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M. Michalczuk, L.M. Grzesiak and B. Ufnalski

-2735 (2008). [21] R.M. Miskiewicz and A.J. Moradewicz, “Contactless power interface for plug-in electric vehicles in V2G systems”, Bull. Pol. Ac.: Tech. 59 (4), 561-568 (2011). [22] L. Gao, S. Liu, and R. A. Dougal, “Dynamic lithium-ion battery model for system simulation”, IEEE Trans. on Components and Packaging 25 (3), 495-505 (2002). [23] M. A. Roscher, and D. U. Sauer, “Dynamic electric behavior and open-circuit-voltage modeling of LiFePO4-based lithium ion secondary batteries”, J. Power Sources 196 (1), 331

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Maik Leska, Harald Aschemann, Michael Melzer and Michael Meinert

References Barré, A., Deguilhem, B., Grolleau, S., Gérard,M., Suard, F. and Riu, D. (2013). A review on lithium-ion battery ageing mechanisms and estimations for automotive applications, Journal of Power Sources 241: 680-689. Bellman, R. (1952). On the theory of dynamic programming, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 38(8): 716-719. Bellman, R. (2003). Dynamic Programming, Dover Publications, Mineola, NY. Bittner, A., Zhu, M., Yang, Y., Waibel, H., Konuma, M., Starke, U

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Josef Břoušek, Martin Bukvic and Pavel Jandura

LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS ACIM Alternating Current Induction Motor AF- Axial Flux Electric Machine BEV Battery Electric Vehicle BMS Battery Management System DCT Dual Clutch Transmission DMDS Dual Motor Drive System Li–Ion Lithium – Ion technology MST Multi – Speed Transmission NCA Nickel Cobalt Aluminum NEDC New European Driving Cycle NMC Nickel Manganese Cobalt PCM Phase Change Material PMSM Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine RF- Radial Flux Electric Machine SST Single – Speed Transmission AWD All Wheel Drive REFERENCES

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Marek Žák, Jiří Čupera and Martin Fajman

, No. 1, pp. 448-468. ISSN: 0360-5442. [4] Lunz B., Yan Z, Gerschler J. B., Sauer D. U. (2012). Influence of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging strategies on charging and battery degradation costs. Energy Policy, Vol. 46., p. 511-519. ISSN: 0301-4215 [5] Prasanth V., Bauer P., Ildiko P. (2012). Drivetrain of electric car: Development of virtual laboratory for E-learning, p. 6, ISBN: 978-1-4577-1072-8 [6] Weiss M., Patel M. K., Junginger M., Perujo A., Bonnel P., Grootveld G. (2012). On the electrification of road

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Dariusz Boguszewski, Małgorzata Buda, Jakub Grzegorz Adamczyk and Dariusz Białoszewski


Introduction. The high demands imposed by judo with regard to physical fitness can predispose athletes practising this sport to injury. The aim of the current study was to determine the relationship between the degree of functional limitations and performance outcomes in judo athletes. Material and methods. The study involved 23 judo athletes aged 17-27 years. For the purpose of carrying out comparative analyses, the judokas were divided into two groups according to their level of achievement. The first group consisted of medallists in international tournaments and Polish championships, and the second group was composed of non-medallists. The research tool used was the Functional Movement Screen test battery, which included seven exercise tests whose performance was rated on a scale from 0 to 3. Relationships between variables were assessed using Spearman’s rho correlation coefficients. Inter-group differences were determined by means of the Mann-Whitney U test, and differences between the left and right side of the body in bilateral tests were examined using the Wilcoxon test (statistical significance was set at p ≤ 0.05). Results. The total score for the FMS test was significantly higher (p < 0.05) in judo athletes who had a higher level of achievement. Scores below 14 points, which were indicative of high susceptibility to injury, were received by two athletes from the group of medallists and 8 non-medallists. Major asymmetries were not found in the subjects; significant differences were observed only in the shoulder mobility test in senior judokas (p < 0.05) and non-medallists (p < 0.01). Conclusions. Judo athletes who had better performance outcomes in competitions had higher scores in the FMS test. Functional limitations can have an impact on the outcomes of performance in judo; their degree is indicative of the quality of the movement as well as of susceptibility to injury.

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Hessamoddin Jouybari-Moghaddam

. (PIER), California Energy Commission, Tech. Rep. 373 (1999). [18] Qian K., Zhou C., Allan M., Yuan Y., Modeling of load demand due to EV battery charging in distribution systems . IEEE Trans Power Syst 26: 802-810 (2011). [19] Madrid C., Argueta J., Smith J., Performance characterization-1999 Nissan Altra-EV with lithiumion battery. Southern California EDISON (1999). [20] Papoulis A., Pillai S.U., Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes, McGraw-Hill, (2002). [21] Masoum M.A.S., Ulinuha

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Tanja P. Kuneva, Diana B. Apostolova, Zlatka B. Stoyneva, Aneta B. Ivanova, Vladimira V. Boyadzhieva and Kristina A. Yosifcheva

References 1. Regulation on batteries and accumulators and unusable batteries and accumulators, CM Decree № 351 of 27.12.2012 (prom., SG No. 2 of 8.01.2013, effective from 8.01.2013, amended, No. 6 of 22.1.2013, amended and suppl., SG No. 51 of 11.06.2013, effective from 11.06.2013). Bulgarian. 2. Management of discarded batteries and accumulators. INFRABILD – Stroiteli [Internet]. 2012 [cited 2014 Oct 12];VI(7) [about 1 p.]. Available from: , Bulgarian. 3. Directive 2006/66/ EC

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Przemysław Komarnicki

, Archives of Electrical Engineering 54(212): 205-224 (2005). [31] Heuer J., Komarnicki P., Styczynski Z.A., Integration of electrical vehicles into the smart grid in the Harz.EE-mobility research project, IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, no. 6039147 (2011). [32] Rothgang S., Rogge M., Becker J., Sauer D.U., Battery design for successful electrification in public transport, Energies 8(7): 6715-6737 (2015). [33] Ren G., Ma G., Cong N., Review of electrical energy storage system for vehicular applications

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Jagoda Walowska and Eugeniusz Bolach

niedosłyszących w wieku 7-15 lat., [w:] M. Pąchalska (red.) Zdrowie w koncepcji doktora Henry­ka Jordana. AWF, Kraków 1989. [6] Maciaszek J., Osiński W. Poziom sprawności fizycznej badanej testem „EUROFIT" u chłopców i dziewcząt poznańskich w wieku 10-14 lat. AWF, Poznań 2001, 50, 3-15. [7] Talaga J. Sprawność fizyczna ogólna - testy. Zysk i S-ka, Poznań 2004. [8] Dzimira-Pyzio J. i wsp. Ocena równowagi ciała dzieci niesłyszących w wieku 11-13 lat. Fizjoterapia, 2007, 15, 1,40-43. [9] Wieczorek M., Zając M

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Jacob K. Akintunde, Ganiyu Oboh and Akintunde A. Akindahunsi

References Akintunde JK, Oboh G. (2012). In vitro oxidative damage induced in livers, hearts and kidneys of rats treated with leachate from battery recycling site: Evidence for environmental contamination and tissue damage. J Clin Exp Pathol 2: 129. Akintunde JK, Oboh G. (2013). Municipal auto-battery recycling-site leachate activates key enzymes linked to non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) and hypertension. J Diabetes Metab 4: 235. Alverez JG, Touchstone JC, Blasco L, Storey BT. (1987). Spontaneous