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Caterina Egenhöfer

-1992, edited by Matthew C. Bown and Brandon Taylor. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1993, pp. 73-85 Hung, Chang-Tai. “Oil Paintings and Politics: Weaving a Heroic Tale of the Chinese Communist Revolution.” In Comparative Studies in Society and History, 49, 2007, pp. 783-814 Jowett, Philip. The Chinese Army 1937-49: World War II and Civil War. Oxford: Osprey Publishing, 2005 Landsberger, Stefan. “Book Reviews - Art and China’s Revolution.” In The China Quarterly, 200, 2009, pp. 1039-1121 Lǐ, Wén. “Lìshi

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Andrzej Rozwadowski

Archaeological Bulletin 61: 105-114. Lewis-Williams, James David, and Sam Challis. 2011. Deciphering Ancient Minds: The Mystery of San Bushmen Rock Art. London: Thames and Hudson. Lewis-Williams, James David, and Thomas A. Dowson. 1988. “The Signs of All Times. Entoptic Phenomena in Upper Paleolithic Art.” Current Anthropology 29(2): 201-245. _____. 1989. Images of Power. Understanding Bushman Rock Art. Johannesburg: Southern Book Publishers. _____. 1990. “Through the Veil: San Rock Paintings and the Rock Face

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Munteanu Marius, Ion Sandu, Ioana Huțanu and Liliana Nica

. Daniilia, D. Bikiaris, L. Burgio, P. Gavala, R.J.H. Clark, Y. Chryssoulakis, An extensive non-destructive and micro-spectroscopic study of two post- Byzantineoverpainted icons of the 16th century, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 33, (10), 2002, pp. 807-814. J. Gancarczyk, Decision Tree Based Approach to Craquelure Identification in Old Paintings, Image Processing and Communications Challenges 4, Book Series: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Volume: 184, 2013, pp. 11-17.2013, pp. 733-743. M. Munteanu, I. Sandu, V. Vasilache, A

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Krzysztof Szwajgier

. 1], exhibition catalogue. Warsaw: Galeria Wspołczesna. Krauze, Z. (1970). Kompozycja przestrzenno-muzyczna Nr 2 [Spatial Music No. 2], exhibition catalogue. Warsaw: Galeria Wspołczesna. Krauze, Z. (1970). Fortepian, pianista, kompozytor, publiczność [The Piano, the Pianist, the Composer and the Audience], Ruch Muzyczny. No. 17, pp. 14-15. Krauze, Z. (1970). Piece for Orchestra No. 1, a commentary printed in the programme book of the “Warsaw Autumn” International Festival of Contemporary Music, pp. 13-14 (French

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Teet Teinemaa

That Never Was’. – Boundary 2 43, 2, 1–25. Hayles, Katherine 2001. ‘What Cybertext Theory Can’t Do’. – Electronic Book Review . (17 October 2016). Ilves, Kaie 2016. ‘Olev Remsu pani 20 aasta märkmed kaante vahele’. – Lääne Elu , 10 September. Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim 1887. Laocoon: An Essay upon the Limits of Painting and Poetry . Trans. Ellen Frothingham. Boston: Roberts Brothers. Lotman, Juri 2004. Filmisemiootika . Trans. Elen Lotman. Tallinn: Varrak

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Paula Anca Farca

References Castellitto, George. “Imagism and Martin Scorsese: Images Suspended and Extended.” Literature Film Quarterly 26 (1998): 23-30. Print. Hadley, Kathy Miller. “Ironic Structure and Untold Stories in The Age of Innocence.” Studies in the Novel 2 (1991): 262-72. Print. Lacan, Jacques. The Psychoses 1955-1956: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan Book III. Ed. Jacques-Alain Miller. Trans. Russell Grigg. New York: Norton, 1993. Print. - - -. Écrits: A Selection. Trans. Bruce Fink. New York: Norton

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Estella Antoaneta Ciobanu

References Ahmed, Sara. “A Phenomenology of Whiteness.” Feminist Theory 8.2 (2007): 149-68. Allen, Judith. Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Language. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2010. Berger, Harry, Jr. Caterpillage: Reflections on Seventeenth-Century Dutch Still Life Painting. New York: Fordham UP, 2011. Bordo, Susan. “Feminist Skepticism and the ‘Maleness’ of Philosophy.” Journal of Philosophy 85.11 (1988): 619-29. Bradshaw, David. “The Socio-Political Vision of the Novels

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Randall K. Van Schepen

Day is Long,” Art in America , 1 January 2002, vol. 90, no. 1: 66-75, , retrieved on 10 July 2017. Storr, R. 2003. Gerhard Richter, Doubt and Belief in Painting , New York: Museum of Modern Art. Thorn-Prikker, J. 2004. “A Picture is Worth 216 Newspaper Articles,” New York Times , Art and Leisure section, July 4, 2004; accessed via NYT online database. Thorn-Prikker, J. 2004(a). “War Cut – A dark mirror: An artist’s book by Gerhard Richter”, Kulturjournal

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Marje Ermel

REFERENCES Advaita Candra Dasa, Danakeli Dasi, Dharmasetu Dasa, Mahamaya Dasi, Pyari Mohana Dasa and Srutadeva Dasa. 2011. Chanting Hare Krishna: The Art of Mystic Meditation, Kirtan, and Bhakti Yoga. Compiled from the Teachings of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada . Los Angeles, CA: The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. Dasa Advaita Candra Dasi Danakeli Dasa Dharmasetu Dasi Mahamaya Dasa Pyari Mohana Dasa Srutadeva 2011 Chanting Hare Krishna: The Art of Mystic Meditation, Kirtan, and Bhakti Yoga. Compiled from the

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M. Dahlan

-Ma’āṣirah. Edition II; Dār al-Furqān. Hakim, A.H. Al-Bayān fiy Ilm Uṣūl al-Fiqh. Bandung: Maktabah Dahlan, Hakim, C. (2006). Kelong Book Makassar. Sungguminasa: Gora Pustaka Indonesia. Kawu, A.S. (2007). The story of the story of Wise People Sulsel. Makassar: Pustaka Repleksi. Khallāf, A.W. (2002).Uṣūl al-Fiqh. Bairūt: Dar al-Maktab al-Aṣriyah. Kulle, S. Tika, Z., and Najamuddin.(2007).Gowa in Turmoil; People’s Movement Against Invaders. Makassar: Yayasan Butta Gowa with the Institute for