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Quality Assurance in Psychiatric Occupational Therapy by Treatment Manuals: Patients’ Perceptions of Resistance- and Regeneration-specific Occupational Therapy

treatment manuals and methods for quality assurance in occupational therapy, to allow therapists to follow evidence-based procedures. We chose two different treatment modes, resistance- and regeneration-oriented treatments. These are standard procedures in occupational therapy for patients with mental disorders. In the resistance-oriented treatment, patients are supported to learn how to overcome difficulties and hardiness by learning endurance and resilience. In the regeneration-oriented treatment, the goal is to help patients recover and get back their strengths

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Validation of Bangla parenting style and dimension questionnaire

Introduction There has been a plethora of studies conducted on different aspects of parenting and how it affects children. Parenting style refers to a general child-rearing pattern that characterizes parents’ behaviors toward their child(ren) ( Deslandes et al. 1997 ). It is the global construct that reflects the overall emotional tone of parent–child relationship ( Chao 2001 ). Diana Baumrind identified as well as defined three different parenting styles, namely, authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive parenting style ( Baumrind 1971 ). In addition

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Dinesh Bhugra: a personal history of Psychiatry

similarities and their role in genesis and maintenance of psychiatric disorders. When I moved to the Maudsley for my higher training, I chose to do a Masters in Sociology of Health and Illness and then a Masters in Social Anthropology. Clinical training Although there was an expectation from the Royal College of Psychiatrists that all trainees receive an hour’s weekly supervision, this did not always happen; however, all consultants with whom I had the privilege to work for were excellent in their support to the trainees, and an apprenticeship model worked extremely

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