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Daniela Popescul and Mircea Georgescu

:// : Madakam, S. (2015, August). Internet of Things: Smart Things. International Journal of Future Computer and Communication, 4(4), 250-253. (2017). Wearable Technology Market by Product (Wristwear, Headwear/Eyewear, Footwear, Neckwear, Bodywear), Type (Smart Textile, Non-Textile), Application (Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Enterprise & Industrial), and Geography - Global Forecast to 2022. Mittelstadt, B. (2017, July 04). Ethics of the health-related internet of things: a narrative review

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Xi Wang, Shen Zhang and Weijie Fu

Introduction During two-footed landings from vertical jumps, the peak magnitude of vertical reaction forces has been found to range from 3.5 to 6 times BW ( Gross and Nelson, 1988 ). Previous investigations reported a close relationship between the great shock in strenuous landings and lower-limb injuries, that is, repetitive excessive loading can induce acute injuries ( Beynnon et al., 2005 ; McNitt-Gray, 1993 ) and overuse damages ( Agel et al., 2007 ; Borowski et al., 2008 ). Thus, to prevent sports injuries in athletic activities, footwear

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Zuobing Xiao, Yu Zhang, Guangyong Zhu, Yunwei Niu, Ziqi Xu and Jiancai Zhu

References 1. Xiao, Z., Liu, W., Zhu, G., Zhou, R. & Niu, Y. (2014). A review of the preparation and application of fl avour and essential oils microcapsules based on complex coacervation technology. J. Sci. Food Agric. 94, 1482-1494. DOI: 10.1002/ jsfa.6491. 2. Behzadnasab, M., Esfandeh, M., Mirabedini, S.M., Zohuriaan-Mehr, M.J. & Farnood, R.R. (2014). Preparation and characterization of linseed oil-fi lled urea-formaldehyde microcapsules and their effect on mechanical properties of an epoxy-based coating. Colloid. Surf. A

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Marta Götz, Barbara Jankowska and Cezary Główka

References Andersson, T. (2004), Linking National Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies with FDI policies, IKED. Audia, P.G., Sorenson, O. (2000), The social structure of entrepreneurial activity: Geographic concentration of footwear production in the United States 1940-1989, American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 106, No. 2, pp. 424-462. Audretsch, D. (2000), Knowledge, globalization and Regions: An Economist’s Perspective, in: J. Dunning (ed.), Regions, Globalization, and the Knowledge‑Based Economy

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Ioan Valentin Moise, Mihaela Ene, Constantin Daniel Negut, Mihalis Cutrubinis and Maria Mihaela Manea

gamma irradiation and ageing. Restaur.-Int. J. Preserv. Libr. Arch. Mater. , 24 , 145–151. DOI: 10.1515/REST.2003.145. 6. Adamo, M., & Magaudda, G. (2003). Susceptibility of printed paper to attack of chewing insects after gamma irradiation and ageing. Restaur.-Int. J. Preserv. Libr. Arch. Mater. , 24 , 95–105. DOI: 10.1515/REST.2003.95. 7. Adamo, M., Magaudda, G., & Tata, A. (2004). Radiation technology for cultural heritage restoration. Restaur.-Int. J. Preserv. Libr. Arch. Mater. , 25 , 159–170. 8. Adamo, M., Magaudda, G., & Rochetti, F

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Jerzy Rottermund, Andrzej Knapik, Aneta Warmuz- Wancisiewicz and Mariola Saulicz

References 1. Arnadottir SA, Mercer VS Effects of footwear on measurements of balance and gait in women between the ages of 65 and 93 years. Phys Ther, 2000; 51: 306-313 2. Bromboszcz J, Dendura M. Miejsce aktywności fizycznej w programie rehabilitacji kardiologicznej. J. Bromboszcz, P. Dylewicz (red.), Rehabilitacja kardiologiczna, ELIPSA-JAIM, Kraków, 2009; wyd. III: 41-58 3. Campbell A, Borrie M, Spears G. Risk factors for falls in a community-based prospective study of people 70 years and older. J. Gerontol

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Susana Costa e Silva, Adriana Monteiro and Paulo Duarte

shopping: The role of travel experience. International Journal of Tourism Research, 14(1), 56–70. Josefinas (2016) Retrieved October 12, 2016, from Kalakota, R., Whinston, A. B. (1997) Electronic commerce: a manager’s guide. Addison-Wesley Professional. Koufaris, M. (2002) Applying the technology acceptance model and flow theory to online customer behavior. Information Systems Research, 13, 205–223. Kulmala, M, Mesiranta, N., Tuominen, P. (2013) Organic and amplified eWOM in consumer fashion blogs. Journal of Fashion

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Anna Maria Lis and Adrian Lis

Gruyter. Feser, E.J. (1998) Old and New Theories of Industry Clusters [in:] Steiner, M. (ed.), Clusters and Regional Specialisation : On Geography, Technology and Networks, London: Pion. Fombrun, C., & Van Riel, C.B.M. (1997) The reputational landscape. Corporate Reputation Review , vol. 1, no. 1–2, pp. 5–13. Gorynia, M., & Jankowska, B. (2008) Klastry a międzynarodowa konkurencyjność i internacjonalizacja przedsiębiorstw . Warszawa: Difin. Grunig, J.E. (1993) Image and substance: from symbolic to behavioural relationships. Public

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Kristóf Gyódi, Maciej Sobolewski and Michał Ziembiński

technique used to analyse the price dynamics, for example, by Cavallo (2015) . The novelty of our approach lies in using data from price comparison services instead of working with great number of individual sites which often use incompatible web technologies. In this way, we are able to collect tons of individual price signals from virtually all shops selling a particular item in each country. With such a large and diversified data, we can measure price dispersion in a robust way and make frequent updates at relatively low cost. With respect to the pattern of observed

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Jan Hagemejer and Mahdi Ghodsi

1 Introduction and motivation The ongoing trade liberalization and the resulting lowering of tariff and other trade barriers together with harmonization of regulations by international agreements and mega trade deals have facilitated flows of goods and services more than before. Decades of technological advances with the emerging role of information and telecommunication services and popularization of container shipping technology have lowered the traditional high transaction costs doing business (see eg. Hummels 2007 ). Substantially lower transport costs