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Multicriteria Decision-Making in Complex Quality Evaluation of Ladies Dress Material


Quality is the essence of any product for consumer satisfaction. However, different people have different perception of quality. Eventually the definition of quality varies from product to product and thus it is much more complex in textile clothing material evaluation. The end use application of a specific clothing material determines what should be the parameters of quality evaluation. Thus, the evaluation based on subjective assessment becomes unpredictable and unquantifiable. Quality for dress materials is not simply a physical parameter but something called as psycho-physical parameter. In recent times, many objective evaluation systems have been developed to evaluate the apparel grade textile materials with regard to their quality parameters. However, the evaluation does not involve enough statistical treatment of data so as to obtain a parametric weighted characterization of complex quality. The current work deals with parametric approach to complex quality evaluation based on multicriteria decision-making approach for ladies dress materials. The ladies dress materials are of numerous varieties and choices across the globe. The selection and marketing of these kinds of textile materials need to be given proper emphasis as it depends not only on physical parameters but also on climate, geography, ethnic group, market trend, age group, gender, and many such complex parameters, which are not quantifiable in absolute terms. In this study, woven fabrics used for ladies dress materials are collected from the market and they were evaluated for the consumer-oriented property parameters. A parametric approach is adopted to quantify the overall quality of these dress materials. Various objective techniques were used to evaluate the comfort and esthetic parameters. A complex quality index (CQI) was estimated with weighted combination of all the contributing parameters and total quality index was calculated. Selected consumers with different education level, age, and gender were interviewed to get a statistic of their opinion about quality parameters preferred by them. This complex quality index/degree of satisfaction shows very high correlation with subjective judgment. A CQI can be evaluated for each kind of clothing material looking into their applications.

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New Discrete Fibonacci Charge Pump Design, Evaluation and Measurement

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Data Management Techniques for Blade Vibration Analysis

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A Survey of Artificial Intelligence Techniques Employed for Adaptive Educational Systems within E-Learning Platforms

.), Adaptive Technologies for Training and Education (pp. 7-27). New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012. [18] S. Oxman, and W. Wong, White paper: Adaptive Learning Systems, A white paper from DVX/ De- Vry Education Group and Integrated Education Solutions, 2014. [19] I. Adaptive Learning,White paper based upon the Speak Up 2011 national findings, Leveraging Intelligent Adaptive Learning to Personalize Education, Intelligent Adaptive Learning: Speak Up Reports, 2012. [20] C. Martins, L. Faria, and E. Carrapatoso, An adaptive

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The Influence of Motor Skills on Measurement Accuracy

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A MLMVN with Arbitrary Complex-Valued Inputs and a Hybrid Testability Approach for the Extraction of Lumped Models Using FRA

.L.R.Mengko, and A.Hirose, Blood Vessel Segmentation in Complex-Valued Magnetic Resonance Images with Snake Active Contour Model, International Journal of EHealth and Medical Communications, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 41-52, Jan. 2010. [5] G. Avitabile, B. Chellini, G. Fedi, A. Luchetta and S. Manetti, A neural architecture for the parameter extraction of high frequency devices, in Proc. of IEEE Int. Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), Sidney, Australia, 2001, pp. 577-580. [6] V. Rashtchi, E. Rahimpour, and E. M. Rezapour, Using a genetic algorithm for parameter

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The Analysis of the Reliability and Factorial Validity in the Basic Characteristics of Isometric F-t curve of the Leg Extensors in Well Trained Serbian Males and Females

extensors in high trained serbian female volleyball players: characteristics of the isometric force-time curve model. Serbian Journal of Sports Sciences , 2 (4), 131-139. Ivanović, J. (2010). Isometric F-t characteristics of leg extensors in top level volleyball players in regard to different trained and untrained persons. Unpublished MSci thesis, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Serbia. Ivanović, J. (2010). Characteristics of indicators for evaluating leg extensors explosiveness in the

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Removal Of Copper From Aqueous Solutions By Using Natural And Fe-Modified Clinoptilolite

References: 1. RAO, G., LU, C., SU, F. 2007. Sorption of divalent metal ions from aqueous solution by carbon nanotubes: A review. Sep. Purif. Technol. , 58 (1), pp. 224–231. 2. DOULA, M. K.: Synthesis of a clinoptilolite-Fe system with high Cu sorption capacity. Chemosphere , 67 (4), pp. 731–40. 3. SVILOVIĆ, S., RUSIĆ, D., STIPISIĆ, R. 2009. Modeling batch kinetics of copper ions sorption using synthetic zeolite NaX. J. Hazard. Mater , 170 (2–3), pp. 941–7. 4. SCHWERTMANN, U., CORNELL, R. M. 1991. Iron Oxides in the Laboratory

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Low Complex Forward Adaptive Loss Compression Algorithm and Its Application in Speech Coding

Prediction Analysis of Speech Codec Corrected by Prestage Forward Volume Normalizer, Proc. International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies, ISCIT '07 Sydney, Australia, 17-19 Oct 2007, pp. 1556-1560. VASS, J.—ZHAO, Y.—ZHUANG, X.: Adaptive Forward-Backward Quantizer for Low Bit Rate High Quality Speech Coding, IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing 5 No. 6 (Nov 1997), 552-557. JOHNSON, M. H.—ALWAN, A.: Speech Coding: Fundamentals and Applications, Wiley Encyclopedia of Telecommunications

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