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Urbanization and species occupancy frequency distribution patterns in core zone areas of European towns

for urban ecology. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 21, 660–661. Clergeau, P., Jokimäki, J. & Savard, J.P. (2001) Are urban bird communities influenced by the bird diversity of adjacent landscapes? Journal of Applied Ecology, 38, 1122–1134. Collins, S.L. & Glenn, S.M. (1991) Importance of spatial and temporal dynamics in species regional abundance and distribution. Ecology, 72, 654–664. Collins, S. & Glenn, S.M. (1997) Effects of organismal and distance scaling on analysis of species distribution and abundance. Ecological Applications, 7, 543–551. Conole, L

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Congruence between breeding and wintering biodiversity hotspots: A case study in farmlands of Western Poland

dynamics of a wintering bird community in an agricultural area of western Poland. Acta Ornithol. 30, 153–160. Tryjanowski, P., Morelli, F., 2015. Presence of Cuckoo reliably indicates high bird diversity: A case study in a farmland area. Ecol. Indic. 55, 52–58. doi:10.1016/j.ecolind.2015.03.012 Tscharntke, T., Sekercioglu, C.H., Dietsch, T. V., Sodhi, N.S., Hoehn, P., Tylianakis, J.M., 2008. Landscape constraints on functional diversity of birds and insects in tropical agroecosystems. Ecology 89, 944–951. doi:10.1890/07-0455.1 Tuvi, E.-L., Vellak, A

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Trends of phanerophyte encroacher species along an aridity gradient on Kalahari sands, central Namibia

.L., 2012. Woody encroachment decreases diversity across North American grasslands and savannas. Ecology, 93 (4), 697-703. Raunkiaer, C., 1934. The life forms of plants and statistical plant geography; being the collected papers of C. Raunkiaer. The life forms of plants and statistical plant geography; being the collected papers of C. Raunkiaer. Roques, K.G., O’connor, T.G., and Watkinson, A.R., 2001. Dynamics of shrub encroachment in an African savanna: relative influences of fire, herbivory, rainfall and density dependence. Journal of

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Some Ecological and Human Lessons of Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2. Advances in Space Research 42, 1951-1956. Dempster, W.F. (1994) Water Systems of Biosphere 2, presented at the International Conference on Life Support and Biospherics at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, 1992. Published Oracle, AZ: Space Biospheres Ventures. Dempster, W.F. (1993) Biosphere 2: System Dynamics and Observations During the Initial Two-Year Closure Trial. Society of Automotive Engineers Technical Paper No. 932290, Society of Automotive Engineers 23rd International Conference on Environmental Systems, Colorado

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Guided by the light: Roost choice and behaviour of urban Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus)

urban gradient: surrogate taxa for assessing biodiversity. Ecological Application, 9, 164–170. Box, F. (2001) Possums, parrots and pests: the dynamics of hollow places. Wildlife Australia Magazine, 39, 36–39. Brisbane City Council (2012) Brisbane’s Trees, Retrieved April 18, 2011, . Calf, K., Adams, N. & Slotow, R. (2002) Dominance and huddling behaviour in bronze manikin Lonchura cucullate flocks. Ibis, 144, 488–493. Catterall, C.P., Cousin, J.A., Piper, S. & Johnson, G. (2010) Long-term dynamics of bird

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Biologically informed ecological niche models for an example pelagic, highly mobile species

accessible area in ecological niche modeling and species distribution modeling. Ecological Modelling, 222, 1810-1819. Beck, J., Ballesteros-Mejia, L., Nagel, P. & Kitching, I.J. (2013) Online solutions and the ‘Wallacean shortfall’: what does GBIF contribute to our knowledge of species’ ranges? Diversity and Distributions, 19, 1043-1050. Beck, J., Boller, M., Erhardt, A. & Schwanghart, W. (2014) Spatial bias in the GBIF database and its effect on modeling species’ geographic distributions. Ecological Informatics, 19, 10

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Mechanistic and Correlative Models of Ecological Niches

separation of two Ulex species at three spatial scales: Does competition limit species’ ranges? Ecography, 23, 257-271. Cabral, J.S. & Schurr, F.M. (2010) Estimating demographic models for the range dynamics of plant species. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 19, 85-97. Chase, J.M. & Leibold, M.A. (2003) Ecological Niches: Linking Classical and Contemporary Approaches. University of Chicago Press, Chicago. Colwell, R.K. & Rangel, T.F. (2009) Hutchinson’s duality: The once and future niche. Proceedings of the National Academy

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Global analysis of threat status reveals higher extinction risk in tropical than in temperate bird sister species

Academy of Sciences of The United States of America, 104, 13384-13389. Janssen, R. & Rutz, D. (2011) Bioenergy for sustainable development in Africa. New York: Springer. Janzen, D.H. (1967) Why mountain passes are higher in the tropics? American Naturalist, 101, 233-249. Jenkins, C.N., Pimm, S.L. & Joppa, L.N. (2013) Global patterns of terrestrial vertebrate diversity and conservation. Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences of The United States of America, 110, E2602-E2610. Jiguet, F., Gadot, A.S., Julliard, R., Newson, S.E. & Couvet, D

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New records of invasive Parakeet hybrids in Spain. A great opportunity to apply the rapid response mechanism

References Abellán, P., Carrete, M., Anadón, J.D., Cardador, L. & Tella, J.L. (2015) Non‐random patterns and temporal trends (1912–2012) in the transport, introduction and establishment of exotic birds in Spain and Portugal. Diversity and Distributions, 22, 263–273 Ancillotto, L., Strubbe, D., Menchetti, M. & Mori, E. (2016) An overlooked invader? Ecological niche, invasion success and range dynamics of the Alexandrine parakeet in the invaded range. Biological Invasions, 18, 583–595 Arndt, T. & Pittman, A.J. (1996) Lexicon of Parrots. Arndt

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Tardigrades as potential bioindicators in biological wastewater treatment plants

References Barrett, G. & Kimmel, R. (1971–1972) Effects of DDT on the density and diversity of tardigrades. Proc. Iowa Acad. Sci., 78, 41–42. Caron, D.A., Davis, P.G., Madlin, L.P. & Sieburth J.M. (1982) Heterotrophic bacteria and bacterivorous protozoa in oceanic macro-aggregates. Science, 218, 795–797. Chen, S., Xu, M., Cao, H., Zhu, J., Zhou, K., Xu, J., et al. (2004) The activated-sludge fauna and performance of five sewage treatment plants in Beijing, China. Eur. J. Protistol., 40, 147–152. Clegg, J.S. (1973) Do dried cryptobiotes

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