methodology Journal of Food Engineering , 78(3), pp. 836–845. Bekaroglu, S.K., Yigit, N., Karanfil, T. & Kitis, M. (2010) The adsorptive removal of disinfection by-product precursors in a high-SUVA water using iron oxide-coated pumice and volcanic slag particles

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Ilona Trawczyńska and Marek Wójcik

-lauroyl sarcosine. J. Ind. Microbiol. Biot. 35, 799–804. DOI: 10.1007/s10295-008-0350-9. 15. Kaur, G., Panesar, P.S., Bera, M.B. & Kumar, H. (2009). Hydrolysis of whey lactose using CTAB-permeabilized yeast cells. Bioproc. Biosyst. Eng . 32, 63–67. DOI: 10.1007/s00449008-0221-9. 16. Mutanda, T., Wilhelmi, B.S. & Whiteley, C.G. (2008). Response surface methodology: Synthesis of inulooligosaccharides with an endoinulinase from Aspergillus niger . Enzyme Microb. Technol. 43, 362–368. DOI: 10.1016/j.enzmictec.2008.06.005. 17. Panesar, P.S. (2008). Application of response

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Aleksandar Erceg, Predrag Dotlić and Monika Mikuš

context perspectives on learning and knowledge creation in quality management, Journal of Operations Management, 25 (4): 918–931. Comoglio, C., Botta, S. (2012) The use of indicators and the role of environmental management systems for environmental performances improvement: a survey on ISO 14001 certified companies in the automotive sector, Journal of Cleaner Production, 20 (1): 92-102. Dabić, M., Orac, M., Tugrul, U. D. (2016) Targeting sustainable competitiveness in Croatia by the implementation of “20 Keys” methodology, Journal of Innovation and

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D. Tanikić, V. Marinković, M. Manić, G. Devedžić and S. Ranđelović

of orthodontic wires in Artificial Saliva Solutions by Using response surface methodology”, Materials Research 16 (1), 50-64 (2013). [20] F.P. Cota, T.H. Panzera, M.A. Schiavon, A.L. Christoforo, P.H.R. Borges, C. Bowen and F. Scarpa, “Full factorial design analysis of carbon nanotube polymer-cement composites”, Materials Research 15 (4), 573-580 (2012). [21] G.C. Onwubolu and S. Kumar, “Response surface methodology- based approach to CNC drilling operations”, J. Mater. Process. Technol. 171 (1), 41-47 (2006). [22] T