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A new lithospheric model in the eastern part of the Western Carpatians: 2D integrated modelling

karpatsko-panónskeho regiónu v miocéne). Veda Bratislava, 202 p. Lachenbruch A. H., Morgan P., 1990: Continental extension, magmatism and elevation; formal relations and rules of thumb. Tectonophysics, 174, 39-62. Lemoine F. G., Kenyon S. C., Factor J. K., Trimmer R. G., Pavlis N. K., Chinn D. S., Cox C. M., Klosko S. M., Luthcke S. B., Torrence M. H., Wang Y. M., Williamson R. G., Pavlis E. C., Rapp R. H., Olson T. R., 1998: The development of the Joint NASA GSFC and NIMA geopotential model EGM96. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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Impact of the Atmospheric Drag on Starlette, Stella, Ajisai, and Lares Orbits

earth parameters using SLR data for the low satellites STARLETTE and STELLA, Acta Geophysica Vol. 60, No. 4, DOI 10.2478/s11600-012-0045-5. Seeber G. (2003) Satellite Geodesy, 2nd edn. de Gruyter. Sośnica K., Thaller D., Jäggi A., Dach R., Beutler G. (2012) Sensitivity of Lageos Orbits to Global Gravity Field Models, Artificial Satelllites Vol. 47, No. 2, 47-65, DOI 10.2478/v10018-012-0013-y. Sośnica K., Thaller D., Dach R., Jäggi A., Beutler G. (2013) Impact of loading displacements on SLR-derived parameters and on the consistency between GNSS and SLR results

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Spatially Restricted Integrals in Gradiometric Boundary Value Problems

) Orthogonal Functions Over the Oceans and Applications to the Determination of Orbit Error, Geoid and Sea Surface Topography from Satellite Altimetry , PhD dissertation, JPL 958121, OSURF 720426, 229 pp, Dec, 1991. Ilk K.H. (1983) Ein Beitrag zur Dynamik ausgedehnter Körper-Gravitationswechselwirkung. Deutsche Geodätische Kommission, Reihe C, Heft Nr. 288, München. Kim M.C. and Tapley B. (2000) Formation of surface spherical harmonic normal matrices and application to high-degree geopotential modeling, Journal of

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Computation of precise geoid model of Auvergne using current UNB Stokes-Helmert’s approach

. Berry PAM, 1999: Global digital elevation models – fact or fiction? Astron. Geophys., 40 , 3.10–3.13, doi: 10.1093/astrog/ Berry P. A. M., Smith R. G., Benveniste J., 2010: ACE2: The new global digital elevation model. In: Gravity, Geoid and Earth Observation. IAG Symposia 135, Mertikas S. P. (ed), Springer, Berlin: 231–237. doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-10634-7-30. Bodelle et al., 1980: Carte géologique de la France et de la marge continentale, 1:1500 000, 1978–1979. Denker S., 2004: Evaluation of SRTM3 and GTOPO30 terrain data in Germany. In

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Geometric correction of APEX hyperspectral data

, J, Bourke, T & Scherzinger, B 2007, ‛New developments of inertial navigation systems at Applanix’, Proceedings of Photogrammetric Week, pp. 201-213. LeapSeconds, 2015. Available from: <>. [28 January 2016]. Lemoine, FG, Kenyon, SC, Factor, JK, Trimmer, RG, Pavlis NK, Chinn, DS, Cox, CM, Klosko, SM, Luthcke, SB, Torrence, MH, Wang, YM, Williamson, RG, Pavlis, EC, Rapp, RH & Olson, TR 1998, The development of joint NASA GFSC and NIMA geopotential model EGM96, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland, USA

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Preliminary Unification of Kronsztadt86 Local Vertical Datum with Global Vertical Datum

). Estimating Canadian vertical datum offsets using GNSS/ levelling benchmark information and GOCE global geopotential models. Journal of Geodetic Science 2 (4). doi: 10.2478/ v10156-012-0008-4. Heiskanen, W. A. & Moritz, H. (1967). Physical Geodesy. San Francisco, California: W. H. Freeman and Company. Hoa, H. M. (2013). Estimating the geopotential value W 0 of the local geoid based on data from local and global normal heights of GPS/ leveling points in Vietnam. Geodesy and Cartography (Lithuania) 01/2013, 39 (3). doi: 10.3846/20296991.2013.823705. IGWiAG (2000

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Theoretical and Applied Research in the Field of Higher Geodesy Conducted in Rzeszow

). Mathematical models for the combination of terrestrial and satellite Networks. The Canadian Surveyor, 28(5). Kryński J., Kloch-Główka G., (2009). Evaluation of the Performance of the New EGM2008 Global Geopotential Model over Poland. Geoinformation Issues, Vol. 1, No 1, 7-1 7/2009 Liwosz T. , Rogowski J., Kruczyk M., Rajner M., Kurka W.(2012). Wyrównanie kontrolne obserwacji satelitarnych GNSS wykonanych na punktach ASG-EUPOS, EUREF-POL, EUVN, POLREF i osnowy I klasy wraz z ocena wyników. Katedra Geodezji i Astronomii Geodezyjnej Wydział

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