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The Analysis of Logistic Chains from China to the European Union Countries

_transzkontaruszallitas. [3] Huo, F, Harrison, A., Jia, F. & Qi, E.S. (2009). Innovation in Logistics: China-Europe Supply Chains. In ICOSCM 2009 - Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on operations and management, 28. Jul - 5. August 2009 (pp. 438-444). Wuhan, Peoples R China: Chinese univ. Hong Kong, Economics & Management school, Wuhan univ., Supply chain management research center, Li & Fung inst. Supply chain management & Logistics, Wuhan. [4] Bo, Y. & Zhu, X.N. (2013). Container Multimodal Transport Based On Railway-water Combined Transportation

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Identification of Restricting Criteria for Comprehensive Assessment of Logistics Chains in Intermodal Transport

transport capacity of the train and railway track based on used types of wagons. In: Transport means proceedings of the 20th international conference, 5-7 October 2016 (pp. 584 – 588). Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania. [8] Buková, B., Brumerčíková, E. & Kondek, P. (2017). Determinants of distribution logistics in the construction industry. Open Engineering: formerly Central European journal of engineering. 7(1), 14-18. [9] Majerčák, J., Kudláč, Š. & Ponický, J. (2016). Innovative management of supply chains. Logi: scientific journal on

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Chosen Aspects of Packages in the Distribution of Selected Dairy Products

. & Pecyna, M. (2012). Ergonomiczna ocena warunków pracy na stanowiskach pakowania mleka. Agricultural Engineering nr. 3(138), 185-191. [6] Relich, M. (2013). Fuzzy project scheduling using constraint programming. Applied Computer Science. 9 (1), 3-16. [7] Shah, R. & Ward, P.T. (2007). Defining and developing measures of Lean Production. Journal of Operations Management. 25 (4), 785-805. [8] Bocewicz, G., Nielsen, I. & Banaszak, Z. (2014). Iterative multimodal process scheduling. Annual Reviews in Control. 38 (1), 113-132. [9] Lizbetin, J. & Stopka

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Draft Methodology to Specify the Railway Sections Capacity

References [1] European strategies. (2011). White paper 2011 - Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system, from . [2] Černá, L. & Mašek, J. (2015). The proposal the methodology of the supply chain management in transport and logistic company. Transport means 2015: proceedings of the 19th international scientific conference, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. ISSN 1822-296X. [3] Nedeliakova, E., Sekulova

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Conception of the Maritime Transport Safety in the Baltic Sea in 2009 to 2015

:// . [4] Hassler, B. (2010). Global regimes, regional adaptation; environmental safety in Baltic Sea oil transportation. Maritime Policy Management, 37, 489-503. [5] Haapasaari, P., Helle, I., Lehikoinen, A., Lappalainen, J. & Kuikka, S. (2015). A proactive approach for maritime safety policy making for the Gulf of Finland: Seeking best practices. Marine Policy, 60, 107-118. [6] International Maritime Organization (IMO). (2015). Vessel Traffic Services, from http

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Temperature Control for Regional Transport

References [1] UNECE. (2017). Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be Used for such Carriage (ATP), from . ISBN 978-92-1-139153-4. [2] Reports on official food control. (2017). from . [3] Manual, Food Metrology; Advising on the implementation of legislation on measuring instruments (in Slovak). (2017). [4] EUR-Lex. (2005). Commission Regulation (EC) No 37/2005 of 12 January 2005 on the

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Is the Nigerian Stock Market Efficient? Pre and Post 2007-2009 Meltdown Analysis

. 75. Osazevbaru, H.O., (2014), Measuring Nigerian stock market volatility, Singaporean Journal of Business Economics, and Management Studies, 2(8), pp. 1-14. 76. Osei, K.A., (2002), Asset pricing and information efficiency of the Ghana stock market, African Economic Research Consortium, Paper 115. 77. Prates, D.M. & Cintra, M.A.M., (2010), Africa and the global financial and economic crisis: Impacts, responses and opportunities, in S. Dullien, D.J. Kotte, A. Márquez & J. Priewe (Ed.), The financial and economic crisis of 2008-2009 and developing

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Consumer profile of Portuguese local food restaurants

References [1] Auty, S., (1992). Consumer choice and segmentation in the restaurant industry. The Service Industries Journal, 12(3), pp. 324-339 [2] Baloglu, S., McCleary, K., (1999). A model of destination image formation. Annals of Tourism Research, 26(4), pp. 868-897 [3] Chang, R. et al., (2010). Attributes that influence the evaluation of travel dining experience: when East meets West. Tourism Management, in press, pp. 1-10 [4] Clark, M., Wood, R., (1998). Consumer loyalty in the restaurant industry – a preliminary exploration oh the

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In Tourism Industry We Talk About Sustainable Development, But We Evaluate Profits and Growth

behavior”. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 18(2), pp. 157-174, doi: 10.1080/09669580903464232 FRIEDMAN, M. (1970), “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits”. The New York Times Magazine, available at: <> [accessed 14 October 2013] GEERTS, W. (2014), “Environmental certification schemes: Hotel managers’ views and perceptions”. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 39, pp. 87-96, doi: 10.1016/j.ijhm.2014.02.007 GLOGOVŠEK, J. (2008), Osnove

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