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Gerontechnology — the assessment of one selected technology improving the quality of life of older adults

results Firstly, the respondents rated the technology in terms of its innovativeness. Then, the respondents assessed the technology in terms of demand. The respondents also made a technology assessment in terms of socio-ethical aspects and usability. Then, average scores of technologies of personal care robots for older adults in terms of the innovation criterion, demand, socio-ethical aspects, usability and functionality were calculated based on individual data ( Fig. 1 ). Fig. 1 Collective assessment of the technology of personal care robots for older adults

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Performance of an automated process model discovery – the logistics process of a manufacturing company

. Precision, on the other hand, measures the ability of a model to generate the behaviour present in the event log. Similarly to fitness, the range of the precision function is the interval [0,1], where the value of precision equal to 1 means that any trace produced by the process model is found in the event log. Both quality dimensions can be combined into one index called the F-score, which is the harmonic mean of the two measures. For the purpose of this study, Markovian fitness and precision are used ( Augusto et al., 2019 ). It is necessary that the used modelling

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Benchmarking of contributory organisations within the framework of technical efficiency

, on a monotonic hierarchical fuzzy inference tool as an effective means to gather the judgements and scores against the key performance indicators (KPIs) of each sustainability perspective into an aggregated index. Chodakowska and Nazarko (2016) presented the concept of environmental efficiency analysis based on the DEA in the case of desirable and undesirable results and illustrated by a case study of European countries. This assessment tool could be useful for benchmarking studies. At the same time, Raifman et al. (2018) presented their model for healthcare

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Influence of personal variables on entrepreneurial intention: A comparative study between Poland and Spain

randomly among those with the greatest attendance of the students to the classrooms, so that the number of students in the sample of each of the courses was representative of the one that exists in the degree. The research was conducted in the first quarter of 2019. Table 1 presents the data of the sample, formed of 721 respondents. The initial sample included 23 respondents who were excluded because they left items unanswered, or they gave all the items the same score. The size of the sample and that of the subsamples meets the minimum rule of being 10 times greater

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Contract Awards Disparity among Multinational and Indigenous Construction Companies


The key players in the construction industry are the construction companies. However, the level of contract awards among multinational and indigenous construction companies in most developing countries is poorly understood. This research aim at determining the level of contract awards among multinational and indigenous construction companies. The research employed a quantitative approach using both primary and secondary method of data collection to achieve the stated objective. Purposive sample techniques were used for collecting both the primary and secondary data. Structured questionnaires were administered to 70 construction professionals and contractors to determine the factors responsible for low indigenous contractor’s participation and award of contracts. Primary and secondary data were collected, and the findings reveal that 65% of the contract awards between 2002 and 2012 were won by the multinational construction companies. While the lack of requisite skill and technical know-how with a percentage severity index (SI) score of 97% was responsible for low indigenous construction companies awards. This result indicates that the multinational construction companies are dominating the construction industry.

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