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Ivalla Barrera

References Alonso-Almeida, Francisco - Mercedes Cabrera Abreu 2002 "The formulation of promise in Medieval English medical recipes: A relevance-theoretic approach", Neophilologus 86: 137-154. Alonso-Almeida, Francisco - Ruth Carroll 2004 "A new proposal for the classification of Middle English medical texts", in: Alicia Rodríguez-Álvarez - Francisco Alonso-Almeida (eds.), 21-34. Alonso-Almeida, Francisco 1998-1999 "‘Gyf hyr this medycyn’: Analysing the Middle English medical

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Katalin Doró

, Katalin. “Selling their Research: _e Linguistic Realization of Rhetoric Moves in English _esis Abstracts Written by Hungarian Undergraduates.” Romanian Journal of English Studies 10.1 (2013): 181-91. Hartley, James. “Improving the Clarity of Journal Abstracts in Psychology: _e Case for Structure.” Science Communication 24.3 (2003): 366-79. ---. “Current Findings from Research on Structured Abstracts.” Journal of Medical Library Association 92.3 (2004): 368-71. Hirano, Eliana. “Research Article Introduction in English for Specific Purposes

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Sorin Borza, Ionela Magdalena Rotaru and Iunia Borza

teaching of the four skills . Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, TESL-EJ, 9(2), 1-19 (2005). 4. Lee, M. T., Jacobs, J. L., & Kamin, C. S.. Video-enhanced problem-based learning to teach clinical skills . Medical Education, No. 40, pag. 459-489, (2006). 5. Andrei Ternauciuc, Mihai Onita, (2007) ” Ghidul tutorialului multimedia in domeniul E-Learning ”, ELSE 2007 Conference Proceedings, Bucha. 6. Sorin Borza, Carmen Simion, Ioan Bondrea, Using virtual instruments in the educational process for teaching measurements and quality inspection , QMHE 2010

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Lin Elinor Pettersson

References 3D4 Medical Essential Anatomy 5. 2018. . (Accessed 2018-02-13.) Ahmad, Anmol & Farruk, Fizza. 2015. Significance of social applications on a mobile phone for English task-based language learning. Teaching English with Technology 15(2). 94-105. Byrne, Jason. 2016. Same time same place: Do MALL classrooms exist? Teaching English with Technology 3(16). 74-84. . (Accessed 2018-03-05.) Grimshaw, Jennica & Cardoso, Walcir & Collins, Laura. 2017. Teacher

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Alireza Jalilifar, Elham Saleh and Alexanne Don

introduction to systemic functional linguistics. London: Continuum. Galve, G. I. 1998. The textual interplay of grammatical metaphor on the nominalization occurring in written medical English. Journal of Pragmatics, 30, 363-385. Gardner, D., & Davies, M. 2013. A new academic vocabulary list. Applied Linguistics, 35, 1-24. Granger, S. 1997. “On identifying the syntactic and discourse features of participle clauses in academic English: Native and nonnative writers compared”. In J. Aarts, I. de Monnink, & H. Wekker (Eds.), Studies

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Anişoara Pop and Raluca Crişan

://>JTECVoiceThread.pdf. Educause Learning Initiative. 2009. 7 things you should know about VoiceThread. Retrieved from <>. Hirvela. Alan-Sweetland. Yuerong Liu. 2005. Two case studies of L2 writers’ experiences across learning-directed portfolio contexts. Assessing Writing 10: 192-213. Lerner. Janet. V.-Johns. Beverley. H. 2009. Learning disabilities and related mild disabilities (11 th ed.). Belmont. CA: Wadsworth. McFarland. Jonathan. 2009. Teaching English to the medical profession. Developing

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Gabriela Cusen

25(2): 156–177. Ivanic, Roz. 1991. Nouns in search of a context: A study of nouns with both open-and closed-system characteristics. International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching 29(2): 93–115. Kaplan, Robert–Selena Cantor–Cynthia Hagstrom–Lia D. Kamhi-Stein–Yumiko Shiotani–Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman. 1994. On abstract writing. Text 14(3): 401–426. Kennedy, Graeme D. 1987. Quantification and the use of English: A case study of one aspect of the learner’s task. Applied Linguistics 8(3): 264–286. Mahlberg, Michaela. 2005

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Magda Kourilova-Urbanczik

L1 and L2 academic wriring, in Culture in second language teaching and learning (Hinkel E. ed.) pp. 1-40, Cambridge Univ. Press. Hinkel E. (2001). Matters of cohesion in L2 academic texts. Applied Lang Learning 12( 2): 111-132. Hyland K. (2006). Medical discourse: hedges, in Encyclopedia of language and linguistics (Brown K. ed.) pp. 694-697, 2nd ed. Elsevier, Oxford. Kies D. (1990). Indeterminacy in sentence structure. Linguistics and Educ 2( 3): 231-258. Knight J. (2003). Scientifi c

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Gordon S. K. Adika

References Adika, G. S. K. (2014). Ghanaian graduate students’ knowledge of referencing in academic writing and implications for plagiarism, Frontiers of Language and Teaching , 5 (1), 75-80. Adika, G. S. K. (2012). Language teaching, critical voice and the construction of knowledge. In H. Lauer & K. Anyidoho (Eds.) Reclaiming the Human Sciences and the Humanities through African Perspective, Vol. II, (pp. 1493-1502). Accra: Sub Saharan Publishers. Adika, G. S. K., & Owusu-Sekyere, G. (1997) Standards of English in the University of Ghana and

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Parviz Ahmadi Darani, Mohamad Hassan Tahririan and Akbar Afghary

Academic Purposes 6(3). 206–221. Cotos, Elena, Huffman, Sarah and Stephanie Link. 2015. Furthering and Applying Move/Step Constructs Technology-Driven Marshalling of Swalesian Genre Theory for EAP Pedagogy. Journal of English for Academic Purposes 19. 52–72. Fallahi, Mohammad and Ali Mobasher. 2007. Genre Analysis of Introduction Section of English and Persian Articles in Mechanics. Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature 1(2). 59–74. Fakhri, Ahmed. 2004. Rhetorical Properties of Arabic Research Article Introductions. Journal of