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The Operas of Pascal Bentoiu: Themes, Collective Character, Ars Choralis

References 1. Bentoiu, P. (1972). Hamlet , canto-piano score. Milano: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni. 2. Constantinescu, G. (1974). Hamlet by Pascal Bentoiu , in Journal Muzica , nr. 3/1974. Bucharest: Musical Publishing House. 3. Constantinescu, G. (1979). Cântecul lui Orfeu . Bucharest: Eminescu Publishing House. 4. Constantinescu, G. (2008). Splendorile operei . Dicționar de teatru liric . Bucharest: Didactic and Pedagogical Publishing House. 5. Cosma, M. (2001). Opera în România privită în context european. Bucharest: Musical

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Number 13 / Part I. Music. 6. Requiem by Karl Jenkins. An Analytical Approach to The Interweaving of Various Traditions in Music


In the diverse space of contemporary music, the fascinating and controversial personality of the Welsh composer Karl Jenkins, which is surprising from several perspectives, stands out. Open to assimilating and processing music from various sources (academic, liturgical, folk, entertainment, oriental, exotic), the all-round musician Karl Jenkins impresses the public with unexpected artistic choices, giving up the hypostasis of instrumentalist of the jazz-rock band Nucleus and of the group Softmachine in favour of the postmodern creator he has become today, synthetizing trends from musical compositions of the last decades of the 20th century. Once with the return to the functional system, either through minimalism or through neo-romanticism, the artist has successfully covered a potential sonority path of modern opposites, also evoking references to creative models of the past. We are referring to the musical valorizing of the sacred in a synthetic vision between tradition and innovation, in the works included in the Adiemus cycle, in the opus choir Missa for Peace and, more particularly, in the Requiem (2005), a significant score in the contemporaneity. The manner in which the composer, while resorting to a musical genre originating from the Roman Catholic cult and drawing on the liturgical text of the Mass for the dead, inserted Japanese poetry, written following the structure of haiku, belonging to representative authors - Gozan Koshigaya, Issho Kosughi, Hokusai Katsushika, Kaga-no-Chiyo, is highly surprising. This study aims to highlight the interweaving imagined by Karl Jenkins between the two cultures as well as to conduct a semantic analysis of an opus in which the relationships between music and words entail a highly emotional response.

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Settlement Type and Educational Effectiveness of Polish Schools on the Example of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivoideship

are divided into the types indicated in Table 2 . (3) Table 1 Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship. Education compared to place of residence Village City Education % % Higher 8.8 18.6 Secondary and vocational 24.6 35.2 Source: (2017.09.05) Table 2 School type based on the EVA index School type Description Neutral schools Average scores + average effectiveness Supportive schools Low scores + high effectiveness Successful schools High

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Spatial analysis and urban land use planning emphasising hospital site selection: a case study of Isfahan city

itself gives a score of 1 (equivalent priority). Therefore, 1 is assigned to all elements on the diagonal of the pair-wise comparison matrix ( Mahmoodzadeh, 2010 : 92). B. Calculation of criteria weighting: This stage includes the following operations: a) adding up the values of each column of the pair-wise comparison matrix; b) dividing each element of the matrix by its column total (the resulting matrix is called normalised pair-wise comparison matrix); (c) computing the average of the elements in each row of the normalised matrix. These averages will give an

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Cultural Clusters as a Local Economic Development Strategy in Rural Small-Town Areas: Sarah Baartman District in South Africa

household’s score, where assets that are more unequally distributed will have a higher weight. The relative ranking of households using their scores is then used as a measure of SES ( Filmer and Pritchett, 2001 ). However, PCA is designed to be used on continuous, normally-distributed data and so its application to data sets that contain categorical variables, as is often the case with census data, is considered to be inappropriate ( Booysen et al., 2008 ; Howe et al., 2008 ). Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) is more appropriate, as it is the only multivariate

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The spatial pattern of voter choice homogeneity in the Nigerian presidential elections of the fourth republic

¯ ) $$ \sum{_{j}}{{w}_{ij}}\left( {{x}_{j}}-\overline{x} \right)$$ A positive Moran’s index that is statistically significant shows the presence of spatial dependence, and a significant negative index suggests a pattern of variation. To evaluate the significance of Moran’s I , the standard deviate, or z-score of the index is employed based on the hypothesis of random distribution of values of x ( Shin, Agnew, 2007 ). The value of I is significant when a Z-statistics created with the mean and variance of I approaches a normal distribution ( Rogerson, 2006 ). Moran

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Urban resident perceptions of the impacts of tourism development in Zimbabwe

the male respondents had higher mean ratings than did the female respondents for all factors except NECI, in which case the scores were almost equal. The difference detected was found to be significant at a 5% level for both PSCI and PENI. The finding indicates a gender effect for the positive sociocultural and environmental impacts of tourism development in the area, with men scoring the positive impacts significantly higher than did the women, on average. The above might indicate that the men involved were more supportive of their sociocultural and environmental

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