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Influence of Goal Contents on Exercise Addiction: Analysing the Mediating Effect of Passion for Exercise

goals are those where the activity is directed at developing personal potential, values and interests. Extrinsic goals, on the other hand, reflect a desire to achieve benchmarks with external value such as gaining social recognition, giving a good image or having financial success ( Kasser and Ryan, 1993 , 1996 ). As such, extrinsic values do not come from oneself but from a type of external pressure accorded to which the behaviour is adopted. Research has showed that the kind of goals pursued could lead to different consequences not only in life in general, but also

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Modelling and Predicting Backstroke Start Performance Using Non-Linear And Linear Models

shorter distances to assess start performance better, which minimises the confounding effects of swimmers’ abilities during the glide and underwater swimming ( Fischer and Kibele, 2016 ; Garcia-Ramos et al., 2015 ). Since short distance swimming events can be decided by margins as small as .01 s, an effective start is essential ( de Jesus et al., 2014 ), forcing coaches and competitors to search for and use newer and sometimes innovative solutions in the training process ( Wiktorowicz et al., 2015 ). The application of predictive models has been a supporting solution

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The El Dorado of Handball? Foreign Female Players Stay, while Domestic Players Return from Abroad

Introduction Globalization and human migration are evident in many areas, among them sports. Migration is present in all countries around the world ( Eliasson, 2009 ; Maguire and Pearton, 2000 ). These countries can be the cause of emigration or immigration, or simply a travel destination, but most often, it is all three. Migration is a way for people to search for better living conditions. There is a distinction between internal migration, when people move within a country, and international migration, when people move between countries. If we overlook

A Multidisciplinary Investigation of the Effects of Competitive State Anxiety on Serve Kinematics in Table Tennis

assessed (i.e. mean ball velocity, movement time, arm velocity at contact and peak arm velocity) between the conditions. The authors did not provide a possible explanation for their results; however, their experiment was based on a small sample size because kinematic measures were taken only in the first trial of each condition. This method was the first to assess movement behaviour under pressure using three-dimensional kinematic analysis. The use of three-dimensional analyses of sports movement has been well-supported, primarily, because it can measure rotational and

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Sloppy, But Acceptable, Control of Biological Movement: Algorithm-Based Stabilization of Subspaces in Abundant Spaces

of the null-space and small noise typical of the orthogonal subspace in a stationary regime. Discussion The Stability Search Algorithm and Motor Control Hypotheses The most important axiom in our approach is the assumption of task-specific coordinate systems organized to allow effective local control. A particular implementation has been introduced as the ”act on the most nimble” (AMN) rule. We have shown that this method can solve problems better than control with random matrices, but loses efficacy with an increase in the task dimensionality, not so much

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Motivational Climate Sport Youth Scale: Measurement Invariance Across Gender and Five Different Sports

variations in behavioural investment, performance, psychological well-being, and affective responses in achievement contexts requires studying the criteria that individuals employ to judge competence and success. The AGT focuses on both individual achievement goals and the social context or goal structures that form such individual goals ( Ames, 1992 ). Grounded in the AGT, two main climates have been identified that reflect the work of Ames and Nicholls. A task-involving climate is perceived when team members are directed towards selfimprovement, the coach or parent

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Balance Training Programs in Athletes – A Systematic Review

described in detail. We made an exception for the four papers (PEDro 3) because of the better quality description of training protocols. The reviewers conducted the literature review independently, based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. In total, 50 studies met the inclusion criteria for review ( Figure 1 ). Figure 1 A flowchart illustrating the different phases of the search and study selection Balance training Training methods No general agreement may be found in the literature regarding which terms should be used to summarize training

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The influence of scoring targets and outer-floaters on attacking and defending team dispersion, shape and creation of space during small-sided soccer games

SSGs played on larger pitches. Thus, by manipulating field dimensions, practitioners can create favourable or unfavourable conditions for attacking and defending ( Silva et al., 2014a , 2014b ; Vilar et al., 2014 ). Silva et al. (2014b) , for instance, showed that players were further apart from their direct opponents when they played in fields of larger dimensions. The shape of the teams may also change according to the specific constraints acting on the players. Folgado et al. (2014) also showed that teams varied their shape during SSGs according to age and

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Rethinking Monolithic Pathways to Success and Talent Identification: The Case of the Women's Japanese Volleyball Team and Why Height is Not Everything

assisted Japan in obtaining regular elite-level performances despite the lack of elite-level height. Such knowledge might aid in outlining alternate models for TIDS. Therefore, the purpose of the present study was to analyse the Japanese National Women’s Volleyball Team and to identify items differentiating it from the other teams. Potentially, identified factors will assist in establishing new avenues for TIDS in volleyball. Furthermore, this might inform TIDS in general, illustrating that several paths are possible to achieve elite performance. Methods

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The Impact of Nonlinear Pedagogy on Decision-Making and Execution in Youth Soccer Players According to Game Actions

passive defenders who become increasingly more active as learning increases, and passing to team-mates when opportunities arise) ( Chow et al., 2009 ). The teaching-learning process under the NLP perspective is focused on the manipulation of relevant conditions (player, task and environment) in order to amplify the sources of information that can be used to guide students toward their objectives ( Passos et al., 2008 ), and ultimately promote a search for solutions for themselves. Specifically, in soccer, which is a sport of open motor skills, the game conditions

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