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The Application of Boolean Algebra in Modelling of Leakage Condition of a Car Hydraulic Braking System

References Bieniak H. (1999): Efficient Management Methods . - Ag. Ed. Placeta, Warsaw. Gubareni N. (2001): Logic for Students . - Częstochowa: University of Częstochowa. Kuratowski K. and Mostowski A. (1978): Set Theory . - Warsaw: PWN. Kuratowski K. (2004): Introduction to Set Theory and Topology . - Warsaw: PWN. Marek W. and Orzyszkiewicz J. (2003): Elements of Logic and Set Theory in Tasks. - Warsaw: PWN. Martyniak Z. (1996): Organization and

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Trace elements in arable Cambisols and Luvisols developed from boulder loam and fluvioglacial sands of the Skierniewicka Upland (central Poland)

formations of the Skierniewicka Upland. Roczniki Gleboznawcze – Soil Science Annual 30(2): 95–110. Konecka-Betley K., Czępińska-Kamińska D., 1985. Fossil organic sediments in Rogów forests as an index of site changes. Roczniki Gleboznawcze – Soil Science Annual 36(2): 131–141. Muńoz M., Wern H., Johnsson F., Bhattacharya P., 2013. Geogenic arsenic and other trace elements in the shallow hydrogeologic system of Southern Poopó Basin, Bolivian Altiplano. Journal of Hazardous Materials 262: 924–940. Pansu M., Gautheyrou J., 2006. Handbook of Soil Analysis

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Leaching of Contamination from Stabilization/Solidification Remediated Soils of Different Texture

.J., Hills, C.D., Jones, H.M., MacLeod, C.L., Tyrer, M. Review of scientific literature on the use of stabilisation / solidification for the treatment of contaminated soils, solid wastes and sludges. In: Environmental Agency, Science Report SC980003/SR2 . Environmental Agency, UK, 2004. 5. Cocke, D.L., Mollah, M.Y.A. The chemistry and leaching mechanisms of hazardous substances in cementitious solidification/stabilization systems. In: Spence, R.D. (Ed.), Chemistry of Microestructure Solidified Waste Forms. Lewis Publishers , U.S.A., 1993, pp. 187

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Coal Cleaning Versus the Reduction of Mercury and other Trace Elements’ Emissions from Coal Combustion Processes

, 203, 17. [9] EPA, U.S. (1998). Study of hazardous air pollutant emissions from electric utility steam generating units - Final Report to Congress. EPA-453/R-98-004a (February 1998) (Utility Air Toxics Study) Exec. Summ. At ES-4. [10] EPA’s roadmap for Mercure, (2006). EPA - HQ-OPPT-2005-0013, July 2006. [11] Finkelman, R.B., Stanton, R.W., Cecil, C.B. & Minkin, J.A. (1975). Modes of occurrence of selected trace elements in several Appalachian coals, American Chemical Society Preprints, Fuel Chemistry Division, 24, 1

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Long-term interaction of coal combustion by-product with water

://, Mudd, G. M. & Kodikara, J. (2000). Field studies of the leachability of aged brown coal ash, J. Hazardous Materials , 159-192. Querol, X. et al., (1996). Mobility of trace elements from coal and combustion wastes, Fuel , 75, No 7, 821-838. Querol, X., et al. (2001), Extraction of soluble major and trace elements

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Immobilization of Cadmium from Contaminated Sediment Using Cardboard Mill Sludge

of trace elements soluble in aqua regia. [16] Jain C.K. (2004). Metal fractionation study on bed sediments of River Yamuna, India , Water Research, 38 , 569-578. [17] Jamali M.K., T.G. Kazi, M.B. Arain, H.I. Afridi, N. Jalbani, G.A. Kandhro, A.Q. Shah, J.A. Baig. (2004). Speciation of heavy metals in untreated sewage sludge by using microwave assisted sequential extraction procedure , Journal of Hazardous Materials, 163 (2-3) , 1157-1164. [18] Martley E., B. Gulson, H. Louie, M. Wu, P. Di. (2004). Metal

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Arsenic Content in Arable Land of the Ząbkowice District

Arsenic compounds from industrial wastewater , Ochrona Środowiska, 28,4 (2006) 41-44. 5. Gumiński: Próba wydzielenia dzielnic rolniczo-klimatycznych w Polsce ., Przegl. Meteo. i Hydrol., 1948. 6. Kabata-Pendias A.: Biogeochemia pierwiastków śladowych, Wyd. Nauk. PWN, 1999. 7. Kabata-Pendias A.: Trace elements from soil to human , Geophysical Research Abstracts, 9 (2007) 11054. 8. Karczewska A., Kabała C.: The soils polluted with heavy metals and arsenic in Lover Silesia – the need and methods of reclamation , Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego we

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Fly ash as the component of composites materials

References 1. Gregerova, M. (2007). Technolithology, present and future prospect. Acta Geologica Universitatis Comenianae, 1 (1), 7. 2. Gregerova, M., Fojt, B. & Vavra, V. (2002). Microscopy of rock-forming and technical minerals. Moravian museum, Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Science , 325, [in Czech]. 3. Mason, B. & Berry, L.G. (1968). Elements of mineralogy. W. H. Freeman and Company, San Francisco, 550. 4. Dana, K., Das, S. & Kumar, D.S. (2004). Effect of substitution of fly

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Risk assessment of heavy metals in children’s playgrounds in the Rabka Zdrój health resort / Zagrożenie metalami ciężkimi na placach zabaw w uzdrowisku dziecięcym Rabka - Zdrój

thesis Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala. LJUNG K., OOMEN A., DUITS M., SELINUS O., BERGLUND M. 2007. Bioaccessibility of metals in urban playground soils. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A: Toxic/ Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering, vol. 42, 9, p. 1241-1250. MIKO M.S., MIKO S., HASAN O., MESIC S., BUKOVEC D. 2010. Sources of potentially toxic elements in playground soils of Zagreb (Croatia). In: SEGH Conference Schedule & Abstract, Galway, Ireland, p. 105. NIEĆ J

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Comparison of Hexavalent Chromium Leaching Levels of Zeoliteand Slag-based Concretes

References [1] Baker P. G. & Bishop P. L. (1997). Prediction of metal leaching rates from solidified/stabilized wastes using the shrinking unreacted core leaching procedure. Journal of Hazardous Materials.52, 311-333. DOI: 10.1016/S0304-3894(96)01814-6. [2] Douglas E. & Brandstetr J. (1990). A preliminary study on the alkali activation of ground granulated blast-furnace slag. Cement and Concrete Research. 20 (5), 746-756. DOI: 10.1016/0008-8846(90)90008-L. [3] Salman M., Cizer Ö., Pontikes Y., Snellings R., Vandewalle L., Blanpain B. & Balen K

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