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The Impact of Sport on the Overall Standard of Satisfaction of Students with Physical Disabilities

types and subjective well being. Social Behavior and Personality: An International Journal. 32: 173‐182. 13. Þotvarðardóttir, E., 2014. Adolescents with Physical Disabilities and Their Wellbeing and Peer Relationships Within Secondary Schools in Iceland

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Disability-Related Injuries in Athletes with Disabilities

experience of the competitive athlete with a disability: prevention implications. Med Sci Sports Exerc 1992;24:184-8. Ferrara MS, Buckley WE. Athletes with disabilities registry. Adapt Phys Activity Quarerly 1996;13:50-60. Davis RW, Ferrara MS. Sports medicine and athletes with disabilities. In: DePauw KP, Gavron SJ, eds. Disability and sport. Champaign (IL): Human Kinetics Publishers; 1995, pp 133-49. Nyland J, Snouse SL, Anderson M, et al. Soft tissue injuries to USA paralympians at the 1996

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Disabled People in Play.Toward an Existential and Differential Phenomenology of Moving with Dis-Ease

References Ahler, M. (2013). Lars Legemester & Handileg /Lars master of the game and play with disabled people/. Odense, Denmark: Center for Handicap og Bevægelsesfremme. Aggerholm, K., & Jespersen, E. (2013, September 6). Life on Mount Obstacle: Dis-ease of existence as condition and possibility. Paper presented at the 41st Annual Conference of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport (IAPS), Fullerton, California. Bakhtin, M. (1968). Rabelais and his world. Cambridge, MA: MIT

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Conditions for preparations for the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games in the opinion of the Polish national team

References Burkett B. J., R. B. Mellifont (2008) Sport science and coaching in Paralympic cycling. Int. J. Sports Sci. Coach. 3:95-103. Coaching Association of Canada (2005) Stages coaches may go through when working for the first time with an athlete with a disability. In: Coaching Athletes with a Disability. Investors Group, Canada, pp. 4-6. DePauw K. P., S. J. Gavron (2005) Disability Sport. Human Kinetics Publishers, Champaign IL. Hanrahan S. (2005

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Neuromuscular Control During the Bench Press Movement in an Elite Disabled and Able-Bodied Athlete

people with locomotor system dysfunctions, equalizing their occupational and sporting opportunities with these of the healthy population ( DeJong et al., 1991 ). Recently the disabled population has attracted much attention of researchers from different fields of science ( Franceschini et al., 2012 ). The locomotor disability leads to a number of posttraumatic problems, both early and delayed, which stimulate the search for new methods of improving the life of disabled subjects. Sport and physical activity are widely accepted as necessary components of health. One of

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Challenge of Sport Towards Social Inclusion and Awareness-Raising Against Any Discrimination

References B Almeida, J. (2011). O Capital Social. Lisboa: INCM. Arnold, P.J. (1998). Sport, Ethics and Education (2). London: Cassel. Bourdieu, P. (1979). La Distinction Critique Sociale du Jugement. Paris: Les Éditions de Minuit. Bourdieu, P. (1980). Le capital social: notes provisoires. Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales, 31, 2-3. Bourdieu, P. (1985). The forms of capital. In J.G. Richardson (org.), Handbook of Theory and Research for the Sociology of Education (pp. 241

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Psychological Bases of the Foreign-Language Education of Seniors (Not Only) with Health Disability


According to international documents, older people have a right to carry out and fully develop their abilities, skills and competences, as well as to have a dignified place and position in the society. Seniors with a certain kind of health disability have the same right as well. Due to this reason, it is indispensable and necessary to create suitable conditions for disabled seniors and to provide them a place for their personal development and self-fulfilment oriented on their fully valuable life in spite of their health disadvantage. The foreign-language education can be considered to be one of the possibilities of the self-fulfilment of seniors (not only) with health disability. Learning of a foreign language is an immanent part of education, however, it is necessary to keep certain specific features in the foreign-language education of this target group. This subject study is aimed on the analysis of psychological bases and chosen specific features of foreign-language education of seniors (not only) with health disability. It mentions chosen psycho-didactic aspects of the education of seniors (not only) with health disability. The study is an output of the authors from solving the research project of Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Academy of Sciences n.1/0176/15 called Paradigms in education of adults and seniors with disability in the residential care.

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Global Initiative of the Special Olympics Movement for People with Intellectual Disabilities

, 2008; 52(Pt 6): 520-528 Janusiewicz-Kunder M, Strzałkowska M, Krogulec M. Organization of Special Olympics sport competitions. Warszawa, training materials of the Special Olympics Poland; 1999 Marchewka A. Special Olympics and sport and recreation activities as a measure for adaptation and social integration of people with more profound intellectual disability In: Sport in rehabilitation of disabilities. Red. J. Ślężyński. PSON, Kraków; 1999 Marchewka A. Special Olympics as a measure affecting motor abilities of people

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The Involvement of Budapest Residents with Visual Impairments in Leisure Sports: Barriers and Facilitators

Hungary /, (pp. 74-141). Budapest: MST-MSTT. Dolbow, D.R., & Figoni, S.F. (2015). Accommodation of wheelchair-reliant individuals by community fitness facilities. Spinal cord. Retrieved August 20, 2015, from Földesiné, Sz.Gy. (1997). Proklamáció a fogyatékosok sportjáért /Proclamation for disability sports/. Testnevelés és sporttudomány / Physical education and sports science /, 2, 9-16. Földesiné, Sz.Gy., Gál, A., & Dóczi, T. (2009). Sportszociológia / Sociology of sport /. Budapest: TF

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Characteristics of Physical Training of Persons with Visual Impairment - From Instruction and Workout to Training and Competition

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Aleksandra Grbovic and Bojan Jorgic “Motor abilities of children with different levels of visual acuity”, Facta Universitatis, Series: Physical Education and Sport , 15 (1) (2017): 175-184. 2. Deborah Chen, ed. Essential elements in early intervention . Visual impairment and multiple disabilities, New York (NY): AFB Press, 2014 3. Goran Kasum: Sports of disabled persons . Belgrade: Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, 2015 4. Jeanette Kallstrand-Eriksson, Amir Baigi, Nina Buer, Cathrine Hilding “Perceived vision

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