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The Aesthetics of the Television Talk Show

Crowley and Mitchell (ed.) Communication Theory Today. Polity Press. Meyrowitz, Joshua (1985) No Sense of Place. New York, Oxford: University Press. Meyrowitz, Joshua (1979) Television and Interpersonal Behavior: Codes of Reception and Response, in Gary Gumpert & Robert Cathcart (ed.) Inter/Media. New York, Oxford: University Press. Morse, Margaret (1985) Talk, Talk, Talk - The Space of Discourse in Television News, Sports Casts, Talk Shows and Advertising. Screen 26(2), pp. 2-15. Morse, Margaret (1986) The

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More Than Words?
A Test of the Effect of Emotionally Charged Photographs

Quarterly, 88(3): 523–540. Burt, Christopher D. & Strongman, Karl (2005). Use of Images in Charity Advertising: Improving Donations and Compliance Rates. International Journal of Organisational Behaviour , 8(8): 571–580. Chang, Chun-Tuan & Lee, Yu-Kang (2009). Framing Charity Advertising: Influences of Message Framing, Image Valence, and Temporal Framing on a Charitable Appeal. Journal of Applied Social Psychology , 39(12): 2910–2935. Chong, Dennis & Druckman, James (2010). Dynamic Public Opinion. American Political Science Review , 104(4): 663

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Media Use and Misperceptions
Does TV Viewing Improve our Knowledge about Immigration?

., R.G. Rumbaut, and K. Marotz. (2005) ‘A Distorted Nation: Perceptions of Racial/Ethnic Group Sizes and Attitudes Toward Immigrants and Other Minorities’, Social Forces 84: 901-919. Ansolabehere, S., S. Iyengar, A. Simon and N. Valentino (1994) ‘Does Attack Advertising Demobilize the Electorate?’, American Political Science Review 88: 829-838. Ansolabehere, S. & and S. Iyengar (1995) Going Negative. How Political Advertisements Shrink and Polarize the Electorate . New York: The Free Press. Ansolabehere S., S. Iyengar and A. Simon (1999

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TV Sports Viewers – Who Are They?
A Norwegian Case Study

, Washington DC: Brookings. Pan, D.A., Gabert, T.E,, McGaugh, E.C., & Branvold, S.E. (1997) ‘Factors and Differential Demographic Effects on Purchases of Season Tickets for Intercollegiate Basketball Games’, Journal of Sport Behavior, 20, pp. 447-464. Pindyck, Robert S. & Rubinfeld, Daniel L. (2004) Microeconomics. (6th ed.) Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. Real, M.R. & Mechikoff, R.A. (1992) ‘Deep Fan: Mythic Identification, Technology, and Advertising in Spectator Sports’, Sociology of Sport Journal, 9

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