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Using Principle of Complementarity when Diagnosing Complex Logistic Activities by Applying Alternative Approach

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Application of Vegetation Similarity Measure to Assess Habitat Naturalness: A Description of Plant Stand Syngenesis as a Management Qualifier

2-CT-2002-20018 - comments to its application in the Czech Republic) with original contribution: A new descriptor of plant cover syngenesis - degree of naturalness as a management quilifier. Ekologie krajiny , Brno, 0(0): 75-90. Moravec, J. (1995). Rostlinná společenstva České republiky a jejich ohrožení. Red list of plant communities of the Czech Republic and their endangerment. Ed. 2. - Severočes. Přír., suppl. 1995: 1 - 206. Neuhäuslová, Z. (1998). Map of potential natural vegetation of the Czech Republic

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The right place. Solid waste management in the Republic of Maldives: between infrastructural measures and local practices

2005, ‘Wasting women: The environmental justice of including women in municipal waste management’, Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 427-444. Chambers, R 1994a, ‘Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA): Challenges, Potentials and Paradigm’, World Development, vol. 22, no. 10, pp. 1437-1454. Chambers, R 1994b, ‘The origins and practice of participatory rural appraisal’, World Development, vol. 22, no. 7, pp. 953-969. Colombo, A, Bettinetti, R, Strona, G, Cambria

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Developing a strategy for the protection of traditional agricultural landscapes based on a complex landscape-ecological evaluation (the case of a mountain landscape in Slovakia)

References ANDERSEN, E. et al. (2003): Developing a High Nature Value Farming area indicator. Report to the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen. ANTROP, M. (2005a): Why landscapes of the past are important for the future? Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol. 70, p. 21-34. ANTROP, M. (2005b): From holistic landscape synthesis to transdisciplinary landscape management. In: Tress,B., Tress, G., Fry, G., Opdam, P. [eds.]: From Landscape Research to Landscape Planning: Aspects of Integration, Education and

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Compliance with Ichthyofaunal Diversity Conservation Measures in Lake Lanao, Lanao Del Sur Province (Philippines)

REFERENCES 1. Abubakar S. M., 2015 – Conservation and Islam, . 2. Adan W. R., 2009 – Fisheries Policies and Management in Panguil Bay, Journal of Environment and Aquatic Resources , 1, 1, 32-42. 3. Capistrano R. C. G., 2010 – Indigenous peoples, their livelihoods and fishery rights in Canada and the Philippines, The UN-Nippon Foundation Fellowship Programme, Division for Ocean Affairs And The Law Of The Sea, The United Nations, New York, USA. 4. Dalabajan D., 2005 – Fixing the

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Measuring the Performance of Local Government Entities and Analysis of their Managers’ and Personnel’s Information Needs in the Context of New Public Management

Sharifi S., Bovaird T. (1995), The Financial Management Initiative in the UK Public Sector: The Symbolic Role of Performance Reporting , “International Journal of Public Administration”, Vol. 18, No. 2-3 Spiegelman J. (2001), A Performance that Doesn’t Measure Up, The Public Sector Informer , “The Australian Financial Review”, August Spychalski G. (1999), Zarys historii myśli ekonomicznej (An overview of economic thought) , Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Łódź Sztompka P. (1996), Looking Back: The Year 1989 as a Cultural and

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Teoretické východiská a praktické opatrenia na harmonizáciu záujmov lesného hospodárstva a poľovníctva na Slovensku / Theoretical bases and practical measures to harmonise the interests of forestry and game management in Slovakia


Strategic aims and priorities of forestry and game management in Slovakia are characterised. Using current knowledge in the field, common bases for both target sectors are introduced and possibilities for harmonisation of their interests are explained. Development of mutual relationship between forestry and game management is analysed and the causes of existing discrepancies are shown. The main reason of the discrepancies is unfavourable development of ungulate game population and high damage to forests stands caused by game browsing. The final part of the paper presents the recommendations for practical measures to be taken for reaching accordance between both sectors, eventually measures for achieving the primary goal to support all-society’s interests in this field. We base our suggestions on an assumption that both forestry and game management accept the proposed measures, or more precisely the measures will be implemented through mutual collaboration and integration.

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A Concept of Simulation-based SC Performance Analysis Using SCOR Metrics

References [1] Supply Chain Council, Inc., Supply Chain Operations Reference Model. Revision 11.0. Supply Chain Council, Inc., 2012. [2] F. Campuzano and J. Mula, Supply Chain Simulation: A System Dynamics Approach for Improving Performance. Springer, 2011. [3] L. D. Fredendall and E. Hill, Basics of Supply Chain Management, The St. Lucie Press and APICS Series on Resource Management, 2001. [4] J. Merkurjevs, J. Pečerska and J. Tolujevs, “Simulation-Based Analysis of Logistic Systems,” Humanities

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